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  1. Just found out my uncle, the man who got me supporting the club instead of that other shower, has died of this cunting disease.


    82, he had a good innings but still short of what he might have gone onto if it wasnt for this.


    In some ways, I think I was the son he never had since he had 3 daughters and loved cricket and footie.


    RIP Ron. YNWA

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  2. 5 minutes ago, TheHowieLama said:

    Just saying what? A fella who plays a different position, scores absolutely no golas and has a criminal charge pending against him is somehow comparable to Sadio Mane?

    Why do you always get off being confrontational? Where did I say Bissouma is a better person that Sadio? Answer, nowhere, you just lept in.


    But, the fact he plays a different position is one of my points. Bissouma's a midfield player so doesnt score as many goals, ergo, he isnt as valuable or as experienced as Sadio yet we only got £2.5m more for him as an additional sum.


    Honestly, I cant stand the aggression on here by certain posters. Just fuck it all off and I'll enjoy watching the boys in the ground.

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  3. Just seen the fee, less than £28m up front and less than £8m in add ons so just under £36m in total if all targets are achieved.


    Bayern have pulled our pants down there. Didnt we want £42.5m? They get £40m+ for Lewondonski who is older and like Sadio, 1 year left on his contract.

  4. On 16/06/2022 at 10:07, Carra_is_legend said:

    The same for them, no? Except Arse who are in EL....

    No, because we have to play each of them after each of our European aways. Each of those other clubs would all have to play each other after all their European away fixtures to be in the same position as us ie Chelsea would have to play us, Spurs, city and arsenal, Spurs would have to play us, chelsea, city, arsenal etc.

  5. It just gets fucking better, doesnt it? Never mind the Saturday 12:30 kick offs after an international break or away midweek CL tie, we've been scheduled to play city, chelsea, arsenal and spurs immediately after a midweek CL game.


    Yes, you can say but all those clubs face us after one of their midweek European games. That's not the point. How many of them will face each other after a midweek CL or EL game ie city face us, chelsea, spurs and arsenal rather than some other time in the season?


    united havent got a single game against last season's top 6 immediately following their EL games.

  6. If Sadio wants a new challenge and the possible recognition of being the main man (no pun intended) somewhere else, I can kind of sympathise with that. I can even sympathise with his strops at being subbed while Mo isnt.


    But yet again, some fans paint it as the club's fault spouting in my humble opinion, shite about him only being on 100 grand a week and the club prioritising Mo's contract while making no effort to sign up Sadio.


    He's one of our top earners on 180 grand a week and he told the club not to bother with further new contract terms.


    On the whole, I dont think Sadio has handled this situation well. I think most fans over 20 something prefer it when a player just comes out and says he's won everything here and wants to try something new rather than all this cloak and dagger bollocks.


    Same goes for Mo, if we're daft enough not to sell him this summer if he doesnt agree terms, he'll be off on a free next summer because with no transfer to pay, just about any top club can give him the wage he wants. I mean fucking hell, even sick note Aaron Ramsey was on 400 grand a week at Juve.

  7. Shit fixtures. Just how the fuck do we get stuffed with starting the season away from home and finish away from home? I suppose we'll end up with a few Saturday 12:30 kick offs after a midweek away CL fixture or, laughable international 'break' from January. As you were.


    One thing the last couple of seasons has taught us is, you cannot go into the last game of the season hoping for city to drop points for us to win it. Next season is literally going to be a season of two halves.

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  8. City Football Group on the verge of adding an 11th club, Italian Serie B team, Palermo, to their list.


    Makes you wonder whether UEFA and the national league will finally wake up to this shit when all the European teams in city's group and in other Confederations, start playing each other in their relevant club competitions.


    FIFA should be outlawing this shit.

  9. 1 hour ago, Jarvinja Ilnow said:

    Kieran Maguire seems to know his stuff (hopefully)!




    Prosecutors would have a clear precedent to follow if a £200million lawsuit against Everton is brought to trial.

    That is the view of finance guru Kieran Maguire, speaking exclusively to Football Insider about the credibility of Burnley and Leeds United’s case.


    Everton have posted financial losses of £372m over the last three years, well beyond the £105m permitted under the Premier League’s FFP rules.


    The Merseysiders argue that £170m of that figure can be written off through Covid allowances, but Leeds and recently-relegated Burnley have contested this claim.


    As relayed by iNews on Monday (23 May) the two clubs are seeking £200m in compensation to offset the advantage Everton have accrued through alleged overspending.

    It is understood that representatives from Burnley and Leds have formally requested that the Premier League order Everton not to delete any relevant information.


    Maguire listed two examples of similar legal disputes that do not bode well for the Toffees.

    “There are some precedents which need to be considered,” he told Football Insider’s Adam Williams.

    “There was the Carlos Tevez case in 2005. West Ham agreed an out-of-court settlement with Sheffield United. That was nothing to do with FFP because it didn’t exist then.

    “But we have recently had a settlement between the owners of Derby County and Middlesbrough with regards to FFP breaches.

    “You can understand why Burnley and Leeds are doing this. My understanding is that they have decided to pursue this regardless of who got relegated.”





    I so fucking hope Burnley and Leeds sue the fucking arse off the shite and send them into administration. It will be payback for all the slurs they throw at us. The cunts even get asthma inhalers trending on twatter or wherever so now virtually any gobshite oppos fans are using it even about Nunez for fuck's sake.


    They are just lieing cunts who think up new lies to denegrate us in an attempt to cover their own arses.


    It's a fucking disgrace the PL are turning a blind eye to this massive overspend preferring instead for one of its current clubs and a former one wash the PL's dirty laundry in public.


    As I posted before, they must have shifted significant forward build costs for the new stadium into these accounts as even their usual wasteful spending couldnt account for tripple the allowed losses. And funny how only a few weeks before news of their massive losses broke, a fixed price 'deal' with the build contractors was announced, wasnt it?


    Either that or Usmanov really was laundering huge sums of money via the club and that really would put the cat amongst the pigeons, wouldnt it?


    Funny how they are even allowed to sign the lad from Burnley on a 'free' without anyone currently leaving the club despite the PL supposedly working 'closely' with them to reduce the deficit. He might be a 'free' transfer but they still have his wages to pay. Fucking corrupt cunts.

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  10. https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/liverpool-fc-complete-signing-darwin-nunez


    The Uruguayan forward has signed a long-term contract with the Reds after finalising personal terms and completing a medical at the AXA Training Centre.


    Nunez arrives at Anfield after two seasons in Portugal with Benfica, where he scored 48 goals from his 85 appearances in all competitions.

    The 22-year-old has also earned 11 senior caps for Uruguay to date, after making an international debut in October 2019.


    “I’m really happy and delighted to be here at Liverpool. It’s a massive club,” Nunez told Liverpoolfc.com in his first interview.

    LFCTV GO: Subscribe to watch Darwin Nunez's first interview in full

    “I’d like to thank my partner and my parents and my son, who is a real source of pride for me. They’ve been really important to me in the stages in my career. I’m really proud of them, and for the work we do, me and my partner, as a team and I’m grateful to her that I’m here.


    “It’s a pleasure to be here in Liverpool and I’m very happy to be a part of this great club.


    “I’ve played against Liverpool and I’ve seen them in lots of games in the Champions League, and it’s my style of play. There are some great players here and I think it’s going to suit my style of play here.

    “As I say, I’ve watched quite a lot and it’s a very big club and I hope I can give everything that I’ve got in order to help the team.”


    Nunez’s career in first-team football started at Club Atletico Penarol, having risen through the youth ranks at the Uruguayan club.


    He then earned a move to Spain with second-tier side UD Almeria, spending the 2019-20 campaign there before joining Benfica.

    Nunez will wear the No.27 shirt for Liverpool and becomes the third Uruguayan to sign for the club, following on from Luis Suarez and Sebastian Coates.

    “When I arrived at the training ground, I was really surprised to see the set-up and the structure and all the trophies here,” he said. “You can then imagine yourself winning more trophies and then later on when you come here again and see the trophies on display, you can say, ‘Look, I was a part of that, I was there at that time, winning trophies.’

    “That’s one of the reasons why I came here to Liverpool – to win trophies and titles. I want to win a lot of trophies at Liverpool.”


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  11. Moshiri isnt selling unless he gets all his money back and kenyon's consortium is supposedly talking numbers £150m below that.


    On another note, I reckon the shite have done some magical accounting loophole to shift a big part of the stadium funding into these 'covid caused' losses. There's no way they could push on with building the stadium if this £350m loss hasnt funded it.

  12. The shite for sale?


    Former Manchester United and Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon is fronting a consortium who have entered talks to try to buy Everton.

    Kenyon is part of a group that includes chief executive of Minneapolis-based Talon Real Estate Maciek Kaminski and American businessman John Thornton, and is being advised by investment specialist Michael Klein, along with the US law firm Weil, Gotshal and Manges.


    It is understood heads of terms have been signed although talks are described as being at a “relatively early stage”, with owner Farhad Moshiri believed to value Everton in excess of £500million, taking into account the club’s debt.


    The consortium may want guarantees that Everton will not face a points deduction or heavy fine over Financial Fair Play issues before entering into a legally-binding agreement, but the club have always insisted they have not broken regulations.



    Kenyon has been advising clubs and prospective owners for a number of years from his base in Jersey. His company Opto Advisers have been involved with the transformative takeovers of Paris Saint-Germain and Wolverhampton Wanderers. He has worked with Atletico Madrid and Middlesbrough, and was involved in a bid to buy Newcastle United.


    Klein, who, like Kaminski, has been approached for comment, was an adviser to the Sir Martin Broughton-fronted bid to buy Chelsea. The group made the final shortlist, but missed out to the Todd Boehly-led consortium.


    Thornton is the executive chairman of Barrick Gold, one of the world’s largest mining companies with a net worth of £31billion, and non-executive chairman of PineBridge Investments, having stepped down as co-president of Goldman Sachs in 2003.


    From their time together at Chelsea, Kenyon already knows Everton head coach Frank Lampard well, having negotiated contracts with the former midfielder and it is expected the 43-year-old would receive the consortium’s support if a takeover was completed.


    Everton have not commented on the talks, but any takeover may not be good news for chairman Bill Kenwright. The 76-year-old has held his position since 1989, but has become the target of criticism from Everton fans and Moshiri last week apologised to supporters for mistakes in a season in which the club narrowly escaped relegation from the Premier League.




    Everton and Moshiri were forced to sever all business links with Alisher Usmanov after he was sanctioned by the Government following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 


    The club’s multiple sponsorship ties with companies associated with the Uzbekistan-born billionaire were terminated and last week a new club record front-of-shirt sponsorship with casino and sports betting company Stake.com was announced, which provoked fresh scrutiny.

    'It has not been good enough and we need to do better'

    Moshiri, who has overseen spending over £500m since his arrival at Everton in 2016, wrote an open letter to supporters that read: “It has not been good enough and we need to do better. Mistakes have been made and for that I want to apologise to all of you."


    The British-Iranian businessman also reaffirmed his commitment to deliver a "fully funded" new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock, which is currently under construction, while pledging to not make the same mistakes in the transfer market that led to the club posting combined losses of £372m over three seasons.



    “The stadium alone will not help us achieve our objectives and we are committed to not making the same mistakes again - including how we have not always spent significant amounts of money wisely,” he said.

    “You have given us incredible support that helped us over the line when we most needed it, and we must repay that support and show that lessons have been learned.”


    Regardless of a proposed takeover, Lampard is hoping to sign as many as five new players this summer. James Tarkowski has agreed a free transfer move after his Burnley contract expired and there is interest in Chelsea midfielders Conor Gallagher and Billy Gilmour, as well as Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Winks.


    Spurs are prepared to offer Winks and Lucas Moura as part of an offer to sign Richarlison, who Everton value at well over £50m.



  13. There will be 5 subs in PL games next season but, the season is going to be one totally screwed up with the World Cup squeezed in late November to December, not to mention the exertions put on players in the last couple of seasons, in my very humble opinion.


    Players are going to be asked to perform in a World Cup in intolerable conditions. I fear for players welfare and health in those conditions and that's before you factor in all the CL and domestic cup games.


    I gather there will only be 3 international games played prior to the Qatar WC but no doubt FIFA and UEFA will make up the shortfall from January to the end of the season.


    Personally, I think the WC mid season will fuck up the PL. I wouldnt be surprised to see an unfancied team who arent in Europe, get knocked out of the domestic cups early and have few international players or ones who will not be at the WC, making a serious challenge for the title. Even city may suffer.


    Theoretically, we should be in a good position with our squad which has been the strongest we've had in years. But with Origi gone, Mane, Ox, Taki, Gomez sold and maybe Kelleher being loaned, the reality might be very different.


    In fact, Ive pretty much resigned myself to it being unlikely we'll win the title in what would be a very challenging season.



  14. My personal thoughts are presumptions we havent looked at other players are misplaced. The people involved in our transfers would, I think, have run the rule over the lad from Red Bull and the other lad, David etc.


    In fact, Im pretty confident they've been tracking all these players including Nunez via their analytics software. But the added importance and critical thing for me is, under Jurgen's new contract, he now has greater influence on who we sign over and above his 'last word on who comes in and who goes out.'


    It seems to me Jurgen is fully onboard with Nunez being his number one transfer target this summer. If the Nunez deal was to fall through, heaven forbid, maybe we would turn our attention to the two mentioned and others, who knows?


    As for Nunez's wedge, even if we're giving him £100k a week after tax, that is probably 4 or 5 times what he's likely getting at Benfica so a massive increase. Yeah, newcastle could blow us out of the water on wages if they wanted to just like chelsea did with Werner.


    End of the day, it comes down to the player and his agent: money or playing here under Klopp.

  15. Guffaws. Before the Betting company bans comes in, 'what would moral high horse in an ivory tower fc do?' But, what can you expect from just about the only entity never mind football club, that has just 'suspended' the involvement of oligarch Usmanoz rather than cancelling it?


    Everton have signed a gambling company as their main shirt sponsor in defiance of plans to ban such deals and despite previously stating they would ideally not do so.


    A government source told Telegraph Sport the club had made “a real strategic error” by agreeing a minimum three-year partnership with Stake.com ahead of the imminent publication of a White Paper following a review of the Gambling Act.


    Campaigners against front-of-shirt gambling sponsors also condemned the club for a “remarkably short-sighted” decision during a “cost-of-living crisis”, adding: “How can Everton continue to call itself ‘The People’s Club’?”


    The forthcoming White Paper had been due to stop short of outlawing such deals, with ministers expecting Premier League teams to adopt a voluntary ban.


    But the Telegraph has been told that could change after financially-stricken Everton announced a record partnership worth more than £10 million-a-year on the same day top-flight teams were due to discuss the issue at their annual general meeting in Harrogate.


    “It’s a real strategic error by Everton and might force the Government to go further in its plans around sponsorship,” a Whitehall source said.

    Watford's Ken Sema during the Premier League match between Watford and Everton
    Stake.com sponsored Watford last season Credit: Rob Newell - CameraSport via Getty Images

    Everton signed the deal barely two years after terminating a similar partnership with Kenyan gambling giant SportPesa two years early, with chief executive Professor Denise Barrett-Baxendale stating at the time: “In an ideal world, moving forward, we would look to have a different type of sponsor on the front of our shirts, like all football clubs would, but that is a commercial decision that we make as a football club.”


    They subsequently signed a two-year contract with online car retailer Cazoo but that ended this summer after they were unable to agree an extension.


    Their deal with Stake.com, which sponsored Watford last season, comes after they suspended all commercial and sponsorship activities with companies linked to Alisher Usmanov, who was sanctioned over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


    That compounded record losses of £371.8 million posted by the club in the previous three financial years.


    Leeds United and Burnley last month threatened to sue both the Premier League and club over the scale of the losses unless they could prove how they had lost so much without breaking profit and sustainability rules.


    Everton insisted they had complied with those rules.

    Days later, Crystal Palace became the first Premier League club to ditch a gambling firm as their main shirt sponsor amid plans to ban them.


    Everton’s Stake.com partnership was condemned by Charles Ritchie, co-founder of Gambling with Lives, who lost his son Jack aged 24 to gambling-related suicide five years ago.


    He said: “To announce this partnership on a day when research reveals hundreds of thousands of people are losing thousands of pounds each year on the most addictive online gambling products – with a third of these from most-deprived areas – is remarkably short-sighted, especially during a cost-of-living crisis.


    “There are more than 400 gambling-related suicides in England each year and the way in to gambling for many is through football. Many Everton fans also come from deprived areas and many will become addicted to gambling and, tragically, some will die.


    “How can Everton continue to call itself ‘The People’s Club’?”

    Prof Barrett-Baxendale said: “Stake.com is an ambitious organisation with impressive growth plans and we’re all very excited to enter into a partnership with them at this stage in their journey.


    “My talented colleagues in our new revenue team have made excellent progress in recent months and worked tirelessly to secure what is the biggest main partnership deal in the club’s history – I’d like to congratulate them on this achievement and, on behalf of everyone at the club, express my gratitude to Stake.com for choosing Everton as a long-term partner.”


  16. Probably a test example of fixtures. Better had be because the shite start off the season with another home fixture while we're away. Again.


    Had to laugh, the FA requested the top 6 sides arent draw to play each other the week before the Winter World Cup starts so as to 'give' the national team the best chance and players arent fucked. They dont give a toss about the same clubs who play in Europe midweek or after an international break but get stuck with a Saturday 12:30 kick off. Cunts!

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  17. 5 minutes ago, joe_fishfish said:

    Was he actually concussed or not? I still don't know

    According to the neurologists who tested him, he showed 23 of the 24 symptoms of concussion after Ramos' forearm smash that went unnoticed by the ref during the game.


    But whatever, Ive no beef with Karius now despite spitting feathers at the time. Jurgen promoted him to number 1 way too early and he always looked a bundle of nerves to me almost every game he played.


    He shouldnt have replaced Mig when he did and yes I know, he was, shall we say, unpredictable, in games as well.



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