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  1. Walking through the Kop after the game and hearing "we're going to win the league" felt right, it certainly wouldn't have at any point before in this season and I haven't heard it sung at Anfield before then. I've used "if" to qualify almost every single talk of the title so far and until it's mathematically impossible to be caught, I'll continue that. I heard Leicester fans singing it before xmas and thought what the fuck, how's that working out for them? On the way home I stuck Radio Merseyside on and a Liverpool fan was saying that 'when we won it, it would come as an anti climax' because he had resigned himself to winning it a while ago. I do not know what planet that particular fan lives on but no matter what or when we eventually clinch it, it will not be a fucking anti climax, anything but. There will be tears from grown men, most of them will be men that took the last time we won it for granted, I will be one of them. I never thought I'd live to see it, I never in a million years imaged that 'if' we won it we would do it this way. The season so far has been nothing I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. Years ago I used to play championship manager on shift on a 486 laptop, you could in those days reboot if you lost and go again. I did this sometimes to amuse myself and at one point by rebooting a fair bit. I was sitting in roughly the same league position as we are now. Whenever I look at the league table I'm reminded of that and have to pinch myself that we're in this position not because some slacker is rebooting but because we are fucking incredible and that as a Liverpool fan we are being spoilt on a weekly basis. I believe we will win the league, I don't see anything wrong with saying that. We haven't won it yet and as fans we have to continue the support and push the team on because they don't think we've won it yet and rightly so. Luckily we are blessed to have an amazing manager that won't let the players become complacent because that's the moment things go wrong and spiral. Before every game I say to my mate, you know what I'd love us to just have a game today when I can relax and we can wrap it up early and stick some of the kids on for a runabout. It rarely happens even if after the game you can look back and see that for all the worry we were rarely bothered by the opposition. Well maybe once the season is done we can do the same, I hope so.
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    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    Decent sweeper and good up front.
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    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    I don't care what anyone says, we haven't won the league yet! Yes I was pleased to hear "and now you're gonna believe it" at the end because we do believe it, but it's not won yet. 10 wins and it's our and yes I am enjoying every minute of the season, even if there are times when it's a bit stressful. Once it's ours I'll probably cry like a baby, it's been far too long, I can't wait.
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    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    Vangelis wrote the theme to Baywatch?
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    JP Morgan and MUFG have been appointed Everton FC’s financial advisers to arrange roughly £500m ($651m) of financing for the football club’s new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock in Liverpool. One source close to the prospective deal told GlobalCapital “all options are on the table” regarding funding routes. “MUFG and JP Morgan will structure and arrange a financing package in the region of £500m, which will draw upon some combination of senior debt, junior debt, and equity,” said another source close to the situation. Whether the two banks will provide a bridge facility for the stadium is yet to be determined, but MUFG’s debt capital markets and structured finance teams are working with Everton on the prospective financing, while JP Morgan has deployed its public finance desk. “A detailed due diligence package covering key areas such as legal, technical and commercial considerations is being prepared by Everton FC and its advisers so that the funding process can be launched to the market and credit ratings agencies by the time the planning process has been completed,” the second source added. Everton submitted planning proposals for a new stadium on December 23 and expects a determination from local authorities this summer. The plans are set to have a transformational impact on northern Liverpool, where the club is based, with property consultancy firm CBRE stating that the new stadium would deliver a £1bn boost to the local economy and provide as many as 15,000 jobs in the area. The club is going through a period of financial fluidity. It reported a £111.8m loss for the past 13 months at its annual meeting on Tuesday evening. The club put the record loss down to, among other things, the acquisition of a series of expensive players for about £100m in total, failing to make it into European competitions that year and accounting for 13 months (as opposed to 12) in the last financial year. https://www.globalcapital.com/article/b1jwyxhxl2qt1q/everton-hires-jp-morgan-mufg-for-stadium “The set of accounts released today [Tuesday] reflect our ambition and position as a club in the early stages of an investment programme,” said Denise Barrett-Baxendale, chief executive of Everton FC, in a statement. “We have been aware of and planned for the impact the investment would have on our short-term profitability and this is part of a long-term sustainable business plan that demonstrates our commitment to operating in a financially sustainable manner. Looking forward, investment in a world-class new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock offers us all an insight into the future of our club and underlines our ambition to take the club forward.”
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    Other Football - 2019/20

    Stolen from elsewhere
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    The Eighties

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    Deathpool 2020

    Sorry, this isn't the TLW Deathpool 2020, but those celebrities won't wait and stop popping their clogs until one is created.
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    Deathpool 2020

    The actor Derek Fowlds, who has died aged 82, enjoyed long-running stardom on the small screen in popular TV shows ranging from children’s programmes to sitcom and drama. To a generation of young viewers, he was familiar as “Mr Derek” in The Basil Brush Show. For four years (1969-73) he weathered bad jokes and puns from the waistcoat-wearing fox puppet, who usually followed them up with his catchphrase: “Boom! Boom!” During the first day of recording, it occurred to Fowlds: “I’ve had 10 years as a straight actor – what are people going to think?” However, he became a household name, adopting a slightly stern demeanour to keep the furry star in check, in response to constant interruptions, such as Basil rustling a bag of jelly babies and offering him one at a critical moment. Each week, alongside a series of sketches and a musical guest, came “story time”, in which Fowlds would read Basil a tale about one of his fictional ancestors. The wily fox was the creation of Peter Firmin, and was operated and voiced by Ivan Owen in the cultivated style of the caddish comedy actor Terry-Thomas. The Basil Brush Show was rare for a children’s programme in featuring topical political jokes – and politics was at the core of Fowlds’s next TV success. The satirical sitcom Yes Minister (1980-84), written by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, was disarmingly realistic in its depiction of the machinations of government and the power wielded by civil servants. Fowlds played Bernard Woolley, the private secretary struggling to keep the peace between the idealistic but inept new minister of administrative affairs, Jim Hacker (played by Paul Eddington), as he tries to shake up his department, and Sir Humphrey Appleby (Nigel Hawthorne), the permanent under-secretary, speaking in gobbledegook as he attempts to block change. Nervously steering a moderating course in the role – with Bernard’s loyalties split between his political and civil service bosses – Fowlds then appeared with Eddington and Hawthorne in the sequel, Yes, Prime Minister (1986-88), in which Hacker achieves his ultimate political ambition of running the country – and the writers revealed him to be a Tory. Both sitcoms were showered with accolades, including five Bafta awards.
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    The Eighties

    I loved Keren Woodward, even met her at Birmingham New St Station. Spent far too much time here in the 80s, watching video tapes of ..... I thought the graphics on this were brilliant. Killed many a long shift writing programs on one of these, even wrote a flight sim if you can believe that.
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    Other Football - 2019/20

    Wrong thread