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  1. How close was Jocky to becoming Liverpool manager? I remember there being a lot of talk but I was only a kid then, can any of the older guys shed some light for me please.
  2. Just for Mr Boobie (aka Hamstrung)... I'll start with: [YOUTUBE]OKcDa0Kp2K8[/YOUTUBE]
  3. Here's one of my personal favourites to start us off. Ferris on the float doing Danke Schoen and Twist and Shout. I can't decide which is cooler, so they're both here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF8C471tcLs (NB all YouTube fascists - include a description along with your link.)
  4. In a similar vein to Lurtzy's baseline thread, hit me with some brilliant bits 'o senfesizer. I'll start off with the obvious one which I was going to post on that train jumper thread the other day... 8e-vgQSqNtA I'd also have to have funky town thrown in there too... 3BiuttQl0xM
  5. A brave departure but I'm not loving it as it sounds a repetitive Chem Bros track and one of BP's strongest assets was Russell's guitar. dAjxQdzykaU
  6. Can anyone recommend some websites where i can order some Adidas Forest Hills please. Been looking around town but have found fuck all that i like, so im just gonna order off the net. Thanks in advance.
  7. 1981. Both class albums. The Beatles V the Stones. Oasis V Blur. Wish I was back there again.
  8. Just seen a holiday for the summer in this area. It's all inclusive and looks proper bo - just the ticket for unwinding after an exhausting year. We can book a two day trip to the pyramids as well as scuba dives. Can anyone give tips, recommendations or comments about it as an area, please?
  9. 14 new shops are planned for liverpool. They want to get rid of designer shops as they feel liverpudlians have no class about them! :tease:
  10. My Vbookie events always go well. Just ask the GF. So here’s another. As the Gareth Barry Saga has been rumbling on for a little while. I’m certain that the luvvie po-faced cretin and that fat cunt Wyness are a matter of moments away to releasing a transfer 'coup'. This usually is accompanied by a small time statement. I reckon given the on going Barry saga it will be the usual, “we signed… (insert battling cheap midfielder to replace (Lee Carsely) and we did it the Everton Way with no fuss and quiet and dignified". Or the "My Moysey is so clever in the transfer market and didn't need to spend £50M like the meerdering redshite". As the season is (*checks his calendar) 5 weeks away and the transfer window closes in 7 weeks, When will either Wyness or Kenwright make their obligatory attack upon our transfers in order to keep their own fans on side? Rules are simple, starts from when this is posted and ends when the first bew article is posted on TLW or on this thread. I suppose there should be a bonus for posting the story and would have donated some Vcash but that long haired lout of an editor took my stash.
  11. I tried posting in Malarkey's and Paul's today, and it was timing out on me. Are other people having any bother posting in profiles, or is it just me?
  12. Well, where is he? Probably playing drums in a dingy pub. Or Carbooting. Never like him anyway, always going on about Thailand!
  13. That today is international ET day?
  14. Have you seen these fuckers? This one bloke, keeps banging his head against the wall. Like this :wallbutt:
  15. mrs ris has got hiccccups. ninja ace. she cant stop. i am laughing at her bu tha doesan t help.
  16. To all Muslims and non Muslims like, Ramadan has ended so greetings, best wishes and above all peace to you. I can now begin to try and put my weight back and stop being miserable! Joking aside, I miss Ramadan already, it is very special month for Muslims.
  17. ingore I'll start another my system is playing up
  18. but have the top up on a sunny day should be shot in the face. I mean really. You pay fucking loads more and you live in Sweden, where the summer is as short as GAYER's cock. The first sign of sunshine and that top should be down. Cunts.
  19. I've moved to Stavanger now, and as a nice gesture from a good few Liverpool Legends they decided to come visit me yesterday. I went to the match of course, which was played against some old Viking players, and I was well impressed of what our guys still managed to do. It was the re-incarnation of pass-and-mode footy and the pace of the game was really much much higher than I ever expected. If you look at the names of those who played you'll know what I mean: Our starting line-up was Bob Bolder Rob Jones - Mark Wright - John Wark - Ronnie Whelan Jason McAteer - Mike Marsh - Mark Walters - Alan Kennedy John Aldridge - Ian Rush Subs (frequently used, and no 3-sub rule) Bruce Grobbelaar Gary Gillespie Phil Neal Phil Thompson Ronnie Whelan Michael Thomas Howard Gayle John Durnin Mike Marsh Jimmy Case David Johnson David Fairclough Paul Walsh Looking at Rush's step and movement, Wright and Wark's excellent reading of the game (Wark even scored from open play a few moves after a corner, which is an achievement in itself comming from CB position), Marsh and Walters' continous running, and the whole team's generally excellent passing which made the Viking-players run like hell inbetween, was just fantastic. They were up against a few good players too mind, like the recently retired Egil Østenstad, Gunnar Halle, Steinar Nilsen, Soltvedt, Magnus Svensson and Uwe Rösler to name a few. The only "young" players we had was McAteer, who did very well. I then went to the banquet afterwards and had a chat with a few of them. Phil Neal in particular was a top man (he was still rocking at 2am). I didn't plan anything of it (except the match itself), so the whole night became unforgetable. There's a few pics here (I can't copy them in) Liverpool.no There were 7000 in the stands, both teams really wanted to win (no kidding), it ended 1-1 after 2x30 minutes, but we twatted them on pens. :party:
  20. I'm doing the 3 and a bit hour drive from Zurich to Munich this weekend for the Goal 4 Africa Charity game at the Allianz Arena, but looking closer i've noticed Gerrard is down to play. Goal 4 Africa So looks like he won't be playing against the "Super White Army" then on Saturday afternoon, unless he can use the clowns ferrari and get to Munich in 3hrs. Have to admit i'm looking forward to this Charity game, the squad list is boss, until you see that Samba of Blackburn is playing.....oh dear!
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