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Found 5 results

  1. Inspired by the Metallica thread, seems a surprising amount of people on here dabble in the heavier side of the musical spectrum, which pleases me, so here's a thread to post some of your favourite heavy riffage. Here's a few to start off: Gh1J4rTgVgE Metallica - Cracking cover of Whiskey in the Jar 77f8u7puTFc Pantera - New Level. Supremely heavy metal band. U5IV3AbLBa0 Rancid - Ruby Soho, off the quite outstanding album 'And out come the Wolves'. If you even like this a little, track it down, classic. 56NfNEQlumg Entombed - Out of Hand. Didn't pick this out but saw it as a random associated vid to Pantera. Heard this on some free metal mag CD back in the day - standard rather silly subterranean-tuned gravel-voiced death metal fare, but one uber-killer riff 2 minutes in, moshtastic. 83K2QygyI8s Wildhearts - Sick of Drugs. Not my fave song by them by far, but an amazing band fronted by their highly prolific and supremely talented songwriter, Ginger. Went to watch them at the Buckley Tiv and they played about 30 songs that night, 20+ of which they played off the cuff after requests from fans from their back catalogue of fuck knows how many songs (they used to write 3 original and ace songs to go with each single). Top band. V6ieNc6U2Sc Kuyss - Thumb. Shocking choice of video accompaniment by some fanboy, but the tune's good and the band rocks, they were precursors to and IMHO superior (if pretty different) to Queens of the Stone Age. Stoner desert rock at its finest, heard them first when I bought Kuyss - Sky Valley (still one of my fave ever albums, better than this vid by a million miles but not much on youtube) and listened to it for the first time on my walkman while in a teen strop in the back of the car driving through a desert in Colorado during a thunderstorm. One of my best music moments ever in retrospect. q3Ckw4t_YuA Machine Head - Davidian. These guys blew me away when they came on the scene, concentrated riff perfection, no chaff to speak of. Saw them live with Slayer on their first major tour and they weren't the greatest live in terms of sound and tight riffage, unlike this lot: No7Kh6iZOcY Slayer - Raining Blood / Angel of Death. An acquired taste, certainly, but the ultimate granite-heavy thrash metal band, saw them live even though I went to see Machine Head supporting, and they were unfuckingbelievable, played their songs about twice as fast as on record but note-for-note perfect and intense and heavy as fuck. Downside is their solos and 'segues' generally suck, but the main riffs and drumming are outfuckingstanding. j46EOpgNnMA Alice in Chains - Them Bones. Class Seattle band, contemporaries of Nirvana. this is off Dirt, that and their top notch acoustic album Jar of Flies are both brilliant. Heroin-driven grunge mind, which eventually cost lead singer Layne Stayley his life. KStRpYm5iCc Weezer - Surf Wax America. Could've picked any song off their eponymous and first 'blue album', fucking love it, one of a few albums which is f'ace from start to finish. Similar to Kuyss above, got an ace memory of this album, as it was all I had to listen to while living for a week with a hill tribe in the jungle north of Chiang Mai, Thailand, when I was 17, as I'd bought it just before leaving Chiang Mai. Gutted when the walkman ran out of batteries! 4H0BMfqFP9c Foo Fighters - Everlong. Like Weezer, a faultless album from start to finish, with killer songs and killer memories for me to go with it. Top stuff. wyokRzdDQ9A Monster Magnet - Negasonic Teenage Warhead. More stellar stoner (hmm, maybe acid is more accurate!) rock and fucking ace with it, this and the title track of the album, Dopes to Infinity, both rule. Rest of the album was so-so, apparently they've done better since, not kept up. k7CPIXnaeeQ Mother Love Bone - Stardog Champion. This band were the late-80s precursor to Pearl Jam, cut short when the lead singer Andrew Wood died of a smack OD (sound familiar?!). PlcvJjRvT7c Ministry - N.W.O. - Industrial forefathers, while Nine Inch Nails were still all-out geetars. Others to check out are Jesus Built my Hotrod and Just One Fix. Over to you all. My tastes are much wider than this, from Rachmaninov to DJ Shadow to Goa Trance to Gomez and shitloads inbetween, but with rock stuff, p'raps a bit on the heavy side for the most part. Anyway, be good to hear what you guys come up with.
  2. Sugar Ape

    Upcoming TV Shows

    Any decent new shows due out this year or next? So far the two below look like they could be good. Terra Nova (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Terra Nova : This in particular looks good, created by Steven Speilberg. Falling Skies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Falling Skies :
  3. mikeebee

    Honey Badger

    After the way the honey badger destroyed all the competition in the Animal Fight thread, for one day only: can be purchased herehttp://www.teefury.com, not my work, not my site, just thought some might be interested, but probably not. (Image may change after the shirt changes)
  4. Simbo


    Does anyone remember this show? For some reason its just popped into my head. Used to love it as a kid.