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  1. Ken Robber

    Have a rant thread

    Nice one mate Well I actually went out with her two weeks ago. Went to a Mexican gaff off Hanover street (think it's called Wahaca) and then sat off in concert square with one of those big shisha pipes. Was a sound little night but it was deffo a reminder that I'm better suited to a life working and living on land. Can't be getting attached to people and then getting off for half the year
  2. Ken Robber

    Have a rant thread

    Thanks man It's all sorted now thankfully. The medicals being sent to me Express so I'll have it before 9 in the morning. Then i fly out of Manchester to New York, then on to Miami in the afternoon. Works out better that, the thought of having to get a 12 hour flight to Florida and then having to deal with customs sounds like the worst pain in the arse. Access to the internet on ships costs wedge and the connections usually rubbish but I'll try and remember to share stories here when I have the chance. Drunk Americans on budget holidays may as well be from another planet.
  3. Ken Robber

    Have a rant thread

    He emailed me back just now and explained that his secretary had sent me an email asking for the address to post it to. I didnt see it because she'd emailed me off a different email address so it had ended up in my junk folder. Horrible day this. I'm pissed off at them for not bothering to ring me about it. I even rang the main desk on Monday asking where it was so that would have been a perfect opportunity to mention that they'd sent an email. But I'm also pissed off and embarrassed for having this happen in the first place, especially when I could have avoided this the whole time but didn't realise. Feel like crawling into a hole. And nah cause she's been off sick from work for a few days. Known her for years though so I trust shes not lying like.
  4. Ken Robber

    Have a rant thread

    Mentioned my doctor taking the piss sending me my fit for duty medical previously in this thread. It was meant to arrive two days ago by recorded delivery. Still isn't here, so I've had no choice but to have my flight cancelled for tomorrow to join the ship. I'm not fired but there's two possible outcomes. The first is they send me there next week, but only if the staff member I'm replacing agree's to stay on board for an extra week when they've already worked six months straight with no days off. The other is they'll send me to another ship but that won't be til July. Any numbers for heroin there mate?
  5. Ken Robber

    Real life amnesty thread

    Negging in the amnesty thread? Gay.
  6. Ken Robber

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    The internet's sound if you're just buying trackies to work out/spill your dinner on. Wouldn't advise it if you need anything you need to make sure you try on first (Jean's etc)
  7. Ken Robber

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Having to buy clothes. I'm so unenthusiastic about getting new clothes that when I have to I almost always take my sister with me just to make sure I actually leave with some clobber. I'd dress like the worst turbo nonce meff ever if I could get away with it if it meant never having to step foot in a shop again.
  8. Ken Robber

    Real life amnesty thread

    I prefer mayo on chips than red sauce
  9. Ken Robber

    Nightclubs are shit

    Can't imagine anything more depressing than a strip club in Southport. Even Morrissey wouldn't write a song about that. I know the one you mean though, it was round the corner from the Phoenix, which was an absolutely shite pub rammed with underage drinkers downing Jagerbombs cause they were 3 for 3 quid or something daft. I remember in Alpine there was an overweight fella who'd get paid to stand at the bar with no pants on. Completely bollocko. No one was arsed though, in fact he was considered a novelty Really, really odd place
  10. Ken Robber

    Adverts you hate.

    That plusnet advert with the fella who looks like a microwaved Mr. Potato head singing to his wife makes me want to kick dogs
  11. Ken Robber

    Nightclubs are shit

    Indeed I am. It's great when you leave and start signing on as well. Go tell the dole you're proficient in Stanislavkski and Stella Adlers methods, they won't get you making butties in Subway fast enough
  12. Ken Robber

    Nightclubs are shit

    Yeah, I did one in performing arts. Great times
  13. Ken Robber

    Nightclubs are shit

    I went to Southport college so had to endure the nightclubs there on most weekends in my teens. A club in a Conservative seaside town with no university nearby and in winter months especially is every bit as shit as it sounds. Seen a few of my mates sharing a post about Alpine shutting down and how all of them are gutted, even though it stunk of piss and the clientele was mostly middle aged men and lemo dealers trying to shag B-TEC students.
  14. Ken Robber

    Date thread

    Nice one Stig, I'll have a look into that
  15. Ken Robber

    Date thread

    Good shout like but I've took her there before. It's boss but I wanna try something different