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  1. Both fantasy leagues running again this year?
  2. Was in Dublin over the weekend so set priorities and went from that. Got back tonight & can't see the league on me account so have I been swerved?
  3. Iantn

    True Detective.

    Still not entirely sure what's actually going on here. I'm not not enjoying it, mind. Just seems, at times, to be unnecessarily complex in what is basically a miniseries. Especially so given that side of things was undoubtedly the weakest part of the first season.
  4. Have we set a date for the draft/drafts?
  5. Iantn

    TLW NFL Fantasy 2015

    Lord Flashheart - South Park Cows Woo - Old Swan Pandas Malarkey - Cleveland Steamers Odris - Buffalodris Red Knight- Welsh State Celtics Dave U - Bad News Bears Chris - Lebowski Urban Achievers Yozzer - New Age Outlaws ticklemeclemo- Clems Clams Iantn - Campioni I take it the Dynasty league will just continue as it is?
  6. Draftbreakdown becomes like a bible round this time of year.
  7. Do not remotely see the sense in allowing McCourty to get away in a league that is more desperate for competent FSs than it is for QBs.
  8. McKinney and Perryman are thumpers really. Kendricks, as far as I can see anyway, runs away as the best ILB in this class. Only one I'd remotely look at day one. Dawson interests me but off field desire is questionable.
  9. No way Kendricks lasts to the third. You'd be beyond lucky if he's there by the time you pick in the second.
  10. Really good hour for this one. Hope it gets picked up.
  11. Oh, absolutely so. Easily best in the league right now.
  12. Think he just pulled it as he tried to move it away from the block.