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  1. Champions of Europe


  2. Champions of Europe

    Adverts you hate.

    I rarely shop in Tescos but this shit is criminal.
  3. Champions of Europe

    Rafael Benitez.

    Newcastle will begin their search for a new manager after it was announced that Rafa Benitez will leave the club. Benitez will officially leave his role at St. James' Park on Sunday when his contract expires. The 59-year-old has spent just over three years in charge since replacing Steve McClaren in March 2016.
  4. Champions of Europe

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Penalty shoot outs would suddenly become much different.
  5. Champions of Europe

    Charlie Brookers 'Black Mirror' Trilogy

    It seems to be a pattern with this new series that they have some brilliant ideas, they just have some poorly thought out endings. All of the first three I watched have poor endings, sorry correction two have poor endings and the first one just an annoying ending. Is Mr Brooker just a casual observer these days or has he sold out?
  6. I always said I would walk away, then I realised it would just put us on level pegging with the cheats. However, winning the title without financial doping would be worth far far more for me than winning it by cheating. I'd rather the premier league take some steps to stop the financial doping, they would only consider that if we got an owner with unlimited funds. So for that reason, I'm out. Let's take on the cheats and win it cleanly.
  7. Champions of Europe

    Charlie Brookers 'Black Mirror' Trilogy

    Just finished the first episode of the brand new series on netflix, just NO, how the fuck is that the same thing. Just fucking no!
  8. Champions of Europe

    Boris Johnson

    It wouldn't surprise me if this whole Boris argument thing wasn't planned. It shouldn't dominate the papers but it is, we've all had arguments with our partners and it is part of normal life. Without any violence, it's a mundane part of living with someone and usually, they clear the air. Hence planning something that is easily defendable and taking the attention away from the serious matters, which is basically what his bumbling persona is about. There's nothing more predictable than the media though, we aren't so much fed news these days as led through a clearly scripted soap opera of life, the sadness is so many believe it to be real. Do I need to add for the weak minded that I am no fan of Mr Johnson, who in that respect at least has an apt name.
  9. Champions of Europe

    Charities are becoming annoying cunts.

    I’m regretting saying that I could murder a cup of tea earlier. That fish I battered yesterday might cause me problems too.
  10. Champions of Europe

    Charities are becoming annoying cunts.

    Haha, I always thought the 'chuggers' name (charity muggers) was more of a tongue in cheek reference to these collectors than a serious criminal accusation. Maybe if more of them adhered to the definition of 'charity' with the emphasis being on the 'voluntary giving' part then maybe people wouldn't call them that. I'll prefer to call them annoying cunts, which more accurately describes them.
  11. Champions of Europe

    Charities are becoming annoying cunts.

    I remember as a kid standing in Birkenhead on a cold wet Saturday all day collecting for poppy day. A mild shake of the tin and people throwing a few pence in, no forced begging. But we got fuck all for doing it except the knowledge it was for charidee. If there's a job where people have to accost you in the street and use charidee to guilt you into paying them a cut then that isn't a job, nor is that charidee. That's a charity using guilt to force the public to throw cash at it. Some charities do marvellous work, it's a shame that many exist to exist and looking at their head offices, their pay to their top executives it's not hard to see why they need to exist. Helping their cause seems to be a means of getting tax free cash for that pays for that exclusive London address. And yes I've been to such places so they do exist. A friend of mine who gained more medals than Mutley while serving 24 years in the military, got some percentage bonus for each and every time he was posted to a war zone, and he had racked up one hell of a lot of those detachments. Feeling guilty after his most recent one he phoned one of those numbers on the advert for a charity to make a donation. Unfortunately, this seemed to put him on a list, he was bombarded with texts, phone calls and letters. His generous act only seemed to be like blood in the water and his information shared as they all honed in looking for blood. Again, I do give to charity and I do know that a lot of charities do excellent work and do not use questionable tactics to gain donations. Until more is done to stop those that use those tactics then the good charities will suffer.
  12. Champions of Europe

    Report: Reds re-enter Coutinho race

    I remember him being clattered early on by Vardy when we played Leicester, he pretty much went missing for the rest of that game. Yes, he could turn draws into wins unless the opposition knocks him in which case he hides. Another luxury player in a team of hard working players, no thanks. Obviously, if Klopp decides he wants him then fine.
  13. Champions of Europe

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Shot through the heart, and we're to blame. They call us a bad name, bad name. Moshiri's millions is what you sell They promise you heaven, then put you through hell
  14. Champions of Europe

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    They’re having that right now, doesn’t look good for remain again.