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  1. Yep, twatted 4-0 by one of the mid table dross, even with it being a derby it’s a no contest. Easiest three points city will have had for a while. They’re so shite they’ll probably consider losing 2-0 a decent result and at least their fans will be happy.
  2. 1001000

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Yep, fuck them. I expect nothing from any other fans but their support for their own club above anything else. It’s a shame that many cannot even manage that.
  3. 1001000

    Getting Old

    And I’m saying it’s common sense and the basis for a healthy life. All advice worth listening to suggests moderation of what I’d term ‘toxins’ pretty much to avoid overloading your system. A lot lot of the other stuff is fairly accepted as fact although expressed by myself as rough science considering I’m not an expert like you,
  4. 1001000

    Getting Old

    I call common sense.
  5. 1001000

    Getting Old

    If you spell it 'biology'
  6. 1001000

    Getting Old

    I pick up my mobile, take a selfie. Then look at the photo I took, no way do I look like that.
  7. 1001000

    Getting Old

    I saw a comedian talking about this a few weeks ago and I found myself agreeing. Often I'll wake up with an injury I didn't have when I went to sleep. A complete change to when I was younger and waking up having recovered from an injury. Rather than shake it off it then decides to hang around for a while, sometimes months.
  8. 1001000

    Getting Old

    You mean a merkin.
  9. 1001000

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Well I'm totally wrong, I had thought that having played each other three times within a short period, one of those results would be a draw. It's a shame the league game wasn't the middle game, I can't see the mancs beating these.
  10. 1001000

    Getting Old

    I recently read a headline "Nature wants 5 of your 7 children dead. It wants you dead by 50. Everything better than that is brought to you by science & technology" I should have died as a child from a tooth abscess. It was close to blocking my airway and my dentist had to remove it as a matter of urgency. I am sure quite a few of us have had what at the time seemed routine illnesses etc that untreated would have resulted in a far different future, or lack of without science and technology. As a child we're brimming with stem cells, those little builders take what we eat and grow us into adults that nature wants to then go on and produce more humans. And the cycle repeats, it's pretty much the story of most creatures on the planet. Of course resources are something that nature appears to know something about, some creatures will stop breeding if there's not enough food, some (like mice) will go breeding crazy if provided enough food. We as civilised humans have evolved past this and control our own nature now, well most of it. We haven't mastered growing old and dying. After 45 your brain deteriorates, do as many sudoku puzzles as you like it won't help. Perception of speed, reaction times and memory along with a host of other processes start to become impaired and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. This is the number one issue that faces those that strive to increase our lifespan. As we age, those stem cells are considerably impaired (or reduced) our body absorbs less nutrients and our immune system weakens. Just maintaining our body becomes a considerable task. Once you add in toxins (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs whether illegal or prescription, and foods that contain toxins) then the task becomes massive. Have you ever wondered why people that have addictions to drugs or alcohol (basically toxins) start to age really early. Well if you're working your body's filters 24/7 it doesn't get much chance to do the daily chores properly as our body is designed to fix things for the now and hope that the future gets better. Plus with that reduction in nutrient absorption the body has to steal from other parts of itself. You don't get enough calcium for instance then the body simply steals it from your bones, you'll fix it later right? So what am I saying, don't enjoy life and live longer. Well that appears to be the solution. If we eat well, reduce the times we load ourselves with toxins and move a little then maybe we can give our body the chance to do the routine chores. How you live your life seems to be a good marker for how you age, (depending on your genes of course) and those that have done things that have worked their body when younger usually suffer first as they age. The problem is that the young rarely if ever consider growing old and live for the now. And as we only get one life, it's far better to have enjoyed it than to be miserable and then end up in a nursing home. Happy Easter.
  11. 1001000

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Just bought my grandson a trike, it's blue. Nobody in the family (they're all Liverpool fans) bats an eyelid. nobody cares, there's no fume. It's not even a thing. We are really strange.
  12. 1001000

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I've convinced myself that when the top teams face each other a few times in such short notice like this that one of those games is usually a draw. Spurs won their first leg, city won last night (despite an argument over technicalities with someone who said city lost) so therefore I'm hoping at the weekend it's a draw.
  13. 1001000

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    The prick co commentating with uncle Clive is absolutely gutted