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  1. Been head of my department for 3 years now. I'm the wrong side of 45, (ie, 45) and I wake up 4 hours after going to sleep for a pee.

    My poor fucked up brain then spends the rest of the night asking daft work questions that I know the answers to, but I will not be content until I know the answer once I get to the office.


    Fuck life/work combo

  2. I’ve seen enough and how many more times are we going to say “ if such and doesn’t happen, then we know what their ambition is”


    It’s not in their nature to compete, that would take bravery, they are naturally cautious and this sport is not their passion. They obviously can’t be honest about it and have to keep the majority of the fan base “ believing”


    They only have an interest in keeping us there or thereabouts which protects their investment, keeps sponsors happy and gives some fans hope.


    If, and it’s a big if, we win something it will be in spite of them and not because of them.


    They have succeeded in lowering expectations slowly but surely.


    What is success to us, isn’t success to them.



    Bang on.

  3. This would be something we could say once we have experienced stagnation (again). We are better than last year and serious contenders for the top 3. Last year was a considerable improvement also. I expect us to challenge for the title next year. If we don't, if we drop out of the top 4 again at the end of this year, if the manager starts dropping hints or openly accusing the owners of not supporting him - yes. But at the moment, we are in a good place, enjoying our football and generally moving in the right direction.



    But haven't we just improved in one area, and weakened another?


    That's my point. Why must we weaken one are of the team to strengthen another?

    Why not do both?


    Yes, Phil wanted to go, but we knew that, and look like doing nothing about his replacement. 

    It looks like the VVD/Keita money has been boxed off by selling Phil.


    That's the point. We're an equivalent of the battle of the Somme. Inch, by inch, by inch, by inch.

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  4. I didn't mean to pull you up on symantics and I get it wasn't your point - I was just checking.


    But now that we're here, I'll explain why I'm checking...and why maybe it is the point, or at least mine.


    There is an undercurrent of thought that we're some fucking boss side. We're really not. We're great in parts, with good potential, but seriously awful flaws. It feels like a win over City (which we could have thrown away in the last 10 minutes) and people start thinking we're mustard.


    Let's just remind ourselves - we got fourth last year by the virtue of 1 fucking solitary point, above an Arsenal side that was considered so shit that their entire fanbase wanted their manager and entire board to be sacked.


    4 Liverpool    76

    5 Arsenal       75 


    Right now, we're in a similar position. Precariously hovering above fifth, with two sides gunning to overtake us, both of whom are currently doing their utmost to strengthen.


    People who express their fear of finishing out of the top four are not doom mongering. There is a very good chance that it will happen, especially if Firmino's hamstring suddenly pings.





    We're still the same 2/3 players short of where we need to be, and have been for years.

    I don't see this changing soon.