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  1. He would have scored had he not mistimed his jump, mistiming jumps is a bit of a running theme with him isn't it.


    Aye. Virgil missed a few as well but hey that is what can happen to a centre back. No one saying he is perfect but I think we over analyse certain players more than others.

  2. Is that a separate issue or is that the one that’s being reported about?


    Anyone on here going to Rome? Be fucking careful, cunt fans.


    The club said there were unfounded rumours of a Liverpool fan being stabbed and that no one has. There has been a serious assault where allegedly a fan was hit with a hammer. It is damn strange one or two papers are reporting these incidents as if they were caused by Liverpool fans to stir up shit from the manc trolls in the comments section. And that is before you read their myopic reports of the team buses arriving.


    I went to Rome in 84. Personally I would not go there again given the agro we got from the Roma fans and riot police. People going next week deffo need to take care stick together and do not get separated from other Liverpool fans. Be very very careful out there as you say.

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  3. I think it is fair to say Barcelona played billy big bollocks and thought they just had to stroll around for 90 minutes. I do not think we will go there with that attitude. But as rightly pointed out Roma now have an outside chance where they previous had no chance at 5-0. The Stoke game is a massive decision for Klopp now if not before tonight. Does he rest tired players or run the risk of them running out os team in Rome. Damned if he does and damned if he does not.

  4. Hendo does not give the ball away anywhere near as much as oone or two other players I could mention do. Oh but he is always passing it back. Nope no more than any other player and he was keeping possession which is what a lot of people were screaming the team should have been doing in the last 15 minutes.

  5. Well anyone unhappy at 5-2 is a right miserably sod as far as I am concerned. Would have taken 2-0 at half time although I had us down to win 3-1 on the night. For the first 20- 25 minutes Roma looked the better team and we looked to struggle a little. But once the first went in Roma fell away just like City as we upped our game. Some glaring misses by Mane immediately before though made me think tonight might not be our night. It was great to see Mo and Bobby get couple each and Mane eventually found the net. But once again, pissing about with a throw in not far from our own box caused us problems. And I do not think van Dijk covered himself in glory tonight. The last 20 minutes he looked off the pace but to be fair most of the team tired again as a long hard season catches up with them. Shame about Chamberlain sounds like he has done his cruciate ligaments but fingers crossed it is not. At 5-0 we probably could have said we were in the final. At 5-2 they have a chance but I think we will score there. Hopefully van Dijk does not piss about in the first couple of minutes asking for a foul he is not going to get. Lovren will get panned for that header but otherwise I thought he had a good game. It is bloody annoying we are getting solid penno shouts turned down yet refs are giving iffy ones against us. Could Milner really have got his arm out of the way of that driven shot from that range.

  6. Ings always has been and always will be shite, he’s not good enough even as a sub for us. If we got anything over £10m for him I’d sell him, id rather keep Origi as a backup if he would be happy with that. Both aren’t good enough to start here, failing that Solanke will be Firminos backup, he just needs a goal to get it out of the way and get that monkey off his back.


    Bit like Ings needing the monkey off his back then. Which he has done. Oh and Jurgen loves Ings like he does Henderson.

  7. The level of incompetence and or corruption among these twats is unreal...


    Just read this - staggering.


    "Referee Stuart Atwell did not see the incident so the matter was referred to the FA’s disciplinary panel.


    The panel is made up of former referees, who are not allowed to confer with each other about the incident.


    A unanimous verdict was not reached as at least one of the members of the panel did not find the Baggies player guilty of violent conduct."


    I am gobsmacked. One of them did not find that violent conduct. No wonder none of them are going to the world cup.

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  8. Bit odd considering how stacked City are i reckon.

    Silva, Silva, De Bruyne, Fernandinho, Gundogan, Delph. And isnt that Foden supposed to be a CM?

    I guess Toure is gone. But i would have imagined them being after a CB or two and a forward. Guess signing Jorginho wouldnt stop that though. Someone is going to be unhappy with game time.


    Gaurdiolas policy is going to be like Abramovic during Mourinhos first spell at Chelsea. Buy every quality player they can for your squad and it stops your domestic competitors dead and your European competitors to a slightly lesser degree. It is down to whether the player wants a shitload of money playing a bit part role with long spells on the bench but picking up medals. I guess many players nowadays do not have a problem with this.

  9. I was disappointed with Jurgens comments after the game. I think on reflection a day or so later he will be too. He is normally a lot more classy than that and some of the stuff he came out with.


    I can well understand him being pissed off at the pitch the shite reffing decisions the shite defending of Gomez late on plus a couple of others who some people have raved over and the result.


    But whatever our players should be able to judge the weight of a pass on a dry or wet pitch and far too many were wayward. West Brom eventually went for shit or bust and it very nearly paid off for them. After their equaliser I only thought the next goal was coming to them not us and if there had been another 10 minutes to play well the result does not bear thinking about.


    After all the great performances recently this was a big disappointment although I can understand the players having an eye on Roma first leg as loads of fans and local media have had them on the final never mind the semi. I do not generally agree with the idea our squad quality drops off alarmingly outside the first eleven as some say. If it was not for the semi andplayers playing a conservative game we would have won that with the same team on another day. With the exception of City I think the quality of Spurs Chelsea and Uniteds squads outside their first eleven are no stronger.

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