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Found 1 result

  1. Report by Dave Usher Just another standard Anfield European night. The more things like this happen, the less anyone will want to come here and face us. It’s not just that we beat PSG, it’s how we beat them. We completely dominated them and then even when it looked like we’d somehow let it slip, we still managed to get it done. Things like that will only fuel the whole “Fortress Anfield” narrative. There’s not a team in the world I wouldn’t fancy us to beat at Anfield, particularly under the lights. PSG have talent but they never have to play against anyone like us so it was always going to be tough for them. People forget that I think. Much of the talk is what a big test it was going to be for us. No, the big test was for them. We were in the final last year, this isn’t our first rodeo. The fuck have they done? Yeah they reach the last 16 or last eight most years, but so did Arsenal. They could never beat anyone decent either. We face a much tougher level of competition week in week out, and that makes a big difference. Our players will run and run and run and won’t complain about it because they believe in their manager and what he expects from them. They know his methods work and they’ve bought into them. PSG have it too easy in Ligue 1, they don’t need to work. They’re like me in junior school when I got by on my big brain. I didn’t need to study or revise because, all modesty aside, I was just cleverer than everyone else. Then I got to seniors and everyone passed me by because I was so lazy and couldn’t be arsed doing any schoolwork, and my big brain alone wasn’t enough anymore. There were kids nowhere near as clever as me coming away with A’s and B’s, while I was failing everything and proving to be a massive disappointment to my parents. You know what I got for GCSE English? An E!! I write for a living and I’ve got an E for my English GCSE. Not because I couldn’t do it, but because, like Neymar and tracking back, I just couldn’t be arsed. So yeah, the moral of that story is that Ligue 1 is junior school, the CL is seniors, and myself and Neymar are lazy bastards. Neymar and Mbappe should be embarrassed when they watch the replay of this game. They made Sturridge look like Dirk Kuyt. Fair play to ‘Studge’, he did his bit defensively. He mightn’t be the most energetic looking of players but at least he attempted to put himself in the right positions to close down space, and when one of the wide players went central he moved over to cover. There's just such an intensity about our play on nights like this, and Milner set the tone for it with an early challenge on Neymar that got everyone going. It was probably the best moment of the night other than Bobby's goal. Neymar skipped away from Trent and was doing a stepover and then BAM!!! He's on his arse. That fancy dan shit isn't going to fly with Milner, he's from Yorkshire. It reminded me of this.... Those PSG lads just reeked of ‘big time’ and you could see some of the dirty looks they were getting from their beleaguered team-mates. Poor Rabiot has probably had his career shortened by a year or two after the amount of running he was forced to do in this one. There was one incident near the end when he had to run 60 yards chasing Gini down the right wing. He stuck to his task to be fair to him, and then at the end of it he looks upfield and sees Neymar just fucking stood there. He looked like he was fuming, but you would be wouldn’t you? This is one hell of a team we’ve got right now, but we’ve got to start killing teams off when we’ve got them on the ropes. It’s been a problem ever since we rolled over West Ham on opening day. Since then, every game has been much closer than it ought to have been in the closing stages. We almost drew with Spurs at the weekend. That would have been a staggering miscarriage of justice, but this might have been even worse. We could have lost it before we eventually won it. I mean how the fuck does that happen? Going 2-0 up should have led to a Roma style hammering. The opening goal was great. Brilliant cross by Trent that was just missed by Mané. Then an even better ball by Robbo that wasn’t missed by Sturridge. Cue wriggly arms celebration, inevitably mimicked by Sadio, the celebration chameleon. This is only a teaser, click here to view the full report Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.