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  1. Colonel Kurtz

    The Foodie thread

    This my foodie friends is what you call a fucking oyster. The £ coin is for scale. It’s not photoshopped. They’re a £1.20 each from Wing Yip in south London. Fuck knows how they get to grow this big, I’m guessing either nuclear waste or steroids in the sewage. Either way they’re very tasty with a bit of Tabasco.
  2. Ok I stand corrected. Thanks
  3. Did that Pete Townsend book ever get published?
  4. Colonel Kurtz

    The best war film is ......

    This mystery ex poster seems to come up a lot in these discussions. Maybe you could use the doll to show where he touched you. This is a safe place now, he’s gone and he won’t do it anymore.
  5. Colonel Kurtz

    Spotting replica shirts - a sort of football ornithology

    Off to Blackpool tomorrow to see a client so not making an effort. Mrs Kurtz has got high hopes I’ll spot one at least.
  6. Colonel Kurtz

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    That’s a good poem that is.
  7. Colonel Kurtz

    Tory MP arrested for raping two men

    He wasn’t in the Cabinet so probably not him as much as he’s a dick,
  8. Colonel Kurtz

    The best war film is ......

    It goes a bit flat towards the end. I’m here all week.
  9. Colonel Kurtz

    The best war film is ......

    I don’t want to add petrol to the skip fire that kicked off in the car thread. Domestic chores are a fucking minefield.
  10. Colonel Kurtz

    The best war film is ......

    I don’t think you need to suffer with erection problems anymore. There’s loads of adverts for drugs. Man up and admit you need help. You’ll thank me.
  11. Mark e smith was the Alex higgins of popular music. We won’t see the likes of either in pop culture or snooker ever again.
  12. That’s a good joke. I’m nicking that.
  13. Colonel Kurtz

    The best war film is ......

    We should have a “domestic chores that I actually enjoy” thread. People would still fall out and be threatening to drive to Berlin for a fucking tear up by the 3rd page.
  14. Colonel Kurtz

    The best war film is ......

    She was round a girlfriends getting pissed on Cava in the sun. Kids are at the grandparents till Friday so we’re partying every night (once I’ve done the ironing of course).