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    Maybe, but you wouldn’t lockdown smokers or drinkers costing the country billions in order to save lives... and of course smokers and drinkers pay a small fortune in taxes. Difficult decisions during a pandemic do often appear as ridiculous under normal circumstances. I think it’s stupid to make the comparison myself, but then I do also acknowledge that there is no way my daft idea would be implemented. I'd actually get the lash out myself, first for the politicians of course. Just carry on fining people, that will fix it.
  2. Poster


    The latest plan (in the news today) a one off payment of £500 for those that test positive. An encouragement to some to catch it and the tories 'herd immunity' plan about to ramp up.
  3. Wouldn’t mind if we were a shit team, but you know that most of these lads are the best in the premiership.
  4. Couple more points and we are safe
  5. Utd would have had that handball but nobody else
  6. Burnley look more like scoring here
  7. We should try aiming for the areas either side of their keeper
  8. Burnley is the only game I genuinely begrudge going to because I have to pay good money to see their fucking shit show. Expelling them from the league would almost double the entertainment value of the premier league. There’s never been a more convincing argument for a ten team premiership than watching those twats.
  9. Fucking hell div, you have to score them
  10. We’re going to have a party, we’re going to have a party, we’re going to have a party.... When we score a goal
  11. What crazy rule will they create for tonight's game I wonder.
  12. Poster


    15 is the point where the £800 fine comes in to play, there are already new laws on gatherings of people outside of permitted social bubbles. They could have put it better. I'd remove the free NHS treatment for every tosser breaking the laws for 12 months for each offence. They are contributing to the overloading of the NHS by their selfish attitude.
  13. I just voted on what would I sit down right now and watch, basically any of the BTTF films over any of the Carry Ons, which IMO have aged badly.
  14. Every year without fail some kid goes back to school after the summer and has something that’s against school policy. The school send them home. Cue photo of kid with parent and compo face on front page of the echo. Why oh why has my child been sent home. Had a lad years ago in my school that dyed his hair green and was sent home. Of course these where the days when the echo had a lot more text than pictures and would have laughed at such a story. Luckily the comments are where the comedy gold is, for now.