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Found 1 result

  1. robbief

    america - fucked up

    anyone done the tour guide round dallas thing? we'v just had a few from work out their and they done the tour while they were there. when being shown the grassy knoll(??) somone asked if they think they will ever find out who killed JFK. the tour guide said 'everybody knows who done it, the whole of the USA knows who done it but you'll never in a million years get the government to admit it'. i would of thought being a tour guide would mean working for the government and saying this sort of thing (wether it's true or not) about your employer while on duty would be a dodgy thing to do. also, what about this whole landing on the moon bollocks? i'v seen a thing on TV proving that the photo's where forged and that they think it was staged in area 52 (massive area south of / in south navada where if you go into un aurthorised you will be shot on sight). on the photo where they stuck the flag in the rocks and bumps are exactly the same as the ones supposedly 2.5 miles away where the shuttle was. also there was only one source of light (the sun) yet the man coming out of the shuttle was perfectly lit from an un identified light source. you can drive at 16 but can't drink until 21!?!?!?!?! and this law is quite strictly stuck to! surely driving a car is far more dangerous than having a bud? you see 15 stone 8 year olds in prams? not one or two! you see this loads of times in every theme park! they will happily drive 4 hours to go the pictures.... but won't wait more than ten minutes for a meal??? what the fuck? america is one fucked up country, eh?