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  1. 50 minutes ago, Bob Spunkmouse said:

    You can have your view with most of that post, and fair enough, but that bold bit is just plainly not what happened. He lost tye ball when he tried to lift it goalwards, and completely miscued it straight out of play.


    Essentially what you’ve said in a lot of your post is that loads of things I don’t think should be given as pens get given as pens these days and I can’t disagree with that. Doesn’t mean I should think any of them are pens though. 

    Fair enough, we all see things differently. I agree we're seeing pens given for things that werent pens a few years back but clearly, refs are now giving them.


    Im fucked off with us being on the end of ropey decisions and having stonewall penalty shouts turned down so, Im not going to start joining the likes of Carragher, Redknapp, Shearer, Murphy and Lineker et al who flip their view depending who does or doesnt get the favourable decision.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Bob Spunkmouse said:

    Never a pen for me and I’d be furious if it was given against us.


    Jota didn’t initiate contact like I’ve hear some media saying, he was hit by the keeper, but at that point he’d already lost control of the ball and wasn’t getting to it.

    Doesnt matter if he's lost control of the ball in an era where play is brought back for a foul where at team loses advantage, possession of the ball or, opposing players boots have a slight touch and the attacker hobbles around for a few steps then throws himself to the ground.


    Players are being awarded pens when they've got their shot off then been cleaned out by the defender's follow through. (Oh er, missus!)


    In my view, Jota only loses control of the ball because the keeper wipes him out. From the position he's in, he's unlikely to score but he'd have ample opportunity to play the ball back across goal.


    Like it or not, that's a pen in today's football.

  3. We can all argue how shit the pen was when Mo or Sadio gets taken out with another stonewaller at Anfield that's not given because they all 'even themselves out' dont they?


    After lineker, carragher, redknapp and no doubt garth Crooks will bellyach about it, I doubt Jota will get another penalty this season no matter how blatantly he's taken out after those gobshites have cryarsed about it.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Rushies tash said:

    We did get lucky with the penalty - Jota looks like he initiated contact - but the amount of piss we boil when we benefit from a soft decision is hilarious. Compare that to how not arsed people are when we're on the wrong end of refereeing decisions, which in recent years have been numerous. So, as someone once said, fuck everyone who isn't us.

    This initiated contact stuff is what Tierney used not to give a pen, at Spurs?


    And everyone got out of their tree including Sky pundits to say it doesnt matter whether he slows, looks for the contact or initiates it. It's whether he's fouled. Each to their own, though.

  5. I dont think it was a question of running on fumes or tired legs, we looked fine, matching them stride for stride the whole game. The only times they outpaced us at the back is when they beat the offside.


    We were making poor decisions all over the pitch and playing poor balls needlessly losing possession.


    Jurgen needs to start fining players a week's wage every time they try a back heel in a game unless they score with it!


    But it's 3 points and thankfully not 2 dropped.

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  6. Im fucking sick and tired of nobheads like Carragher saying that's not a pen. It. Was. Fucking. Nailed. On.


    Should be delighted with the win and, I am. But Im also furious with that performance for the last 66 minutes. Palace were all over us and with a bit of luck, which they didnt get, could have been 4-2 up early in the 2nd half were it not for Alli and poor finishing.


    Id resigned myself to the game ending 2-2 at best the way we were paying. Redknapp and Carragher can fuck off 'no pen' my arse. Thankfully, Fabinho tucked it away and made the game safe as it blew the wind out of Palace's sails.


    MoTM, Alli.

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  7. 1 minute ago, Jordy Brouwer said:

    Glad you are acknowledging our brilliant 30 mins. Its not like the mistakes define everything about that half. Its worth remembering we didn't concede from any of them and we have scored two. 

    Yes but those are the type of mistakes that cost us in games we should have won but only drew. We just need to concentrate all the time and not let it slip just because we're 2 up.

  8. What's good, headed goal direct from a corner, Virgil scoring, Ox scoring, brilliant saves from Alli, 2-0 at half time.


    What's not good, how on Earth did Fabinho side foot that one over the bar from 12 yards, loose balls by Matip, Fabinho and Firmino, stop playing balls across the front of our box when being pressed by Palace players, still losing the ball in 50/50 tackles.


    Going to be a lot of shit come our way for Ox's goal with Bobby offside and making a leap for the ball!

  9. 3 minutes ago, Arniepie said:

    He has a point where they cant really target moshiri,as if he walked away ,they would be fucked.

    As for the fans ,didnt loads of bottles get lashed from the back of the street end the other week?

    They do seem to evade censure quite often

    I remember Bellamy and Suarez getting pelted with all sorts of shite years back and nothing was done.

    Yeah. It's also amazing the narrative is 1 fan has been arrested yet ignores the fact he either had at least 10 arms or loads of others havent been identified. It's all being made to look like the club has acted swifted but as you say, we all know lobbing bottles and coins at players has been going on for years at that shithole.

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  10. 1 minute ago, Tj hooker said:

    I'm currently well in credit a combination of my lad moving out and me hardly being in the house certainly helps .

    Scottish power are saying I should reduce my direct debit but with what's coming round the bend I'm not even considering it I'd rather hedge against prices going through the roof next year .

    Even when I was with Avro or other suppliers, I never let my credit go higher than £175. Once it hit that I was demanding a 100 refund. Better in my pocket than theirs if you can afford it.

  11. 1 minute ago, VERBAL DIARRHEA said:

    We can talk about those obvious cheating scumbags till we’re sky blue in the face but we would be really on their tales but for some abject moments and dropping points from winning positions. Ref decisions also.

    Yes but the other way of looking at it is their financial cheating has allowed them to spend way above their station on players such that they havent had their own abject moments in sufficient quantities.