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Found 1 result

  1. cestrianred


    Watching the 2 games yesterday on Sky I was only just getting over the saga of 'Fergie Time' (or Referee's unofficial rule from the Premiership-play on until Utd score) when on came Chelsea! I have to say they are the team I actually despise more than anybody (they even make me more annoyed than the Mancs-not that I can believe it myself!)-is there a more despisable team? I can't abide: Terry-I really could pretend I was a Canadian seal club hunter if I had a baseball in my hand near him-he's just a snidy, horrible gobshite who epitomises that club (and a principal reason I get lukewarm watching England). Droghba-Elephant guns, exaggareted dives, histrionincs, all that we know about, but now adding 'Badge Kissing' to the list. Cashley Cole-Another pond life who deserves a good thumping (and how does his other half make do with him?). Carvalho-A sneaky 'foul them on the ref's blindside' defender who's also a twat! Their 'Sarf Landan' boys and Surrey Stockbroker mix of pathetic plastic fans. Abramovic-Russian pimp, National Asset stealer & the man who destabilsed English football & started the 'Arms race' of over the top everything (in my opinion). Anybody else detest them as much as me?