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  1. They had a 14 point lead over us around Christmas and the New Year last season. But for Matip deflecting De Bruyne's shot past Alli that he'd otherwise save all day, we were a few minutes from beating them last season, a result that would have seen us go on and win the title.


    Such are fine margins and also why keepers dont like defenders only getting a partial block on shots and deflecting the flight of the ball. But I dont get why some are throwing in the towel, one game into the season and they have a 2 point lead.


    Ive said before, this season is going to be like no other because of the World Cup being in the middle of it and causing the league to stop for 6 weeks.

  2. Great pod again. I think the subs bench thing is because you now name 9 subs(!). The whole PL squad is what, only 25 players and on any one match day, you're naming 20 of them. So when you get a few injuries you're going to call on U23s to fill the gap?


    It's hard to argue about our training regime considering what we've won in recent years and, generally, the players have looked fitter that at any time before Jurgen came. But this season's training has me a little baffled.


    We did the usual 30 minute sessions in pre season games then played another game 24 hours or so after the Community Shield and had another scheduled today before that was cancelled.


    While most of those who played in the Community Shield didnt play against Strasbourg, I just wonder whether we've overtrained a little bit before yesterday? The fact we were second best to virtually every ball yesterday suggests to me the players were a bit leggy and tired?



  3. Overall, we were awful. It was only after about 65 minutes when we decided the finesse wasnt going to work and had to go toe to toe and match Fulham's workrate to get anything out of the game.


    Love Jurgen and love Bobby but I dont get why our £68m new striker is sat on the bench for the start of this one. Jurgen's one fault is his immense loyalty to his established players.


    It's the same with Keita. Been here 4 full seasons(?), still not delivered but Jurgen relies on him when available.


    Getting back to Darwin, he isnt going to find out how tough the PL can be or forge a partnership up front with Mo and Diaz on the bench. The boy gets thrown on and whether the final touch from him is deliberate or not, he scores and finds the equaliser when up to that point, we were bereft of a threat. He even played a part in Mo's equaliser.


    I thought the ref was poor especially in the first 20-25 minutes when he seemed to let Fulham dive in with gay abandon. He was conned twice by Mitrovic later in the game as well.


    I looked closely at the 'pen.' On the stream I was watching Mitrovic is clearly looking for it. I think they said van Dijk's knee made contact with him but he's already dived at that point and goes down holding his ankle so how does that work? You could understand the ref thinking it's a pen from where he is behind the players but VAR had a front on view. How can they not see that?


    My overriding question if that's a pen is, why doesnt Mo get more pens when there's far clearer contact on him in the box? Yeah, it's really a rhetoric question because we know why he doesnt.


    All I want to see is consistent decisions yet all we get is inconsistency. If Mitrovic's a pen, Mo should be looking forward to getting an extra 8 or 9 pens awarded this season. 


    But, you've got alehouse cunts like Garth Crooks and others saying Liverpool getting pens, especially at Anfield has 'been going on too long and has to stop.' I look forward to Mo getting decisions like today and Crooks calling out Mitrovic et al. I wont hold my breath though.


    Oh and he, Mitrovic, conned the ref late on by the touchline when he gave him a free kick!


    Once again, Trent was poor on a far post header. Some seem to think that's a foul but in my view, looking at that, there's no foul. Mitrovic doesnt hold him down and he doesnt have two arms over him. I wish he had but he didnt. Trent simply has to work on defending those crosses better and to be honest, I think that was one of his poorest games in a long time.


    Fabinho looked like he was running in treacle all game and Robbo, please have a bit more composure. He put in a great cross but with just too much on it so even beat Mo. Much as I love Bobby, he was anonymous all game. Thiago looks to have picked up another hamstring injury. Seems some players are just feted to regularly get these.


    Unfortunately today, we didnt have a winning goal in us despite Hendo clipping the bar with a lovely effort and Diaz being unlucky with a shot coming back off the post.


    I think at Anfield, we win that game. But away to a newly promoted side playing the opening game of the season who looked up for it even if managed by an ex shite manager, we looked out of sorts and second best most of the game.


    Most of that game we were second to the ball and out bossed by them. If they play like that all season, they might stay up but we all know they wont put that much effort in for 7 out of 10 games.


    Disappointing to drop 2 points that might be critical come the end of the season.

  4. 22 minutes ago, JohnnyH said:


    Because they were more than likely clumsy and not intended?  And it's not excuses, it's commenting on what I think.  If he comes out and says "sorry if you were offended but I'm entitled to my view" then I'll change that opinion and hammer him.    


    The rest of what you've said is 100% right, but doesn't mean what he said wasn't clumsy or not intended.  If it was then we can't just lump him in with McKenzie or Thatcher or Clough or SYP.  That diminishes their purposeful slurs and they hate they have spread.  


    Hillsborough is so understandably emotive, but we have to keep our brains switched on in situations like this and not want to go to the worst case immediately.  If he fully apologises for a stupid slip, then people have to be able to move on from that.  We can't live in a world where everything is punishable by death.

    Im sorry to disagree with you Johnny. Tyler isnt some uneducated, unrelated person in my opinion. He's a long time established football commentator. A highly paid and apparently highly thought after one at the top of his game.


    He shouldnt be afforded the 'mistake' of it being clumsy. He supposedly knows the trials and tribulations of football. He knows or, should know the history and events of Hillsborough. If he's making clumsy and unintended mistakes in view of that, it's more important than ever he's sacked so he reflects on the circumstances a lot more than he appears to do.


    Mistake or intended my arse.


    Im out. Ive said enough. this is upsetting me enough and I really dont need it. Sorry if anyone is offended and disagrees.

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  5. 1 hour ago, TD_LFC said:


    Not sure who he's apologised to.

    Me neither. And Im sorry(!) but why are people making excuses for him saying his comments were' clumsy' or not intended? I mean WTF? We've been fighting the narrative over Hillsborough since 1989.


    Despite 2 inquiries, FA and Government apologies, (have SYP apologised yet?) we are still fighting the bigots and morons today over it. Only a few months ago in Paris the narrative of Liverpool fans, hooligans and Hillsborough were used again to deflect the blame onto us.


    Sorry, Hillsborough really affects me. I couldnt even watch Anne because of the haunting memories it would bring back.


    That stain was talking about 30 years of the PL and at a stroke, he linked Hillsborough and us with hoolies. Hillsborough was an FA event not in the Prem so why does he mention it? because it's fucking hard to keep his pretence under cover and not let the mask drop for 30 years, that's fucking why.

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  6. Just read about this in the Echo. Given that stain's commentary on our games, Im not the least bit surprised that the pretence for impartiality and mask he has regarding all things Liverpool FC, has finally slipped after 30 years.


    Hillsborough wasnt even a Premier League issue so why he links it to 30 years of the PL proves his underlying agenda.


    I feel a complaint to Sky Sports coming on. Anyone know an email address to send complaints to Sky Sports? We may finally see off this utter charalatan if we all complain.


    If you want to get something trending on twatter this is Sky Sports handle @SkySports

  7. 14 minutes ago, Champ said:

    And yet and yet, what has been the point of saving when interest has barely existed for a generation and even before the current dramatic increases, inflation was higher than any interest accrued

    You're right, low interest or more accurately, non existent interest rates has encouraged people to spend and borrow more rather than save.


    But, inflation also occurrs when too much money chases too few goods. We've had a perfect storm in the last few years where people couldnt spend as they did and supply chains ground to a virtual halt.


    When those restrictions lifted, people wanted to spend but the goods, holidays, cars and even food stuffs were not available to meet demand. So the price of what was available went up and continues to go up as demand out strips supply.


    It's a vicious cycle to break because as the price of everything goes up, people naturally need and want their pay to increase so they can keep pace which in turn, also feed the inflationary pressure.


    It's another reason why interest rate rises are made but tend to be a blunt instrument because they affect the less well off first and more heavily as price rises take a greater share of their limited money.

  8. 24 minutes ago, Champ said:

    Can anyone explain how raising interest rates will curb inflation?

    It makes borrowing money more expensive. Numerous Business and people use credit from time to time and if they have to repay a lot more than they borrow due to higher interest rates, the theory goes they either borrow less, so spend less or, if they continue to borrow and have to repay more back, they have less disposable income to spend on business expansion, employing more people  or leaves people will less money to buy consumer goods and also essential goods.


    Higher interest rates also encourages some people to save money in bank accounts etc which has a similar effect to them not spending it.


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  9. PL Financial Fair Play anyone?


    Chelsea are pushing to take their transfer spending close to a record £300million this summer as they finally step up their pursuit of a number of big-name targets with the Premier League season about to begin.

    Talks are to take place with Barcelona over the potential signing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and, separately, and more immediately, hijacking Manchester United’s protracted attempts to acquire midfielder Frenkie de Jong for an initial £63million.


    At the same time Chelsea are bidding for Wesley Fofana although they are currently falling significantly short of Leicester City’s apparent valuation for the centre-half which is understood to be around £80million.


    However despite Leicester’s determination to keep Fofana – they insist he is not for sale - Chelsea are hopeful a compromise can eventually be reached and believe that the 21-year-old Frenchman is keen to join them despite signing a new five-year contract in March.


    Sources are even more confident that Chelsea are close to signing Marc Cucurella for a fee of £52.5million even though Brighton continue to claim a final agreement is yet to be reached for the defender who nevertheless handed in a transfer request. Cucurella is also not training with the first-team squad ahead of Brighton’s opening game away to Manchester United on Sunday.


    Having already signed Raheem Sterling from City for an initial £47.5million, Kalidou Koulibaly from Napoli for £34million and Carney Chukwuemeka for £20million from Aston Villa – which was announced on Thursday - it means that the new Todd Boehly-led regime are prepared to commit close to an astonishing £300million in fees this summer.


    That total would greatly surpass Chelsea’s previous record spending in one summer window of £220million in 2020 under Frank Lampard after the transfer ban was lifted under Roman Abramovich’s ownership. Indeed Chelsea could be heading for the highest spend committed by any club in one window although the deals, if they are all completed, will be off-set by a number of departures to, hopefully, vastly bring down the net spend.


    Having allowed record signing Romelu Lukaku to return to Inter Milan on loan after an unhappy season at Stamford Bridge Chelsea are willing to listen to offers for Kepa Arrizabalaga, Timo Werner, Hakim Ziyech, Michy Batshuayi and Kenedy while they could cash in on Armando Broja and are in advanced talks to sell Levi Colwill to Brighton.


    The future of Marcos Alonso is also unclear while Barcelona wanted Cesar Azpilicueta but the 32-year-old Chelsea captain has now signed a new two-year deal after telling the Spanish club he wanted his future sorted before the season began.


    Barcelona had asked Azpilicueta to wait a few more days as they try and balance their books given their crippling finances and the £100million they have spent in bringing in Robert Lewandowski and Raphinha and with players they cannot even register because of the financial controls in La Liga.


    Chelsea are trying to exploit this by making enquiries about Aubameyang, where the interest is tentative at present, and De Jong while Boehly has already also raised the possibility of swap deals.


    There is a feeling that Barcelona might be becoming desperate and while coach Xavi Hernandez would rather keep Aubameyang the club could be willing to listen to offers. The 33-year-old striker joined Barcelona on a free transfer in February after Arsenal, where he was stripped of the captaincy, agreed to terminate his contract but he has a good relationship with Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel having worked with him at Borussia Dortmund.


    The frantic activity in the market comes after Tuchel has grown increasingly frustrated with Chelsea’s slowness in their transfer business.


    Having lost Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen at the start of the window, Tuchel made it clear that he wanted three new defenders although attempts to sign Jules Kounde, who chose Barcelona, and Nathan Ake, who Manchester City decided against selling, failed. Chelsea decided against pushing for another defender, Paris Saint-Germain’s Presnel Kimpembe, and lost out on Leeds United forward Raphinha who was determined to also join Barcelona.


    Given Chelsea have also made enquiries for a number of other players – including Inter Milan full-back Denzil Dumfries and Southampton’s Kyle Walker-Peters – it leaves the club open to the accusation that it has taken something a scatter-gun approach to its transfer business in the first window since the £4.25billion takeover was completed in May. Boehly also held initial talks with Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes about signing the wantaway forward but did not pursue the deal with Tuchel adamant he wanted other players.


    However should the club’s new hierarchy – with Boehly taking the role of acting director of football - land the players who have now emerged as their primary targets they will feel vindicated and will argue they have certainly strengthened the squad to mount a title challenge after finishing third last season albeit 19 points adrift of the champions, City, and 18 points behind second-placed Liverpool.


    Following Chelsea’s 4-0 thrashing to Arsenal on their pre-season tour to the United States, Tuchel declared that they could not currently compete with the top two and were in “urgent” need of quality players and he has been pushing hard behind-the-scenes for changes to be made. Chelsea are now attempting to deliver.



  10. 5 minutes ago, Captain Turdseye said:

    Give it up, Dockers. You’re out of your depth, old man. 

    What Ive posted is what 2 certified central heating engineers told me when I asked them the best way to run the CH. So, stop being a tit all your life like the 50 year old narcissist who just sits in an office all day posting on here when he should be working.

  11. 2 hours ago, Creator Supreme said:

    I've been told by some that it's cheaper and more economical in the winter to keep the heating on constantly at a lower temperature, than switching on and off by the timer at a slightly higher temperature, any truth?

    A room thermostat will switch the boiler on and off throughout the day between the selected temperature setting and its built in variance. The heating will never constantly be 'on,' as in the boiler constantly providing heat in a well insulated house, because once the temperature gets to that set by the thermostat, the boiler is switched off.


    Even in a poorly insulated house the thermostat will switch off the boiler when the required temperature is reached. The main difference is the less well insulated house will lose temperature quicker which will trigger the thermostat to fire the boiler sooner.


    If you have a room thermostat (and who doesnt?), the system will be active but the boiler wont be constantly providing heating.


    Also, are the people suggesting to have the heating on all day meaning 24 hours? If so, most people are in bed asleep for roughly 8 hours so if the heating is on then, that's wasting energy.


    I think the people who say have it on constantly just get used to having the thermostat and therefore the heating set low.


    If you turn the boiler down too much and if the room thermostat setting is too high for this, you can get a situation called 'short cycling.' This can lead to bigger bills as the boiler fires up more frequently, stays on longer trying to reach the room thermostat setting and cause more wear and tear on the boiler.

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  12. Boehly was given a free hit by the PL to spend up to £200m this window without breaching FFP as a condition of the sale of the club and to get it out of Abramovich's hands.


    Be interesting to see how he approach next summer's window when he wont have the concession from the PL.

  13. Sky were reporting the shite were interested in signing Coady from Wolves. Considering the PL said they were 'working with' the shite to get their debt down, how exactly does allowing them to sign or attempt to buy who they want achieve this?


    At the rate they are going, they will have spent the £60m and more that they got for richie la.


    The whole thing is a fucking joke.

  14. 1 hour ago, Pete said:

    Question is will you look like an over stuffed sausage or someone wearing an LFC Mumu a'la Homer Simpson? 

    Dont know mate. I figure the young pups and arseholes in cars and vans would hurl abuse at me trying to run no matter what I was wearing!

  15. FA Cup Final is scheduled for 3 June 2023 with the CL Final on the 10th! Apart from the World Cup, FIFA have scheduled an international break cover 23 and 26 September.


    So far, they dont appear to have scheduled any other internationals in 2023. The cunts are probably waiting to see if any player is seriously 'incapacitated' in December. I find it hard to believe there will be no international games from the end of the WC to 10 June!

  16. Apparently according to an article in the Echo, Futbol Total claim Barcelona want to target Trent, for £67m, in 2023.


    What a fucking laugh. I dont know whether that really comes from Barcelona or Futbol Total. The feeling I get from Barcelona is they seem to think they are 'back' and can start throwing cash about because covid was a one off impact on their finances. They seem to think they can just identify players and throw cash around again.


    Im pretty sure even Ward would just laugh if they did offer £67m for Trent but really, I just smell bullshit.



  17. Wow, that was really desparate having to do that but, I could imagine the pain driving someone to do it or pull a tooth out themselves. Evolution has really fucked with our gobs!


    Our local pratice is private but also runs an NHS service. The practice manager tried to get me to go private a few years ago but I said I was more than happy with the NHS gob doctors I saw. They seem to change them every couple of years but I cant speak highly enough of them.


    Despite this, they are making it harder to get in to see them even for regular check ups, kind of trying to force you to pay and be seen yesterday in a posher surgery with piped music and other shit.

  18. My home 'stadium' shirt turned up in the post today from our friends out East. Ordered on 20 July so again, pretty quick and it only arrived in the UK on 2 August.


    The size chart for this season's incarnations seems to have changed. Last time I ordered the yellow 'stadium' in XL as pit to pit, the chart stated 56 to 58cms. That fits nice on me because I dont like baggy or slim fit shirts, especially for running.


    This season's home 'stadium' shirt, an XL is only 54-55cms and I thought that might be a bit tight so went with the 2XL which is 56 to 57cms, note, 1 cm less than the yellow's XL!


    The home 2XL seems a tiny big bigger but that might just be first impressions. Strangely, the sizes chart says there may also be a 1-3cms variation due to 'manual measurement' which all in all, makes it a tad difficult to get the right size!


    Even more strangely, the player fit home 2XL shows the size as 56 to 57cms as well!


    I also dropped a size on the shorts from XL to L and these fit fine. Quality of the shirts and shorts are great. I dont know if you can tell the difference close up between puka and these? The only difference I did notice is the yellow seem to have been pressed while the red has a lot of creases!


    I read someone has made 2 separate orders which had been impounded by Royal Mail. I selected RM as the delivery option rather than the far east alternative and kept my order under the 30 quid UK customs limit. I dont know if all that makes a difference to the impounded ones?


    Hope others who want to order find the info useful.