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  1. Ken Robber


    Not all heroes wear capes
  2. Ken Robber


    Yeah, I see what you all mean. I almost didn't get this done but felt I should at least try it once to see if I like it. That's also why I got it done on the upper arm so if I regret it it's not visible unless I roll my sleeves up That said, I'm still buzzin'. Always loved the design of the snaggletooth and thought it looked boss on tattoo's
  3. Ken Robber


    Sorry, for some reason this threads been posted twice. Can a mod please delete the other thread?
  4. Ken Robber


    Went and got the Mòtorhead snaggletooth on my upper arm this afternoon. First time getting inked as well since I've never had the disposable income (or the balls) to get it done sooner so I'm made up. Anyone else on the forum have tattoo's? Do you think they should have a meaning or do you think it doesn't matter as long as it looks boss?
  5. Ken Robber

    Customer service

    In the middle of getting a tattoo done as I write this so needed to make sure I ate before going in. Only option available was KFC, first time I've been in one for six months. I'm convinced it's an inside joke for them to never get your order right. Constantly missing dips and sides even when you've paid for them. Anyone here ever worked at one to give some insight?
  6. Pretty much Don't get me wrong, I did end up getting in shape and landing a decent job not too long after. Those combined meant I got a lot more attention than I did previously. It's more just the idea of going into a relationship again that gives me anxiety.
  7. I had my first serious relationship when I was 23 and got cheated on. Wish it didn't still bother me because it was over 2 years ago but I'd be lying if it said it never gave me trust and self esteem issues as a result. Nowadays it's rare that I make a move if I fancy someone because my instinct now is to try and avoid getting emotionally attached as a defence mechanism. Cheatings a cunts trick.
  8. Ken Robber

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Same should be said about T shirts with slogans/catchphrases on them. See that shite absolutely everywhere in the states
  9. Ken Robber

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Socks with flip flops is proper yewtree behaviour
  10. Ken Robber

    Getting Old

    Turned 26 last week. Not arsed (yet) about ageing but having a receding hairline without being able to grow a beard is a ballache. Proper Benjamin Button head
  11. Ken Robber

    Dog Pics

    Had some grim news from back home that my dog may need to be put to sleep due to muscle failure that's came from old age. I gave my consent because it's not fair on her to be doped up all the time on painkillers, plus she's 13 next month so that's a belter life span for any dog, especially considering she was rescued as a puppy. Some photos of her taken in a groomers last year
  12. Ken Robber

    Instant cunt identifiers

    If I could rep I would But I am a membershipless meff Heavy
  13. Ken Robber

    Instant cunt identifiers

    I share my cabin with one of the soloist musicians on the ship. They are without a doubt the laziest fucking people working here so having to share a cabin with one is infuriating. Guy literally works 4 hours a day then complains he spends too much time on the ship and wants a vessel transfer. Meanwhile I'm up at 7AM every morning and clocking out at 11PM, he's sat on his fat arse in the cabin wanking and watching Star Wars all day Makes me wanna vote Tory so hard I snap the pencil ticking the ballot box.
  14. Ken Robber


    I've struggled with depression since I was 13. I find its triggered mostly by situational circumstances as opposed to a chemical imbalance. As long as I keep active, busy and engaged with hobbies it usually keeps the wolf from the door
  15. Ken Robber

    Going Out, Getting Older Question.

    Cozumel, Mexico is a great time. Loads of good bars (you can smoke inside), restaurants and girls with boss arses. Its also surprisingly safe and cheap as fuck