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Found 9 results

  1. Remmie

    Crap brag

    I can dress myself I voted in the last election I'm pulling in a 5 figure salary I've supported *place football team name here* my whole life (emphasis on the word whole)
  2. Section_31

    TV and Film Trivia

    During the height of The Equalizer's popularity, actor Edward Woodward was often approached on the street by people in need, with situations similar to those depicted in the show. He began carrying flyers with the phone numbers of social services organizations and legal clinics for them to contact.
  3. About 2 weeks ago I found a hidden camera in my room.You don't relise how scary this is for me,I went out for a walk as well and a black Honda was follwing me this car has been following me for 3 days now. Why is this happening to me? As well as this whenever I sign into hotmail I keep getting messages like "I have no boundarys" I'm really fucking shitting one what the fuck do I do?
  4. Section_31

    Claims to fame

    I was once nearly run over by Louise Redknapp near the multi-story carpark in town, she smiled at me apologetically, and to be honest, I think she wanted a slice of the big mans pie. Not a direct claim to fame, but my auntie met Mr T when he was in panto at the Empire theatre back in 1990 (saw it and it was ace) anyway, she got me his autograph but then managed to insult him, he'd come into the cafe where she worked for his dinner, and she noticed he had a gold knife and fork on one of his chains, she made a passing comment about how he should use them to eat his dinner, and he lost his rag big time. Love her as I did (she wasn’t a proper auntie mind you, just a very close family friend for decades style auntie) I would have been in stitches if he’d thrown her through the window in slow motion, I reckon the responding emergency services would have been equally impressed also. "I come in here, to your fine establishment, and you dissrespect my gold, you best get that look of your face too, before i knock it off" I also went to school with ‘Leo’ from Brookside, Mick Johnson’s son apparently I challenge anyone to beat these claims to fame.
  5. At last the final is upon us and a new winner shall emerge. Behold the 5 contenders, who will all fight at once, in the cold room in a sandwich shop in Canvey island. There can only be 1 winner - who shall emerge victoriuos?
  6. Remmie

    Unhealthiest food

    I reckon McDonald's milkshakes are the single most unhealthy thing you can drink, what about to eat? Can anyone raise me on a deep fried Mars bar?
  7. Jay Glover

    The New Michel Platini

    "But I don't think I will stay at Liverpool. "I will ask for a transfer because I still have three years remaining on my contract and I don't want to be loaned any more. You dont really need to ask Anthony
  8. The-Sir


    Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon says three players will leave in the summer - but they will not include Shaun Wright-Phillips or Didier Drogba. The Blues, who retained the Premiership title on Saturday, will make three new signings and Bayern Munich midfielder Michael Ballack is a transfer target. Kenyon told BBC Radio Five Live: "It will be three in and three out. "One of those is clearly Michael Ballack and we hope we can get that done before the World Cup." Bayern director Karl-Heinz Rummenigge thinks Chelsea's move for Ballack, 29, is "set in stone". And if the German international does move to Stamford Bridge, Kenyon says he will not be the only new face. Kenyon added on Five Live's Sportsweek programme: "There is a constant process of improving the team. "We have got a 24-man squad and that is what we want to maintain. We think that is right for the competitions we are in. It is right from a rotation point of view. "We can improve, we need to improve and we will improve but we are talking about improving what is already a fantastic squad - it is not easy. "I am convinced that the players we will bring in for next season will move us on as a team. The ambition at this club from everybody - the board, the owner and the manager - is to do well domestically but also to win the Champions League." Kenyon also rubbished reports that Mourinho would leave Chelsea, despite securing the club's second successive League title. Mourinho said on Saturday: "A couple of times, I thought about closing the door and saying goodbye." But Kenyon explained: "He wasn't close to leaving at all. "He is a very emotional guy. What he was saying is he had some thoughts. "He is someone where things happen and then everybody moves on - and that is what happened. It was never in question, it was never serious. "He is going to be here next year and I think he is going to be here for many years to come. "He knows what we want to achieve and he has got the resources here and the support here to do it. We are all 200% behind him. "There is no question he thinks he has finished the job he came here to do - and we don't think that. He is young, he has got many years ahead of him, he's got a great future and what better place for him to be. "When you look at it in the cold light of day, why would you move somewhere else? There is plenty of time for him to consider other parts of his career a long way down the track. "He is proud of what we are doing here and what he is doing . "Sometimes I think he cannot understand why we don't get the credit and he does not get the credit he thinks we deserve. I have to say I fully support him in that. "To win the Premier League is fantastic but to win it in back-to-back seasons is historical. Only one other team has done it since the Premier League started - Manchester United - the team we beat convincingly and with style on Saturday. "
  9. http://home.skysports.com/list.asp?hlid=381658&CPID=8&clid=6&lid=2&title=Jol+hits+back+at+Wenger got to love martin jol,how funny would it of been if he would of just head butted wenger :yes: