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  1. Colonel Kurtz

    TLW Deathpool 2021

    Pithy but powerful words, I’m welling up.
  2. Colonel Kurtz

    Cancel Culture

    That’s a really shit anecdote. What’s the point of it ?
  3. Colonel Kurtz

    Formula One...

    I wasn’t that fussed about formula 1 but it’s brilliant. The whole industry comes down to 20 guys in their early to late 20s. Really insightful.
  4. Colonel Kurtz

    Formula One...

    Drive to survive on Netflix is just brilliant. One of the best sport documentaries for years.
  5. Colonel Kurtz

    Horse racing

    i had 2nd place at £1 e/w on 100/1 odds. That's my saturday night takeaway paid for.
  6. Colonel Kurtz

    Horse racing

    Got £5 each way on Shattered Love. 33/1. The bookies are paying out on the top 6 so I’m feeling positive.
  7. Colonel Kurtz

    Prince Philip...

    Fuck off tory cunt
  8. Colonel Kurtz


    Well not really. 1. authoritarianism - debateable. Look at the criticism of how the police stood off from the highly visible BLM and extinction protests even though they were breaking lock down. This is one of the freest societies in the world. 2. ultranationalist - not really. The current cabinet is the most diverse senior government in the history of western europe 3. forcible suppression of the opposition- hardly. Starmer is on the telly every day and we are holding elections for local councils in about 3 weeks. 4. strong regimentation of society - again debatable, most of the attempts to control societal language and behaviour are coming from single issue pressure groups not the Tory party. 5. Strong regimematation of industry - no, Corbyn wanted to renationalise industry not Johnson. Look at the Greensill issue, they resisted attempts to prop up the steel industry. Hardly national socialism. So not very convincing at all which is my point, this word is freely banded around without any justification and in doing so weakens its power. One day a real fascist politician will turn up and people won’t have the words left to describe them.
  9. Colonel Kurtz


    A key factor in Germany losing the war was Hitlers opposition to using free markets and foreign imports becuase he associated it with Jewish ownership.
  10. Colonel Kurtz


    I think it does demonstrate that when faced with a real or artificial existential threat, how quickly the general population will cede their liberties and embrace authoritarianism. It’s terrifying.
  11. Colonel Kurtz


    This is exactly my point, racism isn’t fascism, it’s racism. Bigotry isn’t facism, it’s bigotry. Fascism is a very specific set of values and beliefs although there are variants between the German and Italian approach. Johnson is not a facist by any definition.
  12. Colonel Kurtz


    I think it’s massively misunderstood. It’s become a catch all to insult people whose opinions are right wing even those a lot of ‘right wing’ values such as libertarianism, small state, free markets etc are directly at odds with the actual fascist beliefs of authoritarianisn, massive expansion of the role of the state into every sphere of life and nationalised industries. I struggle to see how many modern UK conservative politicians could be defined as fascist but it’s a commonplace insult,
  13. Colonel Kurtz


    Well a quick search on here shows the word has been used 1,400 plus times. Given that it’s been 75 years since the last fascist regime and this isn’t a WW2 history forum, 1,400 “fascists” feels like a lot of unnecessary usage.
  14. Colonel Kurtz


    Facist has been so overused by the hard left that it’s completely meaningless now. If you disagree with me you’re a fascist. It’s the Zimbabwean dollar of insults.
  15. Colonel Kurtz


    The legal costs will be painful though. He should apologise, offer £10k each to a charity of their choice and hope they settle.