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  1. Ken Robber

    The Streaming Services Thread

    4od crashes constantly but thankfully it's not me paying for it so whatever I also have funimation for streaming anime. Tends to crash whenever the weather's bad but its 4 quid a month so I can live with it
  2. Ken Robber

    Family Strife

    Had a text from my sister today informing me that the dog we've had for 15 years is scheduled to be put to sleep tomorrow at half 12. I don't speak to my family at all and especially not to my mother, where the dog has been living with for the last 3 years. The point of telling me more than anything was to ask if I wanted to be there tomorrow, but there's no way I'm going purely because of my mother being there. She's an unstable alcoholic with numerous mental health problems and disorders she won't get diagnosed with and she would only use this as an opportunity to try and hurt me. For example when the previous dog died of a stroke, she'd insist it was somehow my fault whenever she was bladdered just because I was home alone with him when it happened. I had a close bond with the dog. Whenever there was a domestic (every day) or I was bunking off school (Most days) I used to just take her out for the day and roam wherever. That dog probably explored more of Merseyside in 2 years than most people do in a lifetime of living there. Doesn't feel great knowing I won't be there, but I know full well that going would only be more traumatic because of my mothers attitude and behaviour. Deffo avoiding that episode of Futurama with Fry's dog for a while though
  3. Ken Robber

    People with bizarre names

    Years ago when I auditioned for drama school I burst out laughing when one of the other candidates was called out and her name was noncer (she was Portuguese) I didn't get a placement
  4. Ken Robber

    Great Fight Thread

    You can hear someone in the background go "He's got him in a fuckin' Boston crab!"
  5. This is another one of their best and overlooked songs. Will shut up about Elbow now before Stig has an aneurysm
  6. Seen them twice now. Guy's a great front man, comes off very friendly and humble Still waiting to hear this live though, it's definitely what made me a fan
  7. Sabbath were a force of nature in their prime. You can feel Bill Wards drumming on this in your chest
  8. True or Gold by Spandau Ballet. Couldn't decide which is more shite
  9. Dunno if people "buzz off" him but whenever I hear a Billy Joel song I understand completely why the rest of the world thinks white people are lame
  10. Ken Robber

    The Inbetweeners

    I think that's why they made the second film feel so outlandish (Mr. Gilbert shagging Wills mum) as a way to put off any temptation to make another movie. The show wouldn't work with the characters as adults
  11. Ken Robber

    The Inbetweeners

    Best scene in the film is when Simon and Jay try to have a fight but are just holding eachother awkwardly in headlocks not throwing any digs. It really is how the majority of people at school who were mates but couldn't fight would scrap.