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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    State of all those plastic flags a Goodison you can tell they are playing Chelsea. Hope them flags are not manufactured
  2. He had enough time to pick catch it on 2nd attempt. Not a fan of keeper punching ball. Best keepers nearly always catch the ball.
  3. Watching again on MOTD. 1st Pen was off side even with Lovren touching ball and resetting play a offside decision should have been made before the touch so so ball wouldn't have been in play and so the offside decision was right. Spurs 1st goal . Brilliant goal great finish. Only argument why did Karius punch the ball out? If he had caught the ball on 1st cross it would have stopped play so no shot and no goal. Spurs 2nd penalty. After a couple of viewings there was contact so some would say a penalty (if it took everyone 2 or 3 views how could the ref and linesman be 100%on 1 view). Not all contact means a penalty or a foul. If we give fouls just because contact is made we might as well make football a no contact game and I will start watching Chess as thats how football is going. As far as im concerned going to ground for a foul should only happen if you are touched hard enough to be knocked over not just a slight touch. I'm not advocating Tommy Smith type tackles be brought back but allow tackles.with some contact instead of everything going to the forward player. Also according to MOTD the ref consulted 4th official who had tv coverage to view incident. This is not allowed under current rules so ref should be banned as he has broke rules. Maybe VAR isn't so bad. By the way a draw was probably the correct result.