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  1. Fan of both bands and seen each of them live. Has to be Mötorhead, easily. Their discography and live set lists were way more consistent in quality. Maiden have some belter albums and songs but from the 90's onwards they started disappearing up their own arses a bit, going in a more prog direction and therefore having albums full of cuts that start off boss but end up overstaying their welcome by about 6 minutes.
  2. Ken Robber


    Did pot brownies for the first time last night in an empty underground bar in town. Mate of a mate pulls a bag of them out, passes them around and within half an hour I'm finding everything and everyone hysterically funny. Never been to Amsterdam but if you can purchase these legally in coffee shops I'll be on the next flight
  3. Ken Robber

    Pubs Re-Opening

    Went out tonight for my mates birthday and it doesn't feel any different to pre-lockdown with the exception of floor markers etc. Most of the pubs were dead anyway so it wasn't worth the effort.
  4. Ken Robber

    Bus travel

    "Got a mask for the bus?" "Nah, just six cans of Stella"
  5. Ken Robber


    They were alright. The woman on the other end just encouraged me to speak whatever was on my mind, so it was good that I could blow off steam over what was going on in my head without distressing my family. After about 10 minutes I got my composure back enough to assure her I was calming down and then hung up. Never thought to visit a hospital over my depression but I'll keep that in mind, even though a hospital is the last environment I'd want to be in at this time.
  6. Ken Robber


    My mental healths really took a dive during Lockdown. Noticed I was having bouts of anxiety towards the end of May, then finally last weekend something snapped and I found myself on the phone to the samaritans in bits talking suicide. First time in my life that's happened. Over that wobble but I'm constantly feeling on edge now and trying not to be left on my own for too long in case I have a panic attack. The best advice I was ever given was to remember that all setbacks are temporary. This is no exception.
  7. King Crimson have to be one of the most underrated bands ever
  8. Ken Robber

    Dog Pics

    My sister adopted a 10 month old English bulldog yesterday called Dolly. Possibly the laziest animal I've ever seen, but she's a belter
  9. Ken Robber


    Carnivals the same company I work for. Might actually know her if she's from Southampton because brits usually make up the entertainment and guest services staff. Can't speak for other companies but they're basically keeping staff to the absolute minimum until they're allowed to sail again. I was quarantined on my last ship until they were able to get me a flight home in late March. Stewards were still working as normal like, just on far less hours
  10. Ken Robber


    Found out I've been made redundant today. I work on cruise ships and since the industry in general has no clue when it's going to be back in service, they've let a metric ton of the workforce go to cut their losses. Quite conflicted because after 2 years of being away I was already considering going back to living and working on land. But it's a kick in the mouth to lose that safety net and be forced to say goodbye (for now) to a lot of good friends from all over the world. Oh well, it is what it is. Made sure to whack this on as well
  11. Ken Robber

    Small pleasures?

    Spot on lad. Baffles me when people say they don't like Marmite. Nothing beats it first in the morning, not even a suck treat
  12. Ken Robber

    Afternoon naps

    Nappings necessary when I'm working away but can be a ballache at the exact same time. Snooze for more than an hour and I'll find myself wired for the rest of the day and unable to sleep again til about 3 in the morning
  13. Ken Robber

    Small pleasures?

    Marmite on toast and a brew first thing in the morning
  14. Ken Robber


    Not all heroes wear capes
  15. Ken Robber


    Yeah, I see what you all mean. I almost didn't get this done but felt I should at least try it once to see if I like it. That's also why I got it done on the upper arm so if I regret it it's not visible unless I roll my sleeves up That said, I'm still buzzin'. Always loved the design of the snaggletooth and thought it looked boss on tattoo's