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  1. We’re missing a proper number 9. We had one in Origi who managed to win us a couple of points in the last couple of season in tight games like tonight. We didnt trouble the goalkeeper enough... Coutinho was too far away from goal. It was one of the worst games I’ve seen from Mane. Firmino and Salah were decent but they weren’t enough.


    You have not seen Origis miss in his last game?

  2. Someone knocked the nail on the head, the world and his wife in the game said Mignolet should have been sent off at Stoke and the ball was out of play before Gomez crossed for the opener also at Stoke. Since then we have had two pens for nothing against us and Doms goal chalked off. Absolutely no discussion amongst referees about putting right wrong decisions of one of their own.

  3. Do I raise my eyebrows at some of Jurgens decisions, sure but I back him 100% because he is not only building something here he is also battling to change mindsets some which are so entrenched I do not think he will manage to change. When you read some people saying back in the 80s players played 70 games a season so why are they tired now you just have to shake your head. Why arent the players of Chelsea Man City etc in fact any PL club playing 70 games a season. Because it is not possible to do it today when teams like Southampton Stoke or Bournemouth can quite possibly beat you if they have had a week between game while you have played midweek.

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  4. It's wrong, but clearly there's different rules applied at set-pieces and also for similar incidents outside the box.


    I voted yes. If it had been the other way round I wouldn't have been screaming for it for us cos it was soft, but I'd have been pissed off if it wasn't given because you know you'll see one next weekend that is given, and probably for one of our rivals.

    I think "these days" that's given as a penalty 7/10 times.


    I do not think it does in fact I would say you will be lucky to see that given as a pen 2 times out of 10.

  5. Pundits are entertainers (a branch of the clown family) not journalists.  Who's interested in that BS?


    Johnathon Wilson wrote a great rant a couple of years ago about how football journalism was being sacrificed for web hits, viewing figures and shock value.  These idiots manufacture non-existent stories and conflict out of thin air.


    What a waste of fresh air...


    Obviously why Dom King gave Rooney an 8 yesterday and Fat Sam a 7.5.

  6. We didn't have a single player who played more than 40 games last season...


    Tiredness my arse


    How come back in 1984 players could play 70 games a season and actually you know win things...playing on slag heap pitches, with nowhere near the training, diet and sports science help the players have now..


    Coutinho for example has appeared in 14 games for us this season across all comps and a mere 8 in the league.


    14 games in nearly 4 months...he should be as fresh as they come and arguably just shaking off the rust from playing so little over last few months...ok he had a knock it seems yesterday but the overall point still stands for me...this rotation and tiredness shite belongs in the shitness of modern football.


    The game was slower back then and the handful of players who did play 70 games were fucked. Ask Usain Bolt to run himself to exhaustion every 3 days and see how quickly his times would fall off.


    Jose Mourinho was involved in a furious dressing-room bust-up with Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson as tempers flared after Sunday’s derby.


    Sources claimed the Manchester United manager had milk and water thrown at him after the spat with Ederson.


    Mourinho was thought to have gone to the door of City’s dressing room to ask their players to show more respect as music blared and the Premier League leaders celebrated jubilantly.


    But a war of words broke out and Ederson and Mourinho are believed to have been shouting at each other in Portuguese before the United manager eventually walked away.





    Milk and water? Dont these dolts know it is flour and water or milk and eggs?

  8. From the refs view lovless pushed him in the back, it was soft but why the unloved one raised his hand into the attackers back only he knows, the penalty was both soft and stupid.


    Seriously, what motions and where are your arms and hands when running? This idea that Lovren should have his arms and hands behind him and therefore would not have raised arms or hands is plain daft.

  9. Tweet from Carra nailing it.



    Not a good day for Klopp with his team, penalty opinion & interview! Don’t take a chance in the Derby with your team, no doubt EFC were lucky as they never had a chance of note but at 1-0 there’s always a chance an LFC defender will do something stupid!! #LIVEVE


    Strange he did not say a word about Mane.

  10. I keep seeing people say Mane is world class. I do not think he is there yet. If he kept his concentration all game and didnt do careless things like the handball at Sunderland last year on that free kick todays not playing one in for the team he would be on his way to being it. A great player knows when to pass and when to run and strike at goal.

  11. We would be fucking raging if we weren't given a penalty in the same situation, I admire Loveren for what he has come through to get where he is in life, but for Fuck sake Jurgen you must've been wearing your reading glasses today. Loveren hasn't been fuckin concentrating and he's Fucked


    it up again against a kid who owned him, January fucking sale that was the last chance he should get.


    I would be embarassed shouting pen for that so no I do not think many would be raging.

  12. Seen some suggestions Lovren should have been running like a hostage or something with his hands tied behind his back. The simple fact is Calvert Lewin knew he was going to run across and into Lovren then chuck himself to the ground. Look at the replay, he is already looking for the ref before he has hit the deck. As for the suggestion 'if Lovren does not make the ref ask the question there is no penalty' what are yous, wannabe tv pundits or what.

  13. The title is not happening so rotating to get top 3 whilst having a proper go at the cl is the priority. I am not convinced he will take the fa cup seriously as the domestic cups killed him last year.


    If he buys a spine we're laughing


    However , not sure need to rotate that much when it's West Brom next. Kill the game early and then make subs.n


    And when Jurgen does that people complain he takes the wrong players off and that does not take into account subbing an injured player. What if he had not subbed Salah and Salah pulled a muscle later in the game people would say why did he not sub him earlier. Personally I think some people are being overcritical.