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  1. Sandon Derry Red

    Liverpool 4 Leeds United 3 (Sep 12 2020)

    Great report as always Dave. Read somewhere that Martin Tyler is actually 75 today. He should be pensioned off now ffs. He doesn't even try and hide his disdain for us.
  2. Sandon Derry Red

    Arsenal (N) Charity Shield - 29/8/20 - 16:30

    That's the one Grinch. Ours for keeps.
  3. Sandon Derry Red

    Arsenal (N) Charity Shield - 29/8/20 - 16:30

    Never that arsed about the Charity Shield but really hope the Reds win and then Jurgen organises a photo shoot on Monday morning with the PL , CL , Super Cup , World Club Cup trophies and the Shield. The resultant fume from every other fan base on social media would be so funny.
  4. Sandon Derry Red


    Pele was probably the first global superstar on the back of some impressive displays in and scoring 2 goals in the 1958 World Cup final as a 17 year old. However if i remember rightly I think a lot of his goals included those scored in exhibition matches for Santos when they toured Europe and America regularly. In my opinion Maradona will always be the greatest of all time simply because of what he achieved in an era where defenders got away with anything.
  5. Sandon Derry Red

    Irish history books

    As a Derry man I'm biased but in my opinion he's definitely the greatest Irishman. What he did for our city and the whole country will never be forgotten. An absolute gentleman. His lasting legacy is a peace process that's saved countless lives in the past 20 odd years and gave hope to a better future here for everyone. What a cruel twist of fate that dementia took hold of him in his latter years.