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    The Ailment thread

    F**king arthritis. Couple of years to go before I’m 40 but I have hands like my Nan. had it in joint of index finger in one hand for a couple of years but now got it in both thumbs and joints on little fingers too. Hurts like hell first thing in the morning, can’t even do simple things like turning a door handle. Clears up after a few hours but not after a ritual pulling and clicking and manipulation of the fingers which sounds like a freshly milked bowl of rice crispies. Im getting pains in my knee now too after an old cruciate ligament injury which I was told I wouldn’t need surgery but would defo need a knee replacement at some point in my later years. Sounds like snapping bamboo whilst walking down the stairs. Now also had had three episodes of really dry eyes and swollen eyelids which I’ve been told is rheumatoid arthritis symptom. worst part is docs aren’t one bit arsed. Just tell me to take paracetamol but it doesn’t help when the thing is at its worst when I wake up.