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  1. 4 hours ago, Joey8FrogsLegs said:

    This is a real concern. He constantly makes the wrong decisions in possession. Which makes us vulnerable to counter attacks. Tsimikas is probably better at the moment, and should be given more chances.

    Also he's been fucking up our offside traps, he's been doing it regularly this season. Tsimikas should be in his place till he gets his shit together. 

  2. 10 minutes ago, Grinch said:

    You know things are bad when people talk about Origi starting.  Completely unsuitable footballer that should have left year ago.


    Oxocube starting when it’s a surprise if he passes the ball to a red shirt is pathetic too. 

    The squad depth just isn’t there and some that have shown they can do it are woefully out of form.  Robertson shouldn’t be anywhere near the team on form.


    Allison was hopeless on all three goals yesterday.  It’s a good job he’s usually great cause that was Mignolet back again.

    Thing is we are going to need him when Sadio and mo leave. 

  3. 14 hours ago, El Rojo said:

    Wijnaldum was just about ever-present in every midfield combination we had during the last brilliant few seasons. We’re far too easy to play through. He’s been a huge loss. 

    This, big mistake letting his midfield quality go. We are very easy to counter now. Giving the ball away far to often when we are attacking. Yesterday sums up the season so far.