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  1. Ronaldo was our's and cities best signing. They will eat themselves.
  2. CapeRed

    Another US Shooting

    Seriously I have just read the report on the guy in the wheelchair. I honestly did not know he was black so I now understand your confusion around my post.
  3. CapeRed

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    No fuckin shame
  4. CapeRed

    Another US Shooting

    Mistype on my part , protests are sometimes all thats left and everybody has that right. Just without resorting to looting and destruction
  5. CapeRed

    Another US Shooting

    Glad we agree mate.
  6. CapeRed

    Another US Shooting

    Pretty straight forward I think the whole world can do without protests without looting and destruction. Or would you disagree?
  7. CapeRed

    Another US Shooting

    Nah he needs to be locked up and he will be.
  8. CapeRed

    Another US Shooting

    Bring what into it? I did not even think about BLM when I posted, wasnt the guy shot a white dude? If you got that impression I was thinking BLM apologies. When stuff like killing a guy in a wheelchair occurs ,and there are plenty of non lethal alternatives, I think the community has a right to have their voices heard .But IMO peacefull protest is the way to go whether you are left or right.
  9. CapeRed

    Just a couple - Roy and Ronnie

    Ronnie was the man behind the man for so many managers at the club. He would just take the players ,that needed it, down a peg. Roy was just in the right place at the wrong time him and Ged together was never going to end well.
  10. CapeRed

    Another US Shooting

    Oh fuck off and stalk someone else dickhead
  11. CapeRed

    Another US Shooting

    Of course I knew that you knew that
  12. CapeRed

    Another US Shooting

    Or Seattle, KZN in SA etc etc. Thats why I said I hope there is a peaceful protest too much hate at these things lately.
  13. CapeRed

    Another US Shooting

    Because too often now ,and not just in the US, the protest becomes an excuse to destroy thing or loot.