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  1. Colonel Kurtz

    Do you have your own space

    I’ve got a decent sized garage but it’s full of crap; kids old school reports, mrs Kurtz expensive but never used bikes, half tins of paint etc. It also has a leaky roof.
  2. Colonel Kurtz

    Giving up the booze

    Yeah maths not my strong suit even though I’m accountant. Anyway you’re doing great, keep going. I find 6pm to 8pm the hardest time.
  3. Colonel Kurtz

    Giving up the booze

    9 days no drinking now but more critically 2 dry weekends under my belt including the match yesterday which is always a trigger to have a few beers. Going to keep going to February.
  4. Colonel Kurtz

    Dog Pics

    No we don't let either of them the lead. They think it is a game and like being chased.
  5. Colonel Kurtz

    Phil Spector convicted of murder

    I’ve seen that. It’s brilliant
  6. Colonel Kurtz


    Great post. Where do you write columns or would you rather not say ?
  7. Colonel Kurtz

    How hot is your house ?

    Mine' s quite impressive but getting old now and very hard to maintain
  8. Colonel Kurtz

    How hot is your house ?

    Do those inflatable ones count ?
  9. Colonel Kurtz


    The Wall Street journal has reviewed historical death rates for all countries that publish this information and they say extrapolating that, the global death toll is nearer 2.8 million for 2020.
  10. Colonel Kurtz

    Dog Pics

    This is what you call love though it’s for a sausage not me.
  11. Colonel Kurtz

    How hot is your house ?

    It’s that time of year again, the annual thermostat war. I like a nice cool house maybe becuase I’m a fat fucker. Mrs Kurtz sets the thermostat to 25 plus, sometimes 28 - 30 !! About an hour later she opens the windows complaining it’s too hot. Drives me mad. Put a fucking jumper on.
  12. Colonel Kurtz


    Ha ha. Yeah as I say it’s weirdly deferential about politicians and public sector employees. The idea that they have collectively masterminded this global conspiracy is just farcical.
  13. Colonel Kurtz


    I know so many anti vaxxers who drink water all day and obsess about pesticides and GM food but spent the 1980s and 90s necking back pills they’d bought for £15 from a bloke in a nightclub in Vauxhall.
  14. Colonel Kurtz


    He sounds seriously hard work. He’s going to feature in one of those news stories that end with “before turning the gun on himself”.
  15. Colonel Kurtz


    It’s also weirdly deferential. I’ve met a few cabinet ministers in my life and they’re just normal people with normal lives, difficult kids and sometimes mortgages trying to do an impossible job. The idea that they are part of a super race facist elite pulling the strings on a global scale is just farcical. People who believe this crap have never met a senior British politician.