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  1. Great pod. Especially enjoyed learning about the private lives of some of the esteemed refs. Ha!! And regarding Salah, his last two visits to Old Trafford have been good. 3 goals in 2 games. Although, those were all scored in an empty stadium. So who knows if he has actually scaled over the mental block of playing there.
  2. Supremolad

    Atletico Madrid 2 Liverpool 3 (Oct 19 2021)

    Yep. The way he took off at full speed down the tunnel was laughable. Absolute cunt.
  3. Supremolad

    Mohamed Salah

    He ain't lazy either. There are those who continually damn his defensive work with faint praise.
  4. Supremolad

    Mohamed Salah

    The 'selfish' Salah myth of the past couple seasons is one of the most baffling things. Even at the moment, there are people who believe he is only now improving his link up play and creation of chances this season. The reality however is that over the past 4 years, only De Bruyne has created more chances and assists overall in England. The "selfish" myth needs knocking on the head.
  5. Supremolad

    Liverpool 2 Manchester City 2 (Oct 3 2021)

    I still believe Henderson did foul Silva just before Milner got there. Henderson definitely makes contact with him, which is why Silva is stumbling a bit before Milner trips him. Ref got it right if he did give the freekick for Henderson's foul. Even if not, I'm not having it as a nailed on 2nd yellow for Milner. We've heard that the refs are supposed to applying a "lighter touch" this season. Heck, we even saw how Burnley came to Anfield and got away with worse challenges without getting a yellow. Also, I saw Pogba literally body slam an Everton player on Saturday and get no yellow.
  6. Supremolad

    FC Porto 1 Liverpool 5 (Sep 28 2021)

    Regarding Mane's goal, I'm thinking the keeper left it because he was spooked by how they conceded the first. Probably thought there was a chance he would push it into the path of a Liverpool player. The problem was he had too much faith in his defenders' mind reading abilities. Because they had absolutely no clue he was going to leave it. Milner deserves some credit too for putting in the very definition of a "corridor of uncertainty" cross.
  7. Supremolad

    Nathaniel Phillips

    At 23 years old, he really should be the one pushing to step up as a center back option in van Dijk's absence. Here's hoping he turns out to be Baresi and Maldini rolled in one. Alternatively, we'll settle for him being a taller version of the legend called Ragnar Klavan.
  8. Supremolad

    Other Football 2021/22

    Had an absolute shocker and had to be hauled off. Never bought into the hype around him. The fact that Atletico were willing to flog him and eventually send him out on a last minute loan says a lot.
  9. Supremolad

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 21-23 2021)

    "Adama Downing" would also have been appropriate given the fact that he scores only a couple a season, and doesnt assist many either.
  10. Supremolad

    Champions League draw

    This group wont be a walk in the park. I think it is the only group with 3 teams which have won the European Cup multiple times and the 4th team in it, Atletico have a very good record in Europe competitions in the past decade or so. And are the reigning champions in Spain. A lot of pedigree in there. We should make it out of the group but it would be tricky.
  11. Supremolad

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Adama Traore won't be of any good to us. No consistent display of game intelligence, low number of assists and rarely scores. People just get taken in by the fact that he is strong and quick. And has some dribbling ability. However, if such people went on further to look up the perfect definition of "skillful player with no end product", Adama would be right up there flexing his massive muscles.
  12. Supremolad

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 13-15 2021)

    Laughed so hard when I got to the section about Soyuncu and Duffy. Brilliant writing.
  13. Supremolad

    Mohamed Salah

    "Selfish Salah" though
  14. Supremolad

    Fantasy Football 2021-22 £10 league

    Oh yeah, I've seen the paypal details. Expect the tenner in the next few minutes @TrimmTrabb.
  15. Supremolad

    Fantasy Football 2021-22 £10 league

    I'm in. Sorry just saw the thread now. Please let me know how to pay.
  16. Supremolad

    Premier League Round Up (May 23 2021)

    Good one, Dave. I think VAR and incompetent refs should have had a special category too for absolutely shafting us this season.
  17. Supremolad

    Nathaniel Phillips

    What a mad shout from Code. Just coming back to read it. What the actual fuck? So playing Phillips was a factor in Mane and Firmino failing to put away numerous chances in the 2nd half of the season ? Even his beloved Salah wasnt above missing some clear chances. Jota who had been clinical even started missing numerous good chances too. That Phillips fella must have really put a jinx on all of them, causing us as a team to have a low conversion rate.
  18. Supremolad

    Ozan Kabak

    We can easily have 6 options. I'm not saying all of them have to be world class. We already even have the options on ground. Fuck needing to have Fabinho as an option there Is it really unreasonable that we go into next season having Van Dijk, Matip, Gomez, Konate, Phillips and Davies? That's your 6 right there with 2 of those being on low enough wages. We simply need that number because our 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice CBs are all likely to pick niggling injuries due to being out for so long with serious injuries.
  19. Supremolad

    Nathaniel Phillips

  20. Supremolad

    Ozan Kabak

    To be honest, I dont want us to ever again be in a situation which requires Fabinho needing to cover center back. Seen it suggested by a couple people as being ok to have 4 CBs and Fabinho as cover. I'd rather we go into next season with 6 proper CB options and leave Fabinho in his best position permanently.
  21. If Henderson is fit as he seems and has trained a couple times, I really wont mind having him at CB next to Phillips for this game.
  22. Supremolad

    Burnley 0 Liverpool 3 (May 19 2021)

    I think there was an incident when Mane was challenged by a Burnley player and went down. Ref waved it off. That was the cue for their crowd to think Mane was diving. They started booing him right after that.
  23. Seems Jota is definitely in with a shout for making the bench, according to the Athletic. Would be nice to have him there, just in case the starting 11 decide to make it interesting by needing a goal in the final half hour.
  24. Supremolad

    West Brom (A) - Sunday 16th May, 4:30pm

    Skysports going in heavy with "Liverpool got a controversial equaliser" because Dean didnt give a drop ball. Cunts.
  25. Supremolad

    West Brom (A) - Sunday 16th May, 4:30pm

    Salah pointing to Mane in appreciation. Nice.