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  1. The fact he only got the job because he's mates with Billy Beane is a bit of worry. I also reckon he's sacked off the scouting missions and he's cruising the Newz Bar for sameheads. The morning of the meeting when we drew up our targets he just looked at the opta website and picked out the players who'd created the most chances because he'd done no work.

  2. I dont think Downing is a btter option no but if Kenny wanys him Kenny wants him.


    I also think he'll go for silly money and not the 25m you all think he will and he'll go to a champions league team or stay for another year at valencia


    I'm starting to think he'll stay at Valencia for another year. Shame cos I thought we had a good chance of getting him.

  3. That's the same for every club, really.


    Just look at us.


    Well not the same for United is it, I don't think it was the same for Chelsea in the past. They nearly won the league with fucking Avram fucking Grant! I just think now they're at the weakest they've been since Abramovich came in, they could potentially drop out of the top 4.

  4. Poulsen will be the easiest to sell I reckon, he's actually been a good player and had a good career. I don't think he's the type to sit off on his wages, he wants to remain Denmark captain. Wouldn't surprise me if we still can't shift Degen and El Zhar come the start of the season.