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Klopp: Our current position on the table is a main reason behind diving accusations 

Jurgen Klopp believes the continued good form of his side has played a part in the discussion that Mo Salah goes down too easily in the box to win penalties.

The age-old topic of diving reared its head again during the festive period when Mo Salah won a couple of penalties against Newcastle and Arsenal.

He subsequently won a penalty another in the game against Brighton in the middle of January which Seagulls manager Chris Hughton was in full agreement with.

However the discussion reached its crescendo during the last league game against Crystal Palace when Salah again went down in the box but no penalty was given by referee Jon Moss.

The critics from far and wide had their pitchforks out demanding that Salah change his ways as it wasn't a 'good 'look' and that the German should have a word to him to cut it out of his game.

Klopp has played a pretty straight bat to all the background noise throughout the season surrounding his team and the title race.


 But when it comes to this issue, it appears he has had enough, and has a interesting theory about why it has gathered steam of late.

Sky Sports reported Klopp as saying:

" This (the Palace game) is the first situation where he went down without [a penalty] and you speak about all the other situations as well?

"The other situations there is nothing to talk about - it is a penalty, done. If this is the first then why do we talk about?

"There are other situations, much more obvious situations, that we don't talk about and nobody is talking about because it's not [Manchester] City, it's not [Manchester] United, it's not Liverpool, it's not Arsenal or it's not Chelsea. 

All the others can do it from time to time and nobody really talks about it. It's all fine.



Klopp was adamant his star has done nothing wrong and you suspect nothing will change his opinion on the matter

"All the penalties against him [Salah] were penalties but people handle it like it was halfway diving - it was not.  We don't need blood for a foul in football. That's all I will say about it. No, I didn't speak to him about it."

Klopp had certainly done his homework on the issue, citing a player who the Reds will face in tonight's game against Leicester.

"Did anyone talk to Jamie Vardy when, I forget the opponent [Southampton], everybody saw, you remember the situation?" 

"That was proper... he jumped in. 

"Is Jamie a bad person because of that? I don't say now he is a diver. That is another situation.

"You have them in the back, you are there, you feel something, do you have to go down? Probably not. 


"I don't have to speak to players about obvious things. He knows that. Don't go down in situations like that."

There aren't many people in world football who are an advocate for blatant diving. Sure, some players will go down when they feel some contact more than others would but that is more to do with their instinct than out and out cheating.

What we do know by now is that Mo lets his football do the talking. He is not someone that looks to spark controversy by doing or saying the wrong thing.


In fact you hear very little from him at all, and that's more than OK as his performances speak for themselves.

However with all the outcry of his 'supposed 'theatrics' in recent times, don't expect the Egyptian King to get too many decisions go his way in the next period of time.

The good thing is, this will blow over in time and the usual suspects will have another target to pick on.

It is just another obstacle to overcome in this remarkable season.

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