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  1. Why are people even surprised by this shit? He should have followed the King's example during WW2 when Royalty and The Establishment strictly stuck to rationing guidelines like everyone else!!!! That's why this Great Britain of ours is a laughing stock now!!!!




    Brigadier H. Henley -Smythe  OBE, VC, KBE, MBE, BBC...(Ret'd).

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  2. Just now, dockers_strike said:

    Bill wouldnt have been happy paying 40 odd million quid for a player never mind nearly 70m for a keeper, 75m for a centre half and paying players 200 grand a week. But loads are complaining we arent giving a current player 200 grand a week to sign a new contract and want the club to sign more 50m+ players.

    Couldn't agree more. I've been sick of it for ages mate. Just had enough now. End of an era for me . 

  3. 7 minutes ago, Anubis said:

    You’re a bit intense, aren’t you.

    You wander into the thread, accuse everyone of being obsessed with Everton, suggest it’s like GOT (which is full of conspiracy theories about us, shouts of murderers and wall pushers and is walll-to-wall hatred), accuse someone of hatred towards fellow Liverpool fans after some light ribbing, accuse the same person of reading The Sun after an obvious Rhyl joke, and you wonder why you’re getting short shrift. 

    I think you need to find a way to unwind and relax a little.

    I think you are supporting the wrong team. Twisted cunts live over the other side of Stanley park. You are everything that is wrong with my club. 

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  4. 9 minutes ago, VERBAL DIARRHEA said:

    Try the Sun Centre.

    And this sums it up. Refering to the leisure centre or the Rag you read secretly? Liverpool Supporters turn on Liverpool Supporter for not joining in hate game. Nice action lads. I'm out. For your information,not that you give a shit, probably like a few on here, I am a lifelong Liverpool Supporter. Born in Anfield 1968 and watched our team conquer all. From the lows of Heysel and Hillsborough to the peak of this season. Lost friends at Hillsborough. Nearly lost everything afterwards. Thought this site was ok to begin with. Good threads, jokes, even some stuff on the General forum. Unfortunately my club like a lot of others in the media age has attracted Biff's of all sorts who can never ever experience the camaraderie of the old Kop and community spirit. Good luck and up the Red Men. Peace Out!

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  5. 20 minutes ago, Anubis said:

    Ben wasn’t just his dog, he was clearly an Everton supporter as well. 

    RIP, Ben. But we’re still going to take the piss out of your club.

    Yep, ok mate. Looking a bit like GOT on here if you dare to buck the established resident posters. Can't stand Everton either but obviously gotta prove I hate them more than you eh? Fucking quims.

  6. 9 minutes ago, VERBAL DIARRHEA said:

    Never been to Rhyl, never stomped the beach at Towyn?  Are you a bigger supporter? search me. You get a good view from the Sky Tower you know.

    Not getting into it with you. Wouldn't dare fuck with a Liverpool Way Guru and bona fide internet champion. Funny how a Liverpool Supporter can turn his hatred on a fellow Liverpool Supporter over a do nothing,no bit fucking shit club, that haven't been a threat since 86. You crack on. Super Scouser. 

  7. 13 hours ago, VERBAL DIARRHEA said:

    Fuck off back to Rhyl.

    Never been there. Get me a fridge magnet.. Couldn't give a fuck about them. Twisted fucking cunts best left to their own devices. Too much attention and effort wasted on them here. Some fucking bellends on here ARE obsessed with them. Is this a I'm a bigger supporter of Liverpool than you are moment? Don't even know ya . But ok, I will fuck off back to Rhyl. Sad cunt. 

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  8. I've genuinely tried to get my head around this stuff. Genuinely. I can't. Too much . Perhaps I'm not too cool for school. Or something. Hopefully whoever wants to be treated equally whilst pointing out all the time that they are different gets to be wherever they think they ought to be by people who can't differentiate between something or other. I think. Failing that, say no to the draft. I think. Vegans rule. Etc.