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    Flying. Everything planes.

    Awesome. Out of juice, will be back!
  2. I agree with this. We get very sloppy at times and the thing is, once it creeps into your game, it's very hard to cut it out. it's like taking your foot off the gas because you think the game's won, then the oppos score a couple of quick goals and you have a fight on your hands. Alli nearly did a Karius rolling one ball out which the Benfica player got a touch to and put us under pressure. People can say it doesnt matter, that's their opinion and they're entitled to it. But it does matter. We've gone from conceeding 4 goals since the turn of the New Year to shipping 3 tonight, 2 against city and another against Benfica in the first game. What I loved about the 78 team is even at 1-0 with 20 to go, they'd shut up shop and see the game out. I agree with this, from their point of view, it was shit or bust tonight. And it nearly came off for them.
  3. Some of our defending in that 2nd half and especially the last 20 minutes was bloody shocking even for a makeshift defence. I mean why are we having both Joe and Kostas bombing down the wings with less than 20 minutes left and they've made it 3-2 on the night? Just close the game out and dont do anything stupid FFS. Good job those linos got the offsides right, you wouldnt have wanted those decided by PL VAR and refs or we'd possibly be up shit creek right now. Ive no problem with the make shift team tonight, I just dont get the almost tactics we had at Palace in 2019 when we were 3-0 up and proceeded to piss the games away by wanting to score another and another all the time.
  4. It's ok blaming Gomez but how good does Matip or Konate play right back? That's what we're asking Joe to do.
  5. Alisson; Gomez, Matip, Konate, Tsimikas; Henderson, Milner, Keita; Jota, Firmino, Diaz. Jurgen between a rock and a hard place. Make changes and be open to criticism, dont make changes and be open to criticism. The team just has to ensure they dont lose. A win would be very welcome.
  6. This is an interesting read. Wonder if he thinks dodged a bullet there or, has some regrets? There is no doubt that if there was any chance that Paris Saint-Germain would have allowed Mauricio Pochettino to leave last November then he would be the Manchester United manager right now. Pochettino was the first-choice to succeed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer when he was finally sacked. He was the clear, outstanding choice and the one that United wanted, although they rightly reasoned that there was no way PSG would let him go at that point of the season. An approach would have given PSG a chance to flex their muscles against a big European rival, as they did last summer in triggering a one-year extension to Pochettino’s contract when Tottenham Hotspur showed interest in taking him back. “The fit between where we are and what we need to do, with the type of player we have, really fits. If it is him he will be given time,” a United source said at the time. “PSG would love it if we knocked on the door now because they would create a moment where they looked bigger than us.” So United did not make their move although Pochettino, who wanted the job, remained top of their list. But fast forward five months, and the Argentine finds himself passed over in favour of Erik ten Hag, and speculating what might come next in a career which remains - in some respects - frustratingly unfulfilled. Pochettino would be entitled to wonder what, exactly, has changed in the interim. Two factors are clear: United's appointment of a new chief executive in Richard Arnold, who succeeded Ed Woodward in January, and PSG's horrible exit from the Champions League at the hands of Real Madrid, throwing away a 2-0 aggregate lead in a mad half-hour at the Bernabeu. Beyond that, however, Pochettino remains the same coach he was before - one whose strengths and weaknesses were laid out in a file detailing all the potential candidates (including Ten Hag and Julen Lopetegui) and which was inherited by Arnold who, understandably, decided to re-run the process of assessing who should take over even if no new names were expected to emerge. The list did not change much from November. There is little doubt, however, that Pochettino's star began to wane. He is on his way out of PSG and is likely to be sacked at the end of this campaign so maybe it was as simple as United not wanting a manager who is being dismissed? PSG would love to replace him with Zinedine Zidane although sources in France suggest he may become the next national team coach instead when Didier Deschamps leaves after the World Cup. The Champions League exit - and the manner of it - undoubtedly hurt Pochettino, as did the backlash among United supporters. The narrative turned, with Pochettino portrayed as a serial choker - a very harsh assessment of such a talented coach who has developed so many young players, defied the odds and achieved so much and is wanted by players with the Old Trafford dressing room. But maybe United's executives were influenced by the reaction, not least on social media which is something they – and Arnold – have admitted in the past is important to them. PSG will win the French league but doubts have arisen over Pochettino’s ability to deal with the spotlight at big clubs. There were claims he could not deal with big-name players although, while his relationship with Neymar has not been easy, that is emphatically not the case with Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi. Maybe Ten Hag also benefits from being seen as new, despite being two years old than Pochettino at 52. The latter has baggage in the form of the near misses at Spurs and one-off failures at PSG; Ten Hag, meanwhile, is seen as a high-achieving coach, whose lack of Premier League experience - far from being a negative - ties in with United's desire for a fresh start. It has also been easier to deal with Ajax than PSG, even if the extent of that battle has been overblown. Pochettino and his staff are due €20million in compensation should they be sacked so it was in PSG’s interest for United to make an approach and take him. There have been claims that a deal would be difficult to conclude and while it would have been trickier than dealing with Ajax over Ten Hag – the compensation package with a year left on his deal is a modest €2million - it was far from impossible. In fact PSG are unlikely to have demanded significant compensation. It was extremely close between him and Pochettino and as recently as two weeks ago there was a nervousness in Ten Hag’s camp that he might miss out and that a summit meeting had taken place at United which they were not aware of. Ultimately those fears were unfounded, and it is Pochettino who is now confronting an uncertain future. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2022/04/13/mauricio-pochettino-went-manchester-uniteds-no-1-target-facing/
  7. Smacks of arsenal's desparation with Ozil and Aubameyang and the massive contracts they gave them.
  8. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Well the lock in cost wont be the oft quoted £350m. Unless they are getting a massive kick back, there's no way the contractor will hedge against further increases in the cost of steel and materials. It is telling that no 'locked in' price is being quoted anywhere. They'll be lucky to get a bare shell.
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    The Local News Thread

    Not called smog monsters for nothing!
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    Haha, this bear loved biscuits so much, he trekked back 100 miles so he could continue scoffing them! A wild bear in Italy has walked nearly 100 miles across rugged terrain to return to the town from which it was banished after becoming a nuisance by raiding a bakery and feasting on discarded food. The recidivist bear has twice been banished in the last few months from the alpine town of Roccaraso, in the Abruzzo region of central Italy, but to no avail. Rangers had hoped to wean the animal off its dependence on food waste and other easy pickings in the ski resort, particularly after it broke into a bakery called Dolci Momenti - Sweet Moments - and scoffed a large quantity of freshly-baked biscotti. The bear’s most recent banishment happened in early March, when it was captured in a specially-designed, tube-shaped trap, and transported to a wildlife enclosure near the village of Palena in Abruzzo. On March 25, the animal was released into a wild and uninhabited tract of the Maiella National Park in the Apennine mountains. Advertisement But after just 18 days of living in its natural environment, it has now turned up once again in Roccaraso, where it has been photographed padding past the town’s railway station. The bear, nicknamed Juan Carrito, is now expected to go back to its old ways of scavenging for food in and around the town, where it is something of a celebrity. The sweet-toothed bear, named Juan Carrito, photographed in the town of Roccaraso, Italy “Since March 25, the day when the bear was released back into the wild, until today, the bear has spent 18 days travelling through the valleys of the Maiella national park, walking around 150 kilometres, feeding off plants and ants,” national park officials said in a statement. “The bear’s return to Roccaraso was an outcome which, since the start of the translocation project, was considered highly probable.” The animal is a Marsican brown bear, a rare sub-species which is found only in central Italy. There are only 50-60 left in the wild, making them the rarest type of bear on the planet. They are genetically different to the brown bears which live in the Alps and many other parts of Europe. Advertisement The first time the creature was forcibly removed from Roccaraso was in December, when it was airlifted by helicopter to a wilderness area. After waking up from hibernation in the mountains, the animal demonstrated that it just could not kick its old habits, returning to Roccaraso within days. It was then that the second relocation attempt was launched. Rangers and officials from Italy’s ministry for ecological transition will now hold a meeting to discuss what next to do with the bear. One key measure will be to introduce bear-proof wheelie bins so that the animal cannot snack on discarded food. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2022/04/13/sweet-toothed-italian-bear-walks-100-miles-back-town-banished/
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    Russia v Ukraine

    Bit simplistic that, isnt it? In any war, there's going to be major defeats and victories. I dont know if it is the case but did they see the need to hold on to Kyiv as being the symbolic heroism you mention?
  12. dockers_strike

    Steven Gerrard - Aston Villa Manager

    This is a bizarre statement to make. He took over Smith's team that had lost 5 on the bounce and 7 out of 9. He's had 1 transfer window when he's hardly had chance to assess the players already on the staff. He's been there less than a full season.
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    Steven Gerrard - Aston Villa Manager

    Yes, I agree about the King. If I remember rightly, he threw his hat in the ring due to the poor quality candidates being mentioned to replace the owl. While we all wanted a decent manager to take over from the owl, I think if we're honest, the type of manager we as fans wanted just wasnt coming to Liverpool at that point in time.
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    PSG for sale?

    A shocker if this turns out to be true although a word of caution, it's from the Daily Excess! Maybe Arnaud has some info? If this is correct, you'd guess they'd look to maybe buy a PL team and spend shitloads on them? Werent this lot sniffing around Leeds a year or so? I hope not. Oil-rich Paris Saint-Germain are set to be sold by Qatar Sports Investments, according to an incredible report in the Spanish media. The French side have been owned by QSI since 2011 but successive Champions League failures have put the control of the club into doubt. QSI, a subsidiary of the Qatari state-run sovereign wealth fund, has pumped over £1.3billion into the club to spend on big-name stars since their takeover over a decade ago. The latest was the summer acquisition of Lionel Messi after his Barcelona contract expired. But the enormous spending has failed to deliver a highly-sought Champions League title. PSG went close in 2020, reaching the final before being beaten by Bayern Munich. A 3-2 aggregate defeat by Real Madrid in this year’s last-16 was particularly galling for those in charge at PSG. The Parisians led 2-0 on aggregate at half-time in the second leg but a Karim Benzema hat-trick completed a dramatic turnaround. President Nasser Al-Khelaifi was understood to be fuming after that game and manager Mauricio Pochettino’s job was understood to be on the line. The Argentine could still leave PSG when they seal the Ligue 1 title in the next few weeks. But the club could soon be under new ownership as it has been reported that QSI has put them up for sale. According to the extravagant Spanish television magazine show El Chiringuito, QSI are ‘throwing in the towel’ and Al-Khelaifi will not be president after December’s World Cup. The World Cup is a significant landmark in the sale of PSG because it is controversially being hosted in Qatar. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1594641/PSG-to-be-sold-Qatar-Nasser-Al-Khelaifi-Champions-League-failures
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    Other Football 2021/22

    Im pretty sure those are the same mancs who were saying we wouldnt get out of the group stages. So fuck 'em.
  16. dockers_strike

    Steven Gerrard - Aston Villa Manager

    I didnt realise he had! Who were the opposition? I think Potter and Frank are genuine guys, I dont know what the future holds for them. But at the same time, I dont see them being in the running to even be considered as a manager of Liverpool myself.
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    Flying. Everything planes.

    Cool. I didnt know there were so many Lancs on static display in existence. Are there any plans to return any to flight?