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  1. 7 minutes ago, SasaS said:

    It looks like Ukraine is at the moment in desperate need of some real victories, not propaganda victories.


    Russians don't seem to have any problems launching missiles at them at will from as far as the Caspian Sea. If UKR can now hit other ships or the ports in Crimea or the bridge or seriously disrupt the flow of artillery ammunition to the south, yes. Otherwise, it seems a bit pointless.

    I dont think we should underestimate the worth of 'propoganda' victories. It's also a real victory taking out one of the aggressor's major control assets.


    As regards saying the sinking is a bit pointless, I think any battlefield commander or admiral would say the sinking wasnt pointless. You'd also need to ask if it was pointless, what was the thing doing there making itself a virtual sitting duck target in the first place?


    It effectively means naval support for any land bridge objective Russia had to severe Ukraine's access to ports and the Black Sea is, severely disrupted and may make that objective now unachievable.


    Any intended amphibious landing is now a much harder task without a ship that's capable of providing a substantial shore bombardment and support.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Harry Squatter said:

    Indeed. Should be looking for at least £60m for a new deal.  The amount of times we are on TV worldwide ensures maximum exposure. We will probably get around £180m from the PL TV deal again, gate receipts will be around £90m and the CL money will be around £100m if we get to the final. 


    Will probably get a few more sponsors off the back of this season and will see the benefit of the Nike deal. 


    Wonder if we'll ever get a naming rights deal for the Main Stand?.

    Yeah the naming rights seems to have quietly been sidelined. I read they get a huge wedge from the corporate sponsorship plus, companies are probably weary of meeting the £20m deal for naming rights knowing it would hardly get mentioned against the Anfield name generally?

  3. 4 minutes ago, SasaS said:

    And the impact of the sinking of Moskva on the actual war on the ground is...?

    It was allegedly, long range missile launch platform, command and control for flight, potential shore bombardment and support for any amphibious landings and blockade of South West Ukraine.


    However, Im not party to the Kremlin's plans so only they could tell you and even then, probably wouldnt. It's also a propaganda victory for one side and a loss of a capital ship for another.



  4. 10 minutes ago, Numero Veinticinco said:

    It'll be interesting to see what we do in the summer, I think we might well have our eyes on Bellingham. It'll also be interesting to see what we do with Salah, Mane, and/or Bobby. I wouldn't be surprised if we got rid of one or two of them and went for somebody new, like Nkunku or somebody. It might just make sense to those with a more long term vision. 

    If reports are to be believed, we're supposedly looking to open contract talks with Sadio and looking to sign this Gavi 'wonder kid' from Barcelona.


    Must admit, I was coming round to thinking the club may cash in on Sadio if Mo signs his bumper contract, maybe Bobby too?

  5. Allegedly one of the first pictures of the damaged Russian cruiser Moscow, listing to port. She clearly didnt sink in choppy seas while under tow as the Russians claimed at least when this picture was taken.


    She appears holed at the waterline allowing ingress of water and at this point, the crew having abandoned ship or worse.


    Screenshot from 2022-04-18 12:44:51.png


    As Ive said before, when a ship gets holed, it's a perilous position to be in. Providing water tight compartments are not compromised and there is power to pump water out, it doesnt always mean you lose the ship.


    A few years ago, Nottigham, sister ship to Sheffield, collided with an outcrop of Howe Island badly damaging the bow underwater. Only a valiant effort by the ship's company prevented Nottingham sinking plus they had power for pumps.


    A missile strike is an explosive event that can create lots of damage including loss of ability to pump water out and maintain bouyancy. Trying to put fires out with water also adds to the problem for obvious reasons.


    Judging by this picture which appears to have been taken some hours after the alleged missile attack, the sea wasnt particularly choppy. That's not to say by the time they had her on tow the conditions hadnt worsened.


    The chances of getting back to dock even if the sea had remained calm would have been remote in my view considering the list. If you have any hope of rescuing the ship, you need to get it back in a dock asap. But, you cant tow a ship with a big hole in its side quickly else you force even more water into damaged compartments making matters worse.


    Maybe that's what the Russians did although it seems to me they knew the vessel was lost and clearly going to go down?


    Either way, the missile(s) did their job.




  6. 4 hours ago, Preston Red said:

    It's amazing just how much goes into something like that. Granted they'd have had hundreds of people on them during the war to manufacture them, but now with the skills dwindling it's taking far longer to carry out. Sadly, the same fate that the Vulcan suffered.


    I work in the shed where the rear sections of the F-35 are made. It is basically a glorified meccano set and is thrown together. You go through to the other shed that links on to ours and you can see sections of the Eurofighter being built and that looks like a hybrid of meccano and proper engineering.

    Soz, out of juice! Yeah you look at the number of older guys working on that Lanc and you wonder how many will still be there by the time they finish her. people dont get younger, after all.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Strontium said:

    A married Everton footballer who was arrested on suspicion of child sex offences has had his bail extended to the summer after he was suspended by the Premier League club last year.

    The player, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, will next answer bail in July - 12 months after he was arrested by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and immediately suspended by the club.  

    It comes after the force made an application for the extension, which has now been approved by magistrates. 

    A spokesperson for GMP said: 'He will now be asked to answer bail on Saturday, July 16, as enquiries continue.'

    They keep their heads down over this though, dont they? Gobshites.

  8. Great report Dave. Have to say I dont see the 2nd half many others do. I think we were on the back foot right from when city scored within a minute of the restart. The words 'keep it tight and dont give away an early goal' just didnt seem to register with the player who'd been brilliant in the first half.


    I know city didnt score again until the 91st minute, in part due to Alli's saves and a great block by Virgil and I thought we were really stretched. I dont mind admitting from being very comfortable after 45 minutes to my arse letting go in the 91st.


    Said before, Im concerned at the goal we're now shipping even if city are as good as us.

  9. 32 minutes ago, Preston Red said:

    Nice one. Lovely to see how she's coming along.

    I was a bit confused watching some of the vids because they said they were half way through a 10 year restoration yet she almost looks ready to fly.


    Turns out they have to swap the wings and some fuselage parts out of the current airframe and replace with the parts they are refurbing.


    This way, they can still do the taxi rides and show the plane off instead of just having a big pile of parts that wouldnt peek people's interest.

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  10. 38 minutes ago, Harry's Lad said:

    When I was a kid they seemed to be 50% bigger than they are now and the filling was softer, not too thin to be runny but not as thick and were much better. I used to love them.

    Pure sugar though and now being diabetic, my toes would probably fall off if I ate one.


    They used to be the size of a large hen's egg. They are still I suppose, just the 'hen' is a bleeding battam and not a full sized chicken! And the were 6d!

  11. 14 minutes ago, Harry Squatter said:

    They have bleated on about this for two years now but have never come up with one example of where we have been caught doing it or any evidence linking us to match fixing or drug taking. 


    A whole fan base believing this shite because their team is shit and the team they hate is good. They've just come up with this Sky 6 and corrupt game narrative to help them cope. As soon as they win a game they fall back in love with the sport they claim to despise yet can't stop talking about. 


    This is one of the worst things about the internet and 'social media,' a fucking outright lie gets made then repeated over and over again but becomes the truth despite the lack of evidence. And they seem to think no one at their club would ever indulge in such a thing either purely because many of their results are shite.


    I fucking hoped they'd go down this season but spawning a win against the soft shite mancs has saved their bacon. I dont think they'll be nearly as bad next season unfortunately.



  12. Just given the back lawn a quick buzz earlier today. Think Im going to need at least a ton of top soil to level it up as buying the 30 litre bags of the stuff is just too expensive.


    Oh and that's after Ive re installed the blown down fence. Having to bite the bullet and pay near 20 quid each for 5 x 1.8m, 400mm x 400mm wooden posts. Fucking rip off merchants!

  13. 3 minutes ago, TheDrowningMan said:

    Nah, it’s a full week before, isn’t it? 14th May. Southampton and Wolves afterwards, assuming Saunts slots into the midweek afterwards, and the final itself is four days after our trip for Villa. 

    Still, if we have to go second string it’ll be because things are looking great otherwise so…not the worst problem ever.


    Yeah apparently. Had this idea it was around 28th! Shit cunts FA!

  14. 2 minutes ago, TheDrowningMan said:


    Yeah, exactly. Not really looking forward to the final - first, it’s against Chelsea who won’t make it easy and will feel they’re probably due a shitty win against us (they’ll also have toss all else to play for) and, secondly, for practical reasons - we might well have to field a heavily rotated team if we’re on for the title, thanks to the modern absurdity of it being played before the last couple of games.

    Cup final is after the last league game so it'll shit or bust with our best 11!


    Edit oh no it's not! 14 May?! Yet more disrespecting the cup by the FA!

  15. 17 minutes ago, polymerpunkah said:

    The original oil-soaked cheats next, then.

    Sibneft, Abramovich's company was gas, wasnt it?

    15 minutes ago, Pete said:

    Why have the chavs still got ‘3’ on their shirts? I thought the sponsorship was pulled? 

    It was but the club said the government restrictions meant if couldnt buy new shirts from Nike without the '3' and it wasnt practical to cover it up with tape. Obviously, chelsea have no seamstressess to stitch a patch over it.


    As far as Im aware 3 arent giving them any sponsorship money.

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