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  1. Supremolad

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    More rumours of Liverpool agreeing to pay 18m for Renato Sanches. Don't really know if another midfielder is what we need in January. If true, might be an indication of Gini definitely leaving though.
  2. Supremolad

    Crystal Palace 0 Liverpool 7 (Dec 19 2020)

    Yep, I think it was too. Hendo has a lovely whip on those balls from that area of the pitch.
  3. Supremolad

    Crystal Palace 0 Liverpool 7 (Dec 19 2020)

    Top top Mane sulking analysis there, Dave. Really enjoyable match report. Thumbs up.
  4. Supremolad

    Mohamed Salah

    Don't think you specified league goals though. At the time you said, only 5 of his 14 goals in all comps were penalties. That's not half. And now it's 5 of his 16 goals. Just felt that mentioning him scoring penalties was a form of criticism to show he hasn't been great this season. When he actually has been. Having an impeccable record on penalties is actually also a good thing.
  5. Supremolad

    Other football - 2020/21

    VAR to the rescue for Spurs. Lucky cunts.
  6. Supremolad

    Mohamed Salah

    I absolutely love Mo regardless of all this. I dont care if he is a bit of primadonna at times. We have had great players who had a bit of that in them. Yes, he can be a bit spiky despite the regular smiley faced persona. And I guess that is why some people would never warm to him. However, the ones I find laughable are those who occasionally doubt his world class ability. Few days ago, I read someone on this forum claiming Salah had had an underwhelming season and that his goals were covering up a "lot of his flaws" and another person agreeing, saying he had relied on penalties for almost half of his goals. Utter bollocks.
  7. Supremolad

    Mohamed Salah

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.africanews.com/amp/2020/11/10/egypt-salah-captain-or-not-of-the-pharaohs/ Salah isnt the captain for his national team either despite mamy Egyptians thinking he should be. Here is an article from November saying being captain for them isn't such a big deal to him. "Egypt is preparing to return to the AFCON qualifiers in a double confrontation against Togo on November 14 and 17th. Two decisive matches for the Pharaohs of Hossam El-Badry fuelled by the expectation of the appointment or not of Mohamed Salah as captain. Mohmed Fathy, a football journalist, explores the current situation regarding Mohamed Salah not being the captain of the team in the upcoming matches and whether that decision has caused a problem within the squad. He explains, "He's said it doesn't bother him that much, he comes to perform and represent his country and frankly he said that people always tend to misunderstand the situation. It (the captaincy) could sometimes be arranged with the manager, but in the end, this is determined by who's been in the national team more often. He could have just meant that he didn't know his position (being captain or not) and when this is clarified by either the technical team or the (Egyptian) football federation, everything is solved."
  8. Supremolad

    Spurs (H) Premier League - 16/12/20 - 20:00

    BBC 5Live podcast dedicated the opening 5 minutes to claiming it was a controversial winning goal. Chapman, Waddle and their match reporter all had a whinge about Dier being "fouled" in the lead up to Firmino's header. Completely ridiculous, it wound me up no end. Hardly any praise for Liverpool but a lot of chat about us supposedly benefitting from VAR for the winner. Fucking cunts.
  9. Supremolad

    Spurs (H) Premier League - 16/12/20 - 20:00

    It is ridiculous. They also spent three damn minutes the other day trying to give a penalty against Fabinho. Only for the ref to overrule it. But Son scores, and they quickly rule it a goal despite suspicion of it being offside. It is really suspicious that we are getting so many marginal decisons given against us.
  10. Supremolad

    Spurs (H) Premier League - 16/12/20 - 20:00

    Don't know of the "lot of flaws" Salah supposedly has. He has comfortably been the best of our front three this season. Apart from the goals, he has created a good number of chances for teammates and hasnt had more than a couple really quiet games. Constantly a threat and has also improved his defensive work. I definitely won't be lumping him in with the other two in terms of inconsistent performances. Seems some people would always think he is not at his "highest level". But guess what, a 44 goal season was always going to be almost impossible to replicate. He is still pretty special.
  11. Supremolad

    Spurs (H) Premier League - 16/12/20 - 20:00

    Had a quick google about the Konate lad. He is good but apparently has suffered significant injury problems in the past year or so. Muscle and soft tissue injuries specifically. Not sure we would or should be looking at signing a centerback who is likely to be keeping Van Dijk and Gomez company in the physio room.
  12. Supremolad

    Klopp: Ox is a difference maker

    I know Ox's best position is in the middle and I didnt mean he is a world beater out wide. I should have qualified what I meant. He is a much better option out wide than Origi or Minamino. In that sense, if we had to rest Salah or Mane in Jota's absence, Ox is the player I would put in. He has had some good performances in games when he is out wide and is good at cutting in and scoring goals from the left.
  13. Supremolad

    Klopp: Ox is a difference maker

    Really hope so. With rumours of Jota being out for a while, Ox is the one decent option we can use as wide forward if Mane or Salah need a rest.
  14. Supremolad

    Diogo Jota

    For fucks sake. Really hope that isn't true.
  15. Supremolad

    VAR Thoughts?

    I think in the CL, they always give the benefit of doubt to the scorer and dont forensically analyse the offside to the tiniest millimetre. Strange that in England, they also dont seem to use the lines for all tight offside calls. Yesterday, Rashford's goal wasn't subjected to the drawing of lines, despite looking quite tight. And today, Vardy's goal didn't go through that nonsense either, despite how close it seemed. It's just annoying that when Liverpool score crucial PL goals which are tight, they bring the lines out sharpish and start fiddling around.
  16. Supremolad

    Neco Williams

    Yep. It was a very good performance. Very similar to the levels he reached in his first couple games in the first team. Hope to see more of that. Mostly kept it simple at the back and booted the ball away when needed. Got forward when he could. Good assist, on his left peg no less.
  17. Looked very confident on the ball and is very good with both feet. That's already an advantage over Adrian in my books. Happy for the lad. Wont wont mind throwing him in against Wolves. And if he fucks it up, wont mind throwing him to the Wolves.
  18. Supremolad

    Ajax (H) 1/12/2020 - Champions League - 20:00

    Yeah, a draw definitely takes us through. Ajax are dangerous enough though, so I dont think Klopp would send the lads out to play for a draw. Pity we have so many injuries. They'll be fancying their chances.
  19. Supremolad

    VAR Thoughts?

    Bang on. The "challenge" system is something I thought should have been used right from the start. It would let the game flow more, would stop the VAR officials from being pedantic cunts and would put the responsibility of all decisons down to the pitch officials. If your team think the ref got a major decision wrong, your captain requests for it to be VAR reviewed. And you get to keep the challenge if it is successful. Otherwise, you lose it.
  20. Love Mane but it's been a weird couple of weeks with him and his decision making. On that 2nd disallowed goal, I feel a sharper version of himself would have timed his run before the header. He knew he was ahead of the last man and still went to head it. Yeah, I'm being a nitpicking cunt though. Still love all these lads and the manager. It is testament to their greatness to be top of the league temporarily despite all the numerous injuries and shit VAR decisions.
  21. Supremolad

    Nathaniel Phillips

    Had a decent game today. Was quite dominant in the air. Makes up for his lack of pace by extending his go go gadget legs for interceptions. Obviously doesnt work all the time but still effective mostly. Wont mind seeing him against Wolves, since he can't play in the CL.
  22. In the Champions league, they never measure offside to the tiniest micrometre with VAR. They usually have benefit of doubt decisions go the way of the striker. But the world's bestest league love to do things differently, don't they?
  23. Even Peter Walton on BT said he wont have given a penalty for that Welbeck incident. And that's Peter Walton who bends over backwards to support every decision given on the pitch.
  24. Exactly. Those who are comparing the Welbeck incident to Salah's are plain wrong. Salah was in full control of the ball. Welbeck wasn't. It was more or less a 50/50 and a very dubious penalty to give. Especially when the ref saw it and didn't give it in the first place.