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  1. φαίνω

    Thomas Cook on the verge of collapse

    We're off to sunny old USA next year and I'd already decided to swerve them before this because of some reports they were in trouble last year. I can see the need for currency exchanges but all those shops much be draining them as surely most people book online now.
  2. φαίνω

    Area 51

    Trying to storm a military zone with no notice is a bad idea, giving the military months to prepare and it's a disaster. The reason they had, MOD Police, Civvy Police, Military Police and thousands of soldiers at Greenham Common wasn't to protect the cruise missiles. It was purely to stop the Americans protecting the cruise missiles from shooting the protestors if they stormed the nuke site. I'd imagine the military have the situation in hand, and are welcoming the chance to test their crowd control gadgets on willing volunteers.
  3. φαίνω

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    I'm not actually suggesting they are ostracised I'm drawing a comparison between ages ago and today. I'm not calling for a return to that, but likewise the situation today is not really great is it. Both extremes have no place in my opinion. Will it change, nope it will probably get even worse. Hundreds if not thousands of issues need attention and nobody wants to take it on. In fact I doubt anyone now could. Just to clarify, I am stating what it used to be like in many aspects of society years ago. I am not suggesting they were some utopia we should be looking to return to. A sort of we've gone from this to this, and the solution rests elsewhere and the causes are many just not one thing. Daily Mirror readers want a return to the old ways, which I do not agree with at all.
  4. φαίνω

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    I can't pretend to know the answers or all of the reasons. But I'll have a damned good go. Shame, yep there's no shame. This along with the breakdown of community has enabled people to get away with what they want with little or no consequence. As a kid on an estate everyone around us knew me, if I was doing anything wrong I'd hear "I'll tell your mother" and if they did I'd get a hiding. These days the person knocking on the parents door have more of a chance of getting the hiding. Young girl gets pregnant years ago, then she's whipped off to some relative god knows where to save the family shame. Not feet up and as much catalogue gear and sky tv as they can handle for 18 years. Getting a job was a proud moment for a young person back then, I remember handing over my first pay packet as a kid. I was 14 and packing shelves at the co-op, they gave me cash in a wage packet. It felt good, most kids back then had little jobs on the milk or delivering papers. It's not all the fault of people, companies want to make more each year and consider it a loss if they do not. Automation has robbed us of jobs, factories shut down and moved to China. Today's factories are call centres and the like on minimum wage. Somewhere it all went wrong with house prices and rent. I can't remember what twats scrapped the fair rents but I'd wager it involved landlord politicians wanting more cash. My kids all work and yet they struggle to get by. My eldest married with two kids and bringing in two wages that are considerably higher than the minimum wage. Yet they are crippled by nursery fees and after school fees. My youngest daughter desperately wants to move out and get a place of her own, she can't afford it. She looks at many of her old friends that are single with many kids to different fathers who live in big houses and have all the latest stuff. There's little incentive for some to work, can you change that mindset overnight? I doubt it. There's an entitlement to free cash now, years ago there certainly was not. There's no respect for the police. Used by governments as a private political force and used to milk motorists over the years people mainly despise the police. They are too busy these days visiting the public for wrong think to visit scenes of crimes or try to do a bit of what we used to think of as police work. Working people until they die is something out of George Orwell's Animal Farm. When I started work people that retired usually died within a few years. That lump of cash taken from my wages (I was told) was for my retirement or if I was off sick or lost my job to tide me over. Somewhere along the line (correct me if I got this wrong) someone spent the pension fund on shit. Successive governments spent time lining their own pockets instead of planning for that boomer generation to retire. Trying desperately to ensure votes instead of dealing with running the country and making sufficient plans. Whatever your views on global warming, climate change or whatever the fuck they are calling it now, the boomer generation getting old was something they have known about for decades and yet nobody did a thing. Instead they shove up the retirements age so that if the tories and that twat Smith gets his way will mean we work until at least 70. No matter which side of the fence you sit on Brexit, you are probably not a racist or a bigot. You are just someone with a different viewpoint. If anything good has come of the shambles it's that we now can see quite clearly that our government and all of those politicians are not fit for purpose. If your side wins then be assured that at some point in the future your side won't and there will be nothing you can do about it then. I doubt anything will be done to change society, who would trust the tories to do that. They only pick on the weak and defenceless because they won't riot. There are tough decisions to make, nobody will make them because they do not want to lose votes. One day it will all come crumbling down, wether by society collapsing by natural causes or economical. I do know that if there's a shit hit the fan event 99% of the population couldn't exist, not being able to charge their phones or tell the twitter how they feel would be the end of them. We have become weak, selfish and self centred.
  5. He's running his mouth off to the press now. He was fucking gash, thank fuck he isn't the option in goal with Allison being injured. He must be fucking gutted he was pushed out of the door now. Mignolet has previously remained silent on his exit but has now admitted he was far from happy as his time with the Reds came to an end. 'After pre-season, I returned with the idea: now I am going to give everything here and I get nothing in return,' he explained to Het Nieuwsblad. 'However, that was the easy option: seeing out the remaining two years at Liverpool, making good money at a top European club and being a free agent the age of 33. 'But another two years on the bench, that wasn't in me. I had been at the end of my patience for the past six or seven months.' Prior to signing of Alisson from Roma last summer, Mignolet had failed to usurp Karius as first choice despite a series of high-profile mistakes. The German's infamous gaffes in the Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid in 2018 signalled the end of his time at the club but Mignolet remained on the sidelines. Mignolet eventually reached the end of his tether and moved on to Brugge, who he says beat Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Porto and Benfica to his signature. However, when asked if Liverpool ensured a smooth exit, he hinted that it had been anything but: 'Not difficult? I don’t dare say that,' he said. The Belgian has since made nine appearances for Brugge and kept six clean sheets, including a 0-0 draw with Galatasaray on Wednesday night.
  6. φαίνω

    The Showdown: Who should fuck off the forum?

    The sooner Dave prorogues this forum the better.
  7. φαίνω

    Scottish Independence, yay or nay?

    Nope she is entitled to a private opinion like everyone else, that pig fucker shouldn't have made it public is all.
  8. φαίνω

    The Showdown: Who should fuck off the forum?

    I get mine sent to Sainsbury's pharmacy.
  9. φαίνω

    The Showdown: Who should fuck off the forum?

    I didn't know what I was voting for.