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  1. 4 hours ago, Bob Spunkmouse said:

    Chill out a bit mate. You seemed to get quite angry as you went through it all. Glad you got it written down and hope you feel better for it, but sheesh.


    a couple of things I wholeheartedly disagree with, so wanted to reply.


    1. the wolves fans did deliberately throw a flare at the lower main stand; only that flare had arrived in their end via one of our own knobheads launching it from high up in the main stand initially. Our cunts there are the main cunts.


    2. those domestic cup “distractions” could very well be all we win this year. Fucking appreciate them.



    You see this is why I havent been on here for a number of weeks, the type of poster who tells others what to think and instead, only 'my' view counts.


    Listen, I didnt see the flare get thrown from our fans and mentioned what I saw. If the flare came from our fans first, then I agree, whoever threw it should be looking at a lifetime ban.


    Ive repeatedly said I see the domestic cups as distractions. Why should I 'appreciate them' given that?


    Im happy other people had the opportunity to see the wins at Wembley. But, you'll never convince me playing extra games and 120 minute finals doesnt have knock on effects on player performance and ultimately winning or losing the PL and CL titles.


    Angry? Have you listened to the podcast yet? I really dont get why you have yet again singled my post out despite many others expressing similar views.


    Your post at 9:25, which I read through first before posting my thoughts, isnt that different yet I didnt take issue with it.

  2. 16 minutes ago, dave u said:


    They were cheering City's goals so it wasn't them. It was the other corner of the Anny. I heard the cheer and saw them jumping around and then it spread.

    Agreed. Im at that end of the ground in the SKD Upper. The cheering deffo started below me in the corner, just about as far away from the wolves fans as you can get in that part of the ground.


    We were going 'what's going on?' because loads around me were on their phones saying it was still 3-2.

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  3. I dont often get worried about fixtures but this one does worry me. We're running on fumes and have some injury concerns. The Sport Science Department said of the 2019 final that if Spurs had scored first, they considered the team didnt have enough in the tank to have come from behind to win.


    This team has a dont know when beaten attitude. Madrid always seem to spawn results in this competition. We're going to need to be perfect to win this. Going to pens will see me hiding behind the sofa I think!

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  4. Got to be fat cunt Samuel for me. Ive heard the rumour one of his adult kids works for city which is why he gives them an easy ride.


    But it's the cunt's philosophy that owners should 'be able to pump' as much money into their club as they want and starting the trend of calling historically trophy winning clubs 'legacy' clubs compared to 'new' money clubs like city and a lesser degree, chelsea during the Abramovich era.


    It probably hasnt dawned on the cunt that Bayern dominate the Bundesliga not because the owners pump as much money into the club as they want but that the club has far more money going into it than any other Bundesliga club. It almost amounts to the same thing, most money by some distance results in domination.

  5. Would love Mo to sign his contract here but I think he's 75 / 25 in favour of moving on. If he puts in his old self performance on Saturday, Im bracing myself for Real to come in with a bid now they have missed out on both Haaland and Mbappe.


    They'll want to make a headline signing for the summer.

  6. Thoughts about the game and events:


    The boys have been exceptional this season. We've won 2 trophies, took a 3rd to the last day after being 14 points behind them in January and have another go for big ears on Saturday.


    Im pleased people who attended both cup finals had a great day out but I cant help feeling the distraction of the domestic cups have left the team running on fumes. It's only the fact this group of players dont know when they're beat that keeps them going.


    Thiago has really made us tick this season but his injury \ fitness record is a big concern. He just kicked the ball yesterday and his hammy(?) went 'ping' and not for the first time.


    Keita isnt up to it here. He loses his man, doesnt track back enough and is too easily knocked off the ball.


    Despite his detractor(s), Hendo is a leader of men and the best player to Captain this team.


    Im absolutely gutted at events yesterday. My heart said we'd win the title, not city but my head said they'd do it.


    We can each point to a number of League games that have cost us number 20: The lost away at Leicester despite having a pen and being on top for most of the game. The draws home and away v Spurs, the draw away at Brentford and the loss at West Ham. For me, it's the West Ham game. We allowed Alli to get bullied and at least 2 of their goals were clear and obvious errors.


    But the stars aligned for city as well. I dont watch many of their games but fuck me, how they got away with that clear and obvious penalty shout at the shite is beyond me. While the shite would still have had to score the resultant pen (stop sniggering!) they'd at least have been in the conversation over the result if it had been awarded.


    How many times were city made to play a Saturday 12:30 kick off after an international break or, midweek European tie? They didnt get to any cup finals that went to 120 minutes but if they had, it would have been interesting to see if they'd have been made to play on a Tuesday night immediately afterwards. Sporting integrity? Fuck right off.


    I hate it in the ground when people cheer the score against Villa. Just my preference as I think it can affect the players.


    Love Stevie but he can fuck right off with his 'my players gave their all' shite. No Stevie, they shit the bed at being 2-0 up, that's what they did. Conceeding 3 goals in 6 minutes, yeah, we know where that's going but there's no way a PL team should be collapsing like that.


    I find it bizarre Stevie played a debutant keeper, who is so shite even the shite got rid. Martinez was said to have been a doubt for their midweek game against Villa yet played. He didnt look ropey or ill so dont understand why he didnt play yesterday. Never underestimate a defences understanding with the regular keeper in front ofthem compared to a debutant.


    Would Martinez have made a difference? Who knows when you have the shite Mings in your defence. If Stevie comes calling for Joe, Jurgen should tell him to fuck off.


    Why did he take Coutinho off after he scored, was he injured or something?


    But it's the trend of teams that play city, isnt it? I read someone call it that ourselves, chelsea, spurs and united know how to play these twats, the rest just role over. Newcastle, pulled their tripe out against us for 93 minutes recently. Against city they conceed 5 with 3 of those being in the last 10 minutes. Wolves yesterday, went eyeballs out with us all game yet their recent midweek game against city, conceed after 3 minutes, equalise then conceed another 4 in 90 minutes.


    Speaking of Wolves, their 'fans' can fuck off. I hope no one was hurt by that flare deliberately thrown into the lower Main stand corner.


    At least they wont get 6 points and a +12 goal difference on a plate next season now Burnley got relegated.


    I dont think if we'd been winning yesterday and them 2 down would have made city collapse further. Sorry, just wishful thinking in my view.


    But the bottom line is we went into yesterday's game depending on Villa to do us a favour. It was just too big an ask. As Jurgen said before the 19/20 season, we needed to be perfect. We were close to it but not close enough.


    To win the title next season, still a big ask in my opinion, we need to be perfect. That means getting in front of city and staying there because there arent enough teams in the PL who you can rely on to take points off them when it gets to the wire.


    I dont expect any other clubs' fans to be cheering for us. But I find it bizarre they cheer for city. Wonder if they'll still be doing that if city win the next 3 or 4 PL titles?

  7. 18 minutes ago, DalyanPete said:

    Thought it was a done deal? FFS

    Maybe it's because Im feeling like dogshit but there's a few too many past tense comments by Mo in these reports whether they are in the Echo or elsewhere.


    Recently we've heard some positive comments about him staying while his form has been less than stellar yet here we are, 2 goals against the mancs and it's 'something else' now.


    Is he wanting sole control of his image rights? As a fan, I really dont have a clue what he wants from Liverpool.

  8. So what the fuck is it about if it's not all about the money?


    Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah says his Anfield contract impasse is not all “about the money” as he continues to raise doubts about his long-term future at the club.


    Salah and Liverpool have failed to agree on an extension to his current deal, which expires in the summer of 2023. The Egyptian is seeking a contract in line with the highest-paid Premier League players and his latest comments, given to Four Four Two magazine, make it clear the situation is no closer to being resolved.


    Asked if he was sure he will remain at Liverpool beyond next season, Salah said: “I don’t know, I have one year left. I think the fans know what I want, but in the contract it’s not everything about the money at all. So I don’t know, I can’t tell you exactly. I have one year left and the fans know what I want.”


    Salah will turn 30 this summer and has been offered a significant package in line with Liverpool’s budget which would make him one of the highest-paid players in Anfield history.


    Liverpool, however, have limits as to what they are prepared to pay. They are not inclined to shift their policy in order to give their stars as much as or more than the highest-salaried players at Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain, where the long-term financial resources seem to be limitless.


    Club owners Fenway Sports Group recognised at the start of last season that several key players were heading towards the final two years of their contracts and needed a renewal. Virgil van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Andy Robertson and Alisson Becker extended last summer. So too did captain Jordan Henderson after a brief disagreement about his terms.

    Salah scored twice in Liverpool’s 4-0 demolition of Manchester United on Tuesday
    Salah scored twice in Liverpool’s 4-0 demolition of Manchester United on Tuesday Credit: REUTERS

    It was clear midway last season, however, that Salah did not believe his offer reflected his status and the first in a series of strategically placed and occasionally cryptic interviews followed which raised doubts as to whether he will sign another contract. None of those interviews, whether in Marca, AS or elsewhere, have had the required effect.


    The latest remarks come with Liverpool in the midst of a season in which they are chasing an unprecedented quadruple. If the impasse is not about money, there is a lack of clarity from Salah as to what the issue is.


    It certainly cannot be Liverpool’s ambition, their trophy-winning potential or how highly Salah is valued by his coach, Jurgen Klopp, within a team in which he has become a Kop legend.


    Liverpool will hope Salah will find the prospect of leaving Anfield unbearable as his contract continues to wind down. On the positive side, both sides want a resolution, Salah repeatedly insisting his intention is to stay at Anfield to break goalscoring records.


    “This club means a lot to me – I’ve enjoyed my football here more than anywhere, I gave the club everything and everybody saw that,” said Salah. “I’ve had a lot of unbelievable moments here, winning trophies, individual goals, individual trophies. It’s like a family here.”



  9. Im thinking of jibbing off Sky because my discount is coming to an end again and likely to go back up to £96 a month. I want to keep watching the footie and access to F1 races live.


    So, talk to me about IPTV!


    To watch PL, CL and F1 via IPTV legally, am I effectively going to be paying a similar amount to an IPTV service as that for a Sky Sports package? Put another way, to watch the same, erm, cheaper, do I have to use a not legal IPTV app?


    Had a look at that Nanomid set up but it says it doesnt have any content andyou have to install your own playlist of channels? Well how do you 'find' the channels you want to make up your playlist?

  10. 40 minutes ago, stringvest said:

    Seriously, what do you expect?  Henderson gets judged far more leniently than most for his on field activity by almost everyone on here.  Watch the game again, and tell me how you could legitimately disagree with what I've said there.   Compare and contrast with Thiago, who let's not forget, does everything that Henderson is supposed to do, as well as the stuff that you regard as non-essential.  

    Load of nonsense but not surprise what you repeatedly spout about Henderson. Jurgen must be severely short sighted not to agree with you, eh?

    37 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

    For what it's worth mate I don't even think Henderson had a 'good' first half. He was ok but every other one of our players was on another level. 


    Best thing I can remember him doing all game was staring rat boy out. 

    Absolutely bizarre, he was very impressive in the first half and Klopp wouldnt have kept him on if everyone else was on another level. Flagged a bit in the 2nd but nowhere near as bad as his constatnt detractors make out.

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  11. 13 minutes ago, Ronnie Whelan said:

    Would rather if Leeds weren't fully safe and still had something to fight for. Thank God Bielsa isn't there, because they could eat into the goal difference. We just need a capable manager with cop on to make life difficult like Palace and Southampton did a few weeks back. Would have a bit of hope with Wolves and West Ham. Maybe Leeds could be a challenge but I wouldn't have faith in them.


    With Newcastle, it's a different dynamic even though they would be safe. Aside from the fact, they are now the most vile football club in the world, you would have to say that for the footballers who are there, they must be desperate to make an impression and be kept on, knowing that Newcastle will probably have a huge summer. I know I'm worried about that away game, because it's a 12:30 fuckfest and their place is bound to be bouncing.

    Im ever the optomist Ronnie but if Im absolutely honest, I dont know where city would drop points in their remaining games. It is going to be a truely unexpected event.


    Fucking West Ham and Leicester aways have cost us massively and the thing is, both those defeats were utterly avoidable.

  12. Thought the boy was phenomenal last night, he was at the centre of everything. It's really hard to pick the best player out of that performance as everyone was excellent but I think he shaded it.


    Was really concerned when he seemed to fall on his arse stretching for a ball late in the 2nd half then started signalling to the bench he wanted to come off. I know Jurgen has said it was because of his ripped shorts(?) and hope he just had a numb bum and nothing more serious.

  13. 1 hour ago, Nelly-Matip said:

    Surprisingly, there’s now quite a few journalists on Twitter calling them out on it. 

    I’ve heard and read a fair few United fans saying that we sung Munich stuff first and that it could be clearly heard on the TV footage. I didn’t hear it at all. And that makes me wonder if people have misheard our frequent singing last night of our “bring on your Internazionale” song and misinterpreted it for the less savoury song with a very similar tune and lyrics about lying on the runway etc? 

    Or maybe they’re just bad tits who can’t bring themselves to criticise their own fan’s vile actions?

    The mancs are lying cunts. There's been no Munich chants at Anfield for 30 years. If they're saying we sang anything Munich related last night, they're cunts.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Strontium said:

    Unusual for the mainstream media to notice this sort of thing, let alone acknowledge it.


    (Excuse the Mail link, it is simply illustrative)


    Man United fans are slammed for singing sick taunt to Liverpool over the Hillsborough disaster | Daily Mail Online

    Hopefully, the tide is turning against those clubs fanbase that sing about Hillsbrough. For years this has gone unreported by the sports pages despite it happening every time we play one of them or, when caught on tv games.


    I watched the full game again today on Sky and the filthy manc cunts can clearly be heard singing their filth. I heard it at the game last night and told the cunts to fuck off but not sure they heard me!


    It has to stop, no if or buts and Sky \ BT etc need to call it out instead of pretending it doesnt happen. The cunts offer profuse apologies if a pitch side mic picks up 'industrial' language yet they never mention these Hillsbrough songs.

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  15. Anyone and I mean anyone, who thinks, believes or says singing YNWA during any memorial to a tragic event or remberance can just royally fuck off as far as Im concerned.


    Minute silences are impeccably observed with YNWA often sung at the end.