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    Unfortunately most of the general population just believe everything they are told or read in The S*n, or told on the TV. Unfortunately for me I happen to now live in Experimental Lab Rat No1, ie, The Isle of Wight. Apparently, downloading an app on your phone gives you some sort of shield. The Tards down here are taking absolutely no notice of the refrigerated containers being shipped in and stored next to the Crematorium,or the extra Bizzies and Troops quietly being bussed over. Fucking Grim.....
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    This VE Day thing.

    Brittania Rules The Graves, etc ,etc.....
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    In the bin with them. Cunts.
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    Molby or Alonso?

    Molby for me. Anyone who can neck about 5 bottles of Champagne in The Coconut Grove on a Friday night, shag a couple of mingers and turn out Saturday and get a result is pretty much the Professional. . ..... Albeit he pretty much stayed in the centre circle the whole game, he still played a mean 40 yarder or 2.
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    Johnny Depp

    She's just a lightweight Thatcher.
  6. George Michael just for the irony if he wasn't already toast. Other than that, Greta the Chuckie Doll tree Spooner.
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    Boris Johnson

    He will just go full John Terry when the all clear is sounded, and emerge triumphant in all his Savile Row splendour to the chimes of Big Ben and strains of Jerusalem. And yea, the multitudes will weep with joy as he is risen triumphant.....
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    I'm no expert on this or any other subject, but the way that I read this whole situation is go home quietly, be sick, don't bother anyone, keep a stiff upper lip, and then die quietly. Probably wrong, but wouldn't be surprised if it's the case. On an aside, why can't the NHS front line workers be issued with the standard Military issue General Service Respirators? Like I said, no expert but those things are full NBCD proof. Just my penny's worth.
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I've never ever liked or listened to any of them anyway. Ever. They don't matter to me. I'm 52 years old and if they were a film character they would be the inadequate older brother from the Godfather movies. Think his name was Fredo? Useless, backward and bitter and a grass. They were vile twats in the 70's and 80's and I have never ever associated with them. That's hard to do do being born and raised in Tuebrook but I was practising social distancing with them from day 1.
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    Favourite national radio DJ past and present

    Allan Beswick. Fat Manc Cunt, easy to reach Nuclear Boiling Point when talking to Scousers back in The Day...
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