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  1. 4 minutes ago, easytoslip said:

    Can anyone Accentuate the Positive? This thread is far to bleak. 


    The bloke from Imperial College who put out the report last week predicting 250-500k dead in the UK spoke to MPs yesterday and said with the measures in place he now believes the NHS has the capacity to cope and we could be looking at "substantially below" the 20k deaths previously mentioned by Patrick Vallance.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, M_B said:

    China locked everything down.


    We're leaving everything open so we can all get a herd immunity.


    China were initially denying its existence and caught completely by surprise. We've had weeks of knowledge that an outbreak was inevitable and months to learn from cases elsewhere.


    Sporting events and large gatherings are now being cancelled, people are being encouraged to self isolate and more stringent measures will surely be introduced shortly.


    It just doesn't seem remotely plausible that 0.5% of our population will die when no other country on earth (including those now over the worst of it) have got anywhere near 0.1% of their population being infected.

  3. China are down to single digit new cases per day with less than 0.006% of their population having been infected and less than 0.00023% having died. Short of pumping the virus directly into the national water supply how the fuck are we going to get anywhere near half a million deaths?

  4. China have effectively eliminated the spread with 0.006% of their population being infected. South Korea have slowed it's growth drastically with a 0.02% infection rate. Even Italy are only at 0.021% of their population being infected.


    Considering we're a first world island nation with plenty of warning (though you can argue how effectively we're heeding that warning) these doomsday scenarios with millions dead seem a bit far fetched. A 0.1% infection rate would seem drastic given what's going on in the rest of the world.

  5. After watching for 8 years and at one point being quite invested in the world and its characters, the finale managed to evoke about as much emotion in me as reading the instruction sheet for the toilet seat I fitted on the weekend. Actually, probably less because I had a moment of panic on Sunday when I thought I was missing one of the plastic stoppers, whereas Game of Thrones just had me wondering how long was left and whether or not it was worth opening the packet biscuits in the cupboard (I didn't but the internal debate was more intense than anything happening onscreen).

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  6. There's a world of difference between adapting existing material for TV (even if it involves adding the odd original scene or changing a few details) and having to create an entire third of the story yourself from scratch.


    Prior to this the biggest writing gig either of them had ever held was Wolverine Origins, which is widely considered the worst X-Men movie and one of the worst super hero films ever made. That's the level of writing we're getting now. We've gone from an acclaimed novelist to a pair of unacclaimed Hollywood screenwriters and it shows.


    They can still produce some big budget, visually spectacular action scenes but the writing, world building and character development has gone to complete shit.

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  7. They've got a brilliantly established set of characters and lore, as well as an enormous budget to support them so it's still entertaining but it really is just a lot of mindless, nonsensical action, with the only motivation of anyone in it at this point being "what would make for exciting television?"


    I've no doubt that if the books had stopped just before Ned got executed, we'd have seen Arya jump up and save him at the last second and then the two of them battle their way to safety, killing dozens of soldiers in the process, with every ad break fading out on their certain death, only to resume with them having miraculously survived and continuing to carve through the enemy.

  8. Shortly after they implemented the rules banning all discussion of a match while it's being played, a few flagrant rule breakers posted in the Dirk Kuyt thread, commenting on a goal he'd just scored. Before the mods had time to delete the posts and lock the thread I tried to restore a bit of order with a comment along the lines of "pack it in lads, what do you think this is, a football forum?" and received the following message next time I tried to log in:



    Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
    If you'd had a little patience you'd have been able to enjoy the permanent solution we are looking at. However, act like a cunt and you lose access to the site. Try another one.
    This ban is not set to expire.


    Thankfully their permanent solution was to limit all match chat to a locked, stickied thread for the mods to post in and the plebs to read, so my ban hasn't prevented me from enjoying it to the fullest.

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  9. Seems a bit of an odd one, this.


    Not that he's looked a terrible player at Barca in his brief time there. Just that we'd be interested in a one-year loan deal on a 23-year old centre back. Must be an option for us to buy him in there or it makes very little sense at all.


    It's odd until you remember that 99% of transfer rumours are made up bollocks and this one almost certainly falls into that category.

  10. Yea . ironically England have the most winners in recent times - you know since football started in 93.

    Wolfsburg pulled a Leicester in a one off in Germany -- Deportivo had a run of about 5 years where they were thereabouts - Italy has had Lazio and Roma knocking around a little.


    Otherwise it is four clubs in each of those countries during that span. 


    Holland is really no different ( actually far worse going back to the 60's) 5 sides in that time -- the one off being when Suarez carried Twente to the title



    That's some achievement considering he was playing for Ajax at the time!

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  11. Compared to what we have today he’s worth about 20 points a season. In addition our chances in the cups would improve.


    Dont know what price to put on that, but it’s high. If I could pick one player in the PL for us I’d say it’s between De Gea, Kante, De Bruyne or Kane. Probably in that order too.


    You reckon if we'd have swapped keepers with Man United last season we'd have won the title with a record points haul while they would have finished miles below Everton and barely above the likes of West Brom? Even though they strolled to a Europa League win using their sub keeper?

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  12. He’s better than Mignolet. People let a couple of early, high profile errors cloud their judgement. This lad is a decent keeper, a lot more switched on than Simon, has made some very decent saves when he’s been called upon and his distribution and command of the area is much, much better.


    Okay, he sometimes looks dodgy under a cross/high ball but you’re not going to get the finished article at 24 years old for £5million. Or whatever it was we signed him for.


    Based on what? He certainly hasn't been better than Mignolet since he arrived here, hence spending the vast majority of his time sat on the bench, despite being signed specifically to be our new number one. His embarrassing attempt at saving the Spartak freekick is still worse than anything Mignolet has done this season.

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  13. The refusal to sell an injured, mid-table centre back with a handful of international caps for £70m+ in order to wring a few months of shite, disinterested performances out of him has to rank as one of the worst transfer decisions of the summer. They could have totally revamped their squad with the money we were willing to give them for van Dijk and probably generated another £250m worth of future sales to us in the process.