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  1. Oscar_the_Grouch

    FC Porto (H) – CL, Wed 24th Nov 2021 (8:00pm)

    Milner is suspended but, otherwise, this looks pretty good. But I imagine Salah insists on starting / scoring [sic]
  2. Oscar_the_Grouch

    FC Porto (H) – CL, Wed 24th Nov 2021 (8:00pm)

    Definitely. Noticed that Klopp pulled his snood up before speaking to Milner at the final whistle and Milner started laughing at whatever he said.
  3. Oscar_the_Grouch

    Mohamed Salah

    If you mean verified that it was on Weibo, the official profile hasn’t responded to any questions about it either way. I trust the guy who sent it to me (who saw it himself) and a lot of the comments on Weibo look to be genuinely reacting to a deleted post. Of course, chances are that whoever is running the LFC profile on Weibo has a post ready in anticipation of an announcement, regardless of how far along negotiations are. And they would be amongst the very last to know rather than the first. But just passing it on in case it’s of interest.
  4. Oscar_the_Grouch

    Mohamed Salah

    LFC’s official account put up a post on Weibo this morning announcing Salah’s contract extension and then immediately deleted it with no explanation. It specifically mentions 30 October as the extension date.
  5. This is pretty much the exact sort of argument that some Utd fans have been making for Solskjær for the past couple of years.
  6. Hope Ole stays but only because it's a genuine pleasure to see Ferdinand, Neville, Scholes, Keane and the rest torn between their loyalty to the Hero of Barcelona and their obligations as pundits to point out that he's clearly out of his depth. But it honestly doesn't matter who manages them - they are fated to remain at their current level so long as they remain under the ownership of their current rabble of clowns. Pochettino, Simeone, Tuchel... whoever... will just end up following in the footsteps of Mourinho and van Gaal. They'll pick up the odd cup or put together an occasional European run or or title challenge but the structure - and the ambition - just isn't there for continued success. It's actually the Glazers who are at the wheel and it was Mr Ferguson who put them there. And it's glorious.
  7. Oscar_the_Grouch

    James Milner is....

    David Squires on Being James Milner
  8. Oscar_the_Grouch

    Featured: That was the week that was (Feb 8-14 2020)

    I think you’ve actually answered Chris’s question about why the club doesn’t celebrate Owen on social media a couple of paragraphs further up, when you say that Twitter attracts the lunatic fringe (and again, even further up, when mentioning the response to Pedro’s tweet). I expect that any birthday messages etc. from the club to Owen would be swamped with abusive responses. So probably best not to for Owen’s sake. Social media is full of bellends. The club employs him as its International Ambassador so he’s not been frozen out.
  9. All players leave the club eventually. The problem with Owen wasn't that he left the club. The problem is that he deliberately ran down his contract whilst leading Moores and Parry on that he was going to re-sign, finally leaving for a fraction of his worth about two weeks before the transfer deadline. Then he went and signed for Man Utd. The problem with Souness wasn't - at the time - so much that he did the interview with the S*n. I might be misremembering, so someone correct me if I'm wrong, but no-one was really bothered when the interview was published. The problem was that about a week later, he staged a photo for them of him kissing his new wife in hospital and they published it on 15th April. Literally the third anniversary of Hillsborough with parents, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters still grieving and he's posing on the front page of that rag with some headline about how amazingly happy he is. So I'm not really comparing what they did except to say what Souness did was far worse. I'm comparing their reactions since. Souness has pretty consistently apologised, expressed remorse, said it's the worst thing he's ever done, and taken full responsibility for his actions.
  10. Souness is the guest I would most like to listen to on Carra’s podcast. The difference between Souness and Owen is that, whilst what Souness did was far worse, he completely owns it and, since leaving the club, has repeatedly apologised with no excuses.
  11. Oscar_the_Grouch

    Shrewsbury (H) FA Cup - 4/2/2020 - 19:45

    Yes. He puts in the initial cross that leads to the goal: https://twitter.com/jack_ncfc/status/1224806327052050432?s=21