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  1. 13 minutes ago, Bruce Spanner said:

    I bet Bruce is rubbing his chubby little trotters at the prospect of being able to sign Alex Bruce on a bumper contract.

    The Big Market is being renamed il souk kabeer in preparation for the murdering despots arrival.

    Bruce will be out on his ear within a couple of weeks if he lasts that long 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, manwiththestick said:

    Your glass may be half full but it's of warm, flat Carling and someone has put a ciggie out in it.

    maybe but it beats 300 pages of so and so saved us millions or we need this or we need that....tell you what lets borrow the mancs norwich scalves and start a protest and force FSG to spend!!  haha 

  3. 9 minutes ago, bizzle10 said:

    what about the wages can you see us paying 500000 a week plus even on a free transfer

    no i can't and im 1 of those people that feel there is no justification in any player being paid stupid amounts like that and to be fair i think  there needs to be a cap on players prices and wages aswell as agents fees. The crazy amount of money in football along with VAR is killing the game   

  4. 8 minutes ago, Mark M said:

    The reason is simple we wont pay anywhere near the wages he'll get elsewhere

    your most likely right mate but the point i was trying to make was we had no chance why there was a huge free involved but if he is on a free then we are in with a shout. To be honest i never thought id see this club paying 200k a week wages and we would most likely sell 1 of the front 3 to fund it if we had a sniff of a chance.

    Am i being looking at it as glass half full.....yeah beats hearing people bitching that we have not spent this year and being all doom and gloom   

  5. 4 minutes ago, No2 said:

    Very easy to see a midfield of Cavimga, Goretzka and Pogba next season with Mbappe and Halaand up front. Total outlay about €100m plus obscene wages.

    i have this feeling Mbappe won't end up at Madrid if he really wanted the move he would have pushed for it and PSG would have snatched the 160m+ deal. This whole we still owe 40m is total crap for a club like PSG its almost nothing to them. Either he will sign a new contract or by going on a free it opens up more doors for him clubs wise