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  1. 14 minutes ago, Anubis said:

    Maybe worth Starmer taking a look at this thread. Whoever has been advising him that his anonymity is his superpower (as per the Paul Waugh article) appears to have got their strategy wrong.


    Yep it is an interesting tactic - say nothing and do nothing. People will then vote for you. 

  2. Bollocks, 100% bollocks. And it is clear that you are fucking bigot as well. 


    You describe yourself as left-wing but there is nothing progressive about what you think.


    Happy to throw Jewish people aside as they aren't really a minority are they, so they can't be prejudiced against? And, we have to pick a side - as that is what your type demands. Now, you've decided that the LGBT community aren't really important - lots of them get jobs now so, they can't be really prejudiced against can they? Yeah, they can fuck off now. 


    Where next? What other group are you casting aside? Kashmir looks promising - you can fuck the Indians off as well, I mean, they're not really prejudiced when you think about it are they? The Chancellor is Indian heritage, so they seem to be doing well. 


    He is a fucking anti-semitic, homophobic bigot who you seem to think is fine as he will 'shake things up'. Gay people are being attacked on the streets of Liverpool, but fuck it - lets support an openly homophobic campaigner because he is one of my lot. 


    The worst thing about people like you is that genuinely think you are progressive. You genuinely think you are fighting the good fight - and morally superior to the likes of Tommy Robinson, Farage but you're not. You are the same. A little bigot - who has a defined set of 'beliefs' and fuck anyone who doesn't help you get what you want. Galloway didn't oppose Russia, never opposed Iran, happy to support Assad who is actually killing Muslims by the way! 


    Fucking bigot, Fuck off! 

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  3. I think the problem with the Women's game is that it has tried to follow the Male game and have a female team for every team. But, that simply means that the biggest teams are going to have a team and others aren't as they can't afford to support another team. So, who are those supporters going to support? 


    You support Tranmere, I doubt very much that supporting Everton or Liverpool Ladies is a viable alternative to you. Maybe they should have followed a completely different model and gone regional ala Cricket, or something like that. It's expensive following a football club - I couldn't afford to follow another one, so as it stands they never getting to the same level. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, Bobby Hundreds said:

    How on earth is our wage bill the same as Uniteds and City's almost when they pay 300 grand plus wages to numerous players. I doubt very much their weaker players are on significantly less than ours to average it out and city have a fucking second first 11.

    Probably bonuses - and considering we have won the ones these past two years (not this year obv.) will be quite high. I would guess this year we will go far less. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, 3 Stacks said:

    I think we can all discern that we'd like to be in the market for a midfielder and forward, but why are these journos just tossing up names of players we're interested in but then saying, "yeah, but none of these players will be possible"? It comes across like; "Hey guys, just say a bunch of names to make it look like we're trying to sign players,  but really nothing is going on."

    Messaging really, I think we can safely assume the Echo reports what Liverpool tell them. So, they won't say - Liverpool Firesale, all players need to go before they bring anyone in - nor would they say, Liverpool will deffo sign Bissouma and Raphina (just an example). I think it is all guesswork at the moment - nobody had Jota last year, and the Echo dismissed Thiago from the off. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, 3 Stacks said:

    Sancho and Varane is a very good summer for United.


    Meanwhile, for some reason, we're now getting articles from journos that cover the club about players we might be interested in, but won't sign. We've had a Pearce article about interest in McGinn, but we won't sign him and Neil Jones about Watkins, Neto and Harvey Barnes, but we won't sign them. So what's the fucking point of these articles, then? 

    I've seen articles on getting midfielder and a forward - that seems to be the objective. 

  7. 28 minutes ago, Doctor Troy said:

     Rhys Williams and Nat Phillips got us into the Champions league and we don't need to sign anyone because we've got Billy Koumetio too.


    Michael Edwards will get us Mbappe on a free and a 90 grand a week contract next year because Mbappe doesn't care about money and just wants to play for Klopp. 


    FSG saved, built a main stand, the new training ground and got a boss deal with Nike us so stop moaning. If you don't like it fuck off and support Chelsea or Man City. 

    Erm, we bought Konate, so that example isn't really relevant is it? They haven't just left it to Williams and Phillips, they actually went out and bought a CB. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Anubis said:

    This is another area Labour really need to work on. Compare these two tweets. There is nothing wrong with Leadbeater's tweet, per se, but the Tory Cunt one feels punchier and rams home three basic simple points. 




    Yep, messaging is piss poor - the less you say, the less you get pulled up on! I knew of someone who worked directly with Corbyn when he was leader, direct line to him - no background in communications and is not working now that he isn't doing that role! Doesn't scream top quality does it? Starmer has changed his whole team as well - so clearly there are issues there. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Red Phoenix said:

    This isn't a popular opinion but personally I'd be glad if Galloway took the seat. I don't agree with some of his politics at all, but a parliament where nobody speaks honestly about a years long smear campaign that currently has Corbyn thrown out of Labour isn't a properly functioning one. Galloway alone would likely change that and maybe Labour could do with some of the other shit he'd throw at them as well to help them get back on track a bit (maybe he could remind them of the Forde report too.) Or they could just be stubborn and carry on like they are doing, can't see how that's going to win an election though.


    I know he's not likely to win it but parliament is such a fucking joke right now that I'd be glad to see him in there despite all his faults.

    Homophobia and anit-Semitism? This isn't the same as talking with your mouthful! He's a piece of scum - and the fact that you think 'some of his politics' isn't a massive fucking problem! I mean, I don't agree with everything Harold Shipman did obviously, but he highlighted the issues with the NHS and at least he'll remind everyone who important that is to us.  


    Perfect example of the Horseshoe theory. No different to the far right. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, Anubis said:

    But most of the people aren’t here aren’t Italian, or Eastern European. We’re English. So we can’t influence those places. Let the people from those places clean their own houses. If we want to point out the abhorrent behaviour which seems to dog the England team, we should do. 

    We are not doing that though. 



  11. 6 minutes ago, dockers_strike said:

    Fox is a fucking nob. Some of the people saying racism is rife here, yes it is. But to say nothing is done about it is utter shite. Perhaps thos people should visit a stadium in Italy never mind Eastern Europe when black players are in a team. Unbelievable how some close their eyes to what goes on elsewhere yet just look inwards all the time.

    He is, he is absolute scum. I posted that to show what people dismissing England supporters as all bigots are doing. The likes of Fox and his ilk hate that this England team is doing well as much as people on here it seems. They can't be woke and racist! 


    UK is consistently polling as more tolerant country than it seems. Far from perfect and a fucking long way to go, but there are millions of good people in this country.


  12. 2 minutes ago, joe_fishfish said:

    No, it goes the other way. I think this country has never faced up to its past, and that's why racism and sectarianism is so rife amongst England fans.


    For another example, see the statues of Cecil Rhodes still up in one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

    Yes it has. Slavery and colonialism is taught in schools. Everyone knows our history - there is a museum on fucking slavery in Liverpool FFS!


    A statue in Oxford - that is being debated as we speak by the way. Is not proof that the UK and only the UK is in denial about its history. 

  13. 7 minutes ago, Doctor Troy said:

    Think the difference in nationalistic pride is that England and Britain has a lot to be proud of, for example engineering and inventions from the past as well as some lovely areas of the country.


    Problem is the national pride seems to be based on winning world wars and having an air of superiority over the rest of Europe and the world. Look on Twitter and you'll instantly see loads of accounts with union jacks, scroll down and they will all be Brexit right wing racists but dress it up as national pride. Some people in England seem to think WW2 is the barometer for everything and everything was great even though none of them lived through it. 


    English people living in Spain who can't be arsed learning the language and just want Britain in the Sun with egg and chips yet treating the locals like shit. The same twats will moan about Pakistanis or Poles coming to the UK and not integrating. 

    Come on! It's fucking twitter. It's a magnet for cunts. 


    AFD are, I think, the third biggest party in Germany, the Italians have a far right party as the biggest in their parliament, Le Pen (despite losing last week) has regularly received 30% of the vote in France. Austria, Hungary, Poland, all have had far right parties in government with influence in the last 10 years. 


    Nobody on here looks to their national teams and fans and dismisses them as racists! Fine, if you don't like international teams because they attract nationalists I can agree with that. But it  should go for all International football. When France won in 2018 I don't recall too many on this forum criticising them as a beacon for racists and nationalism. 


    This team has stood up against those people! That is why I am happy for them, they have kneeled and stood up against those gobshites. 

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  14. 3 minutes ago, joe_fishfish said:

    Do you honestly not see the difference between English people revelling in English nationalism and (to pick one example) Irish people celebrating Irish history? You really don't see how a nation's history affects how people feel about it?


    Look at some of the things that have been done throughout history in the name of England and Britain. Slavery, colonialism, oppression, war, misery inflicted the world over. This country has never faced up to its past and English nationalism is a lightning rod for all of the nastiness that comes with it.



    Why not pick France? Exactly the same can be said of France, yet nobody is slagging off the French team and French football fans. This English Nationalism bad, other Nationalism good is just plain old fashioned bigotry. As you pointed out about Britain's past - yet you don't criticise Scotland football fans, nor Wales football fans - and their flags. 


    The difference between patriotism and nationalism is quite stark. This England football team stood up against those nationalists and bigots - yet people like you ignore that, so that you can paint all English fans (not British) as thugs. Same vibe that people use against Liverpool and have done for decades. 

  15. 13 minutes ago, Chris said:


    Seen plenty of talk about "the jinx" being broken. It's not a fucking jinx is it? The Germans are perennially among the best teams in World Football. Were before 66, have been since. England? No major tournament finals appearances since, two semis. 


    Everton weren't jinxed because they didn't win at Anfield for 22 years. They were just fucking shit or vastly inferior. Same goes for England. Right now, the Germans aren't very good. So they lost.


    Yep, the 'jinx' is winning a trophy. German were beaten 5 - 1 at home by England and then reached the final the following year! 82, 86 and 90 world cups - they were fucking immense. Not the best by any stretch but ruthless and won when they had to. 


    Germany are as good as they were last week when people were adamant they'll beat England. The winner of last nights game was always going to be favourite to reach the final. 

  16. 3 minutes ago, belarus said:

    The thing I don’t understand, is the celebration of nationalism from other countries, but when it comes to home, the same behaviour is seen as scummy. There’s cunts from every land, every city and every walk of life. Turning your back on “Ingurland” as they are disparagingly referred to hands more of a share to the cunt contingent

    That is what I don't get! I'm absolutely ambivalent about England, I wasn't arsed at all last night - just enjoyed the occasion. I was supporting Iceland in 2016 because I hate Hodgson, and had Allardyce remained I'd be supporting anyone else, but this team are quite likeable - and the kneeling is pissing of the right people. Which is great. 

  17. 6 minutes ago, AngryOfTuebrook said:

    Not really equivalent, are they.


    A lot of Reds fans were rightly fucked off at Evra for his lies.  A handful crossed the line with death threats.


    A lot of England fans (a full pub cheering) laugh at a small child crying and some think it's OK to call her a Nazi and a slag.

    They're the same. Calling for nuance when you are using Twitter as evidence is ridiculous. Akin to looking for drunks in a pub. A black man called out racism and he was called a liar - that is how it is viewed. 


    You're taking a moral position on 'Ingurland' fans - I'm just highlighting that we shouldn't. Same rules apply, are all Scousers racist? No, they're not, are some Liverpool fans racist? Yes, they are. Same with England - just more. 

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