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  1. Back in March I had fever and fatigue but no cough or loss of taste/smell. A test wasn’t an option at the time so I don’t know for sure. However, a mate who I spent time with shortly before I got ill was really sick and later tested positive for antibodies. 

    Probably had it. Will never actually know. Got off lightly if I did. 

  2. Yeah for sure. I haven’t come across any issues with formatting, personally. When you first start it, you’ll need to go into settings to make it default to save to .xls and .doc but that’s it. 


    Worth a try if thats all you’re going to be using it for, and it if doesn’t work out for you then get MS Office.


    My personal preference is Libre Office, for what it’s worth. 

  3. They’ve withdrawn support for 2010(11) now I think so the obvious answer is to go for 2016. 


    However Office 2016 is the worst piece of crap that Microsoft have ever developed. Which is really going some! Any particular reason why you wouldn’t use Libre or Open Office instead? Both free and both great.  

  4. Yeah sorry mate, just seen this. They usually come with the cables and I'm still using ones I bought about 3 years ago with no issues. If you can, try to make sure you plug them directly into the wall socket. They will work through an extension or 4-way but it's not as good. Also, you can use however many you want around the house, but just be aware that you'll need the same ones as different brands tend to use different tech.

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  5. If you move the router and use a long telephone wire then you will most likely get signal degradation and noise on the line. Not saying it isn't worth a go for a few quid, but the telephone cables degrade the signal while ethernet cables do not.


    Home plugs mate. I use them for IPTV and they're great. No need to lift the carpet or run a wire round the house.

  6. I'm sure this has been mentioned but when people ordering coffee say 'Can I get a...?'. My sister in law is a fucker for it. The other day we went to a cafe for lunch and she orders everything normally until the coffee which she apparently wants to 'get'. She's not up for getting her sandwich but she really wants to fetch her own coffee.


    Oh, and Americans who say "I could care less" when they mean the exact fucking opposite.

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  7. Anybody use a powerline WiFi extender, where it's plugged into the mains and connected to the router and device via an Ethernet cable?


    Any good? Do they work?



    They're great. I use them at home and at my workplace. Very reliable, and on the very odd occasion they fail, you just....... wait for it.... turn them off an on again.


    Much better than wifi extenders.

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  8. Suppose the best place for this


    Was looking for a pair of scales.

    They picture shows everything in kg so i was checking they'd do pounds aswell.

    Looked in the wuestion amd answers bit on the argos page




    How do I get the battery case off. The screw is far too small for my screwdrivers



    Hi Maryalice, 


    I am sorry your screwdrivers does not fit the screw. You will require a smaller screwdriver that will fit. 


    I hope this helps 


    Thanks for using Argos Q & A



    This does not help, I did get some smaller screwdrivers, but none of them work. Please specify the exact size needed.



    Was looking at a portable charger yesterday on Amazon:


    Q: What is the weight of this item?

    A: Very good.


    Thanks Tricia. Very helpful.


    Oh, and obviously the weight of the item is clearly stated in the ad. I can't say for sure that the question was posed by a woman... but it was, wasn't it?

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  9. People who use words in e-mails or articles that they clearly either no idea what they mean or use them in the wrong context simply for purposes of vanity.


    I just read an e-mail on a site dedicated to the unmentionable that described bearing witness to the rise in standard of the Asian game as 'inexorable'. It's epidemic among those with a WordPress page who fancy themselves as a journalist, often at the expense of cadence, structure and conciseness. Often it's counter-productive because the argument itself is undermined by how jarring something reads.


    A piece can still be challenging, thoughtful and well-written even if you're keeping it simple with regard to language. It feels like this is something more people need to realise.



    Fuck yeah!