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  1. If they get a 3rd, I can see us conceding a 4th. Its that type of game. Doing my head in.
  2. We’re reasonably creative, but we can’t execute passes. At this stage I’d take a draw, for sure. PENALTY!!
  3. However...it wont make it easier for us. As we saw against Chelsea
  4. Christ this is like bloody cup final. Might have to check me blood pressure.
  5. Red Shift

    Roberto Firmino

    Yip, true. Mo has been in a class of his own, for sure - which tends to relatively make everybody else look ordinary. We even moan about Sadio (103 goals) I’d argue that if Mo was at CF he wouldn’t have been so prolific, and if Bobby had been on the left or right more consistantly, he may have slotted more ‘Coutinho’ type goals. Those angled shots cutting inside, are a very common score in the Prem for the good strikers. Having said that, with TAA and Robbo feeding low crosses, Bobby should have poked many more in, from goalkeeper spillages etc
  6. Red Shift

    Roberto Firmino

    I thought Barnesy nailed it pre-game in the studio. Score or not, he’s incredibly important for his service to Mane & Salah. He’s got 70 goals though, he’s not THAT far behind the other two.