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  1. 1 hour ago, Harry's Lad said:

    I read something the other week on one of the news websites, possibly Sky, about using the tide as a means of generating electricity. 


    This fella reckoned the French have been using it to a certain degree for decades and it would cost less than half the cost of nuclear plants.


    Add in the fact that nuclear plants have a lifespan of about 50 - 60 years and tidal power plants twice that and without any nuclear waste, I wondered how seriously this has been considered here, especially seeing that we are an island nation surrounded by the sea.


    Solar power depends on sunshine, wind power needs wind and neither are always available, but as long as there's a moon there'll always be a tide and tides are very predictable. 


    I would have thought it made sense but what do I know.

    What do our resident experts think?


    Yeah they're called tidal barrages. I think a number were proposed in the UK but they are massive projects and you need to build in locks to allow ship entry and access to ports. To be honest, Im not convince by the guy's claim such a project to build 5 or 6 of these things would cost half the price a nuclear plant?


    I read somewhere these barrages also slow the Earth's rotation by a tiny fraction because the transfer of energy doesnt come for free.

  2. I guess this is one downside of fan ownership.


    The fans vote for the president who promises the 'good times' by spending more money than the last guy or, at least more wisely.


    But that just drove them to all intents and purposes into bankruptcy.


    But the fans still want the club to compete with Real who are in a similar position but propped up by the Spanish Government and buy the best players.


    Then they have to go on a fire sale selling future income to try and shore up the financial position. It's utter madness.

  3. 3 minutes ago, an tha said:

    Getting back on the horse and putting the miles in regularly will inevitably build your aerobic base back up and as that happens you'll start to get quicker.


    You are heading in right direction. Just be careful not to do too much too soon - build up slowly but surely and make sure you factor in good recovery and if you can cross train.

    Yeah good advice. Since lockdown Id been using a bike turbo trainer but it got boring staring at the garage door for upwards of 60 minutes on the bike. I mixed this with usually three 2.5km runs.


    Ive recently been stepping up the running as the better weather has turned up mixed in with the odd 18 mile bike ride. I also do a 10 minute weight session with two 10kg small bar weights every morning to try and tighten my gut! Think Ive got arthritis in one elbow though as I get an occasional ache!

  4. Fuck me! Just done my first 9k since god knows when. 71m 10s. Depressing in one way as I used to do 10k in nearly 10 minutes less! Good in one way though because without trawling back through my timekeeping book, I think it's the first time Ive run that distance in 3+ years.

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  5. Got another duck nesting in our garden again. I dont know if she's the same one, they all look similar to me, but, it's the 4th time a duck has laid her eggs in the approximately 16" square plastic planter hidden behind some grow bags the old girl wont let me throw away!


    We have to watch for the chicks running round the garden trying to get out with the duck, then, nip out and open the side gate as a way out. Then we 'escort' them out the cul de sac and across the road for them to get in the nearest pond.


    Poor buggers dont seem to last long as the gulls or heron pick them off.

  6. 20 minutes ago, Alan Sex said:

    Sounds like you’ve maybe ordered yourself disco fit. 

    Skin tight baby. 

    The XL 'stadium' yellow fits fine. But yeah, Im not sure what this season's home stadium in XXL will be like for supposedly the same measurement, pit to pit.

  7. Just ordered the new home 'stadium' short sleeve shirt from our friends in the East. Seems like the sizes have changed? I ordered the yellow in XL to fit my chest size according to their chart of 56 - 58cms.


    In the new home, this seems to be an XXL! I'll see what the fit is like in a couple of weeks!

  8. Ive seen articles about Kirkland's struggles. They've been hard reads at times. This is in part, why I have no beef with Karius. The pressure on keepers to not make mistakes is enormous and except for a worldie strike, some people will say 'should have saved that!'


    Making gaffes like Bessant, Kirkland, Karius have in front of 30,000 to 60,000 fans must be a hammer blow to your confidence.

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Rico1304 said:

    Fuck me - I know you worked on them because YOU TOLD ME!   Let me spell it out for you; 


    a) You claim to be knowledgable because you had senior roles (as a contractor) in the energy industry. I have no reason not to believe you


    b) if you did have senior roles (as a contractor) in the industry, bought new cars every year for you and sometimes the wife, had a civil service pension pot sitting for over 20 years, have financial advisor all the evidence points to you being well off.  

    c) That makes the ‘salt of the earth man of the people’ act tedious.  

    Good grief, I have to point out your glaring inaccuracies rico but we can put that down to a glaring lack of knowledge about the contractor industry.


    What's it like being an outright liar rico because all I said in a car buying thread was I had bought new cars not I bought one every year. My bought new in 2002, sold in 2014 car did 217,000 miles until I sold it and guess what, bought a new car!


    Your faux indignation and from a 50 year old who brags about 'sipping champagne in business class on an A380,' now that's a tedious man of the people act.


    Go on, try for your 5th hard on today. You know you want to!

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