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  1. When Masch was injured there for a few weeks it forced Rafa's hand and he had to change things. It turned out for the better as we started to look more balanced in the middle of the park. I'm not suggesting for a second that we drop Masch, but it should have shown Rafa that Lucas and Masch are not a pairing you can play attacking footie with.


    Any combo of Lucas/Aquilani. Lucas/Gerrard. Masch/Aquilani. Masch/Gerrard in midfield would give us better balance. But Masch/Lucas just does not work at all and never will.


    Rafa's a stubborn stubborn git who'll not change this though, so we are stuck with this until one of them gets injured or leaves.

  2. I think it's good to get your best available players on the pitch together, so:



    Carra Skrtel Greek Aurelio

    .....Lucas Mascherano

    ..Gerrard Aquilani Maxi



    Would be nice. Could also swap Maxi and Gerrard there, but either can play both sides.


    We'd batter them with that side. Can't see it somehow, hope I'm wrong

  3. If it inspires you in the pitch then theres nothing wrong in wearing white boots. I actually wear white ones as well. Better then those green neon mercurials that just ask for attention. They also have Liverpool's colors so it inspires me even more at games.




    That's just funny. I really can't find the words to describe it any other way.

  4. You gain nothing in taking the armband from Gerrard. Carra does that shit whether he is captain or not.


    Spot on.


    Gerrard's influence as captain has kinda mellowed these days. When we are not playing well he sulks like a kid and that passes to the rest of the team. He's nowhere near the captain he was for example in Istanbul. But that's just my opinion.

  5. Why? Crouch is shit in the air. Unlike us, Spurs play to Crouch's strength, which is to his feet and not just lumping up long balls to his big lanky head.


    If the hairy greek fella starts, we're fucked.


    I know Skrtel is hardly on fine form, but he's a far better player than Kyrgriakos.


    I really don't like to gloat, but......


    In fairness you have to give the lad credit when it's due. He was solid again. Can go missing at times, and nearly fucked up early on when Pepe bailed him out. But he's what we've needed at the back this year. Pure guts and willingness to get to everything. Crouch never got a look in.

  6. some years ago i was working as a chef in little chef and my childhood hero john aldridge came in.He was manager at tranmere at the time.He came with a new signing at about 9 oclock and kept on coming up asking for his brekkie to be done as im in a rush.So i pushed his out quick and the cunt was still there when i left at 3 still a god though.Oh and when i go out on my scooter rally meetings i meet uyp with whitey from the kaiser chiefs as hes in a local scooter club,my mates actually building him a lambretta and he calls down to check on progress.ive made dinner for richard branson n his mrs,chubby brown,suade marty wilde,craig douglas,ant n dec.Oh and only last year i shared my holiday at primrose valley scarborough with johnny vegas and his familly.Weird sat eating your dinner while jv is sat opposite you supping beers all night long.


    You're the hero I've been searching for all my life.