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  1. I can't comment on whether the club are helping the fella out or not with his medical bills, I genuinely don't know. They should be in my humble opinion. All I think is, in my youth, he was a massively important player in our march to the pinnacle we are at. For what it's worth, probably one of the most outstanding players in our history. 

  2. Only just seen this thread so here goes. Lads, don't be shy or afraid to get down the Drs and slap them on the table.(Not like Everton with money in the FF)I speak from experience like others on here. 

    Get it sorted if in doubt. Uncomfortable with it? Tough Shit. Also blood in ya urine? Not nice to have 3 foot of finest Chinese stainless steel inserted down ya Japs eye but get it done if needs must. Horrible but hey ho. Stay safe.

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  3. If they are really serious about taking the moral high ground and wanting the season voided, where's the petition asking their club to withdraw from the rest of the season? 

    If I remember rightly,and please correct me if I am wrong, didn't LFC ask and consult with the Hillsborough family's about continuing in that years FA cup, promising to abide by their decision?

    Im just not seeing any action on their behalf apart from the usual "let's kick the redshite " in the hope of response that will fit their agenda.

    Ps.. Cunts to a man. Still.