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  1. Tony Cascarino: ‘Ice Cream’ Phil Brown Performance on Hull Pitch ‘Shocking!’


    Watching Phil Brown singing into a microphone on the pitch at the KC Stadium was shocking for me. Ok if Hull had just beaten Manchester United 3-0 to secure survival then you can just about understand it. However, to get beaten and only stay up because of the failures of other sides yet to celebrate as if you’ve won something is just wrong.


    Phil Brown Karaoke Session was ShockingHull have been on a horrendous run of form, so what is there to celebrate? I was watching Brown serenading the fans thinking, ‘what are you doing?’ I would understand is Phil had come onto the pitch, thanked the fans for sticking by them during their poor run and declared that Hull would try and improve next time out but to start bellowing out songs like Tom Jones was well over the top.


    Now I don’t know the man but I have a sneaky feeling from that performance, the tan and the neatly trimmed goatee beard that if Brown was an ice-cream he’d lick himself to death. As a manager he hasn’t really achieved anything of great note yet and should take a back burner and get on with managing the team and not trying to be the centre of attention like the public dressing down he gave his team on the Eastlands pitch earlier in the season.


    There are ways of handling yourself and if Phil wanted a singsong it should have been done in the dressing room rather than on the pitch acting like Hull had won the FA Cup.

  2. Haven't seen him this season, but big Joe has always been steady and reliable when I've seen him in the past. Wigan are meant to be after him, along with Michael Scott (who has been brilliant since he was converted to right back midway through last season).


    Shane O'Connor has gone on trial at Stockport.


    In answer to the original post, I don't know as I haven't seen the clip.



    Michael Scott looks a great player, really aggressive and quick.

  3. The best part of having the LFC channel is to be able to see the reserves and youth team games, we have some really promising players coming through. Plessis and Nemeth for me are the pick of the reserves, Nemeth reminds me of Fowler and Plessis never gives the ball away - he seemed to really enjoy playing alongside Alonso tonight. I think Insua needs to either be given the chance to step-up or go on-loan, he will stagnate otherwise.

  4. Nice report Dave, I'm a lot more positive today than on Sunday. The best thing about Sunday was that our "Big" players, that have not been playing well, stepped up to the mark. That is Gerrard, Carra and Mascherano - I think if these guys are playing well then that will give the rest of the team confidence.