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  1. Also, I disagree with the "Alisson should have been stronger" argument. When our outfield players get tripped or pulled and go down in the box, we dont say "he should have been stronger there". In fact, many of us were angry that Mane was staying on his feet when fouled last season. 


    But now people are saying Alisson should have been stronger? Fuck that. He was clearly impeded and that's a foul. Whether Ogbonna meant to do it or not is irrelevant. Lack of intent doesnt absolve the ref or VAR of their incompetence for that call.

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  2. In addition to his arm being impeded by Ogbonna, Alisson also got elbowed in that incident leading to the first goal. It's a foul, simple as.


    We've seen refs give fouls for less on goalies, even this season. Leeds goalie conceded a goal few weeks ago and barely had any contact on him. The goal was disallowed. Generally, any kind of significant contact on a goalie in the 6 yard box leads to a foul being called.

  3. On 28/10/2021 at 15:32, dave u said:

    Imagine how big the grin would be if we'd scored eight though....

    And the grin would have diminished when he realised how many more injuries we would have picked from aggressively chasing a couple unnecessary goals, leading to more wild tackles by United players.


    The best way to rationalise this is by asking if potential injuries from shitty tackles are worth having just because some people want our biggest ever win there to have been even bigger. They easily could have picked 3 red cards on another day with some of the dangerous tackles they were making. Even at that, it's not like we completely stopped attacking after 5 nil. We still created chances for more goals.

  4. Pay Salah what he is worth. None of us would ever be happy seeing someone else in a different company doing less than what do, while earning twice our wages. He is well within his rights to ask for a significant pay rise. Why should he have to worry if his teammates get pissed off? In fact, they wont even get pissed off. They would be well made up to have him in the squad for the next 4 years.

  5. It's bollocks to say the club cant afford to pay him 400k a week. Almost every year, we hear the club delightfully announce new deals and an increase in revenue.


    Cant believe some are taking FSG's side on this. They are already stingy enough as it is. The players are the ones who do the job and give sweat, blood and tears. It's much better that significant portions of extra revenue ends up in a player's pocket rather than in a billionaire's bank account.

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  6. The 'selfish' Salah myth of the past couple seasons is one of the most  baffling things. Even at the moment, there are people who believe he is only now improving his link up play and creation of chances this season.


    The reality however is that over the past 4 years, only De Bruyne has created more chances and assists overall in England. The "selfish" myth needs knocking on the head.


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  7. I still believe Henderson did foul Silva just before Milner got there. Henderson definitely makes contact with him, which is why Silva is stumbling a bit before Milner trips him. Ref got it right if he did give the freekick for Henderson's foul.


    Even if not, I'm not having it as a nailed on 2nd yellow for Milner. We've heard that the refs are supposed to applying a "lighter touch" this season. Heck, we even saw how Burnley came to Anfield and got away with worse challenges without getting a yellow. Also, I saw Pogba literally body slam an Everton player on Saturday and get no yellow.

  8. Regarding Mane's goal, I'm thinking the keeper left it because he was spooked by how they conceded the first. Probably thought there was a chance he would push it into the path of a Liverpool player.


    The problem was he had too much faith in his defenders' mind reading abilities. Because they had absolutely no clue he was going to leave it. Milner deserves some credit too for putting in the very definition of a "corridor of uncertainty" cross.

  9. This group wont be a walk in the park. I think it is the only group with 3 teams which have won the European Cup multiple times and the 4th team in it, Atletico have a very good record in Europe competitions in the past decade or so. And are the reigning champions in Spain.


    A lot of pedigree in there. We should make it out of the group but it would be tricky.

  10. 12 hours ago, Remmie said:

    As someone who has barely seen him play, I need to understand the fuss with Traore. He rarely seems to start for Wolves and always has a terrible goal record. When people are talking about his strengths it usualy involves him being an impact sub. Shouldn't we be aiming for someone more ambitious?

    Adama Traore won't be of any good to us. No consistent display of game intelligence, low number of assists and rarely scores. People just get taken in by the fact that he is strong and quick. And has some dribbling ability.


    However,  if such people went on further to look up the perfect definition of "skillful player with no end product", Adama would be right up there flexing his massive muscles.

  11. What a mad shout from Code. Just coming back to read it. What the actual fuck?


    So playing Phillips was a factor in Mane and Firmino failing to put away numerous chances in the 2nd half of the season ? Even his beloved Salah wasnt above missing some clear chances. Jota who had been clinical even started missing numerous good chances too. That Phillips fella must have really put a jinx on all of them, causing us as a team to have a low conversion rate.

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  12. 20 minutes ago, Numero Veinticinco said:

    You’d rather 6? Why not 8? Or 10? Why not 10 world class players in each position? That’s what I’d prefer. 

    Obvioualy I’m being flippant but the point I’m making is that everyone would prefer 6 CB and to leave Fabinho in his favourite position. Of course. The issue is that it’s not going to happen under FSG. 

    We can easily have 6 options. I'm not saying all of them have to be world class. We already even have the options on ground. Fuck needing to have Fabinho as an option there 


    Is it really unreasonable that we go into next season having Van Dijk, Matip, Gomez, Konate, Phillips and Davies?


    That's your 6 right there with 2 of those being on low enough wages. We simply need that number because our 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice CBs are all likely to pick niggling injuries due to being out for so long with serious injuries.