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  1. I'd pay a fiver to have a Longstaff
  2. He's a total helmet, Ole that is, not wan bissaka. He's a quality player but going there right now seems such a strange career move, they're shite and in total disarray and long may it continue. I can't see him making that much of a difference
  3. Jim Lahey


    Call me a kiddie fiddler, but I don't mind oreos either. They got me through many afternoons working for RSA in the sandcastle. The only and therefore best biscuit option from the snack machine. 50p for a packet and a shite but free cup of tea from the machine to dunk them in. Perhaps filthy but better than nothing.
  4. Jim Lahey


    Murphy is doing my head in. He's such a massive tool and needs binning. Shearer at half time is fucking shite as well, he's got absolutely nothing worthwhile to say
  5. Jim Lahey

    Russia World Cup 18

    Liverpool would fucking destroy both of these
  6. Jim Lahey

    Russia World Cup 18

    I've really lost my patience with Danny Murphy, he's such a massive weapon that he's spoiling my enjoyment of the game. I would genuinely much rather listen to Lawrenson
  7. Jim Lahey

    Dejan Lovren

    Lovren's been mostly excellent since his spurs nightmare. I can't help but like the guy as well. I think he's boss, miles better than Maguire as well. If we could get another centre back of his standard for decent money and fuck off Matip, I'd be happy.
  8. Jim Lahey

    Road to the champions league final

    The road to nowhere. Still, this was fucking boss and felt like a turning point at the time.
  9. Jim Lahey

    Road to the champions league final

    Yeah, that's what makes one of my favourite Suarez goals. Loads of his goals were both brilliant and hilarious, the dive in front of Moyes at the pit for example
  10. Jim Lahey

    Russia World Cup 18

    7 Ozils and a Bobby
  11. Jim Lahey

    Russia World Cup 18

    At least the consolation Brazilian wurst is the most aesthetically pleasing, look at the bend on it! Beautiful, not like the boring functional Bratwursts.
  12. Jim Lahey

    Russia World Cup 18

    Can't stand that french lad on the panel, he's an absolute cunt