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    Pre-season 2022

    Not certain what we gained from that apart from an injury to Konate, perhaps?
  2. dockers_strike

    Man City - the new bitters?

    If I remember right, they bragged they didnt have any warm up games after the season was suspended and just kept fit playing 5 a sides and 11 a sides within their squad before the restart. Yeah, brilliant idea to only play 2 pre season games when everyone else are playing 4 and 5 games. I can only presume Guardiola is thinking ahead to the World Cup at the end of November to save legs. Either that or he's being a cocky twat thinking they beat all the other teams in the PL and just go toe to toe with us when they play us.
  3. dockers_strike

    Pre-season 2022

    Officially I dont think the club has agreed to this for the coming season.
  4. dockers_strike

    Pre-season 2022

    Getting battered here. Jurgen sending a U23 side out against a full Ligue Un side and we've only 5 subs.
  5. dockers_strike

    Other Football 22/23

    Er it's a fella called Cerefin.
  6. dockers_strike

    Other Football 22/23

    The England Women's keeper reminds me of Tommy Lawrence. Well played the women. Was quite a good game. Meanwhile, we're 2 down to Strasbourg.
  7. dockers_strike

    The Space Thread

    I wondered why the days seem shorter! If it feels like there is never enough time in the day, there may be a reason. Earth experienced its shortest day since records began last month, with 1.59 milliseconds shaved off the usual 24-hour spin on June 29 - raising the prospect that a negative leap second may soon be needed to keep clocks matched up with the heavens. Usually, Earth’s average rotational speed decreases slightly over time and timekeepers have been forced to add 27 leap seconds to atomic time since the 1970s as the planet slows. But since 2020, the phenomenon has reversed with speed records being frequently broken over the last two years. The previous fastest day was -1.47 milliseconds under 24 hours on July 19, 2020, and it was almost broken again on July 26, when the day was -1.50 milliseconds shorter. While the effect is too small to be noticeable by humans, it can accumulate over time, potentially impacting modern satellite communication and navigation systems which rely on time being consistent with the conventional positions of the Sun, Moon and stars. It means that it may soon be necessary to remove time, adding a negative leap second, and speeding up global clocks for the first time ever. The ‘Chandler Wobble’ Scientists have been left scratching their heads about the cause, although experts have suggested that a phenomenon known as the “Chandler Wobble” may be having an impact. The speed of the Earth’s rotation varies constantly because of the complex motion of its molten core, oceans and atmosphere, as well as the effect of celestial bodies such as the Moon. The friction of the tides and the change in distance between the Earth and the Moon all make for daily variations in the speed the planet rotates on its axis. The “Chandler Wobble” is the change in the spin of the Earth on its axis and it normally causes Earth’s rotation to increase, meaning it takes longer to complete a turn. But in recent years the spin has gotten less wobbly. Dr Leonid Zotov, of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Lomonosov Moscow State University, believes that this lack of wobble may be behind the speedier days and will present the theory next week at the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society annual meeting. “The normal amplitude of the Chandler Wobble is about three to four metres at Earth’s surface, but from 2017 to 2020 it disappeared,” Dr Leonid Zotov told the website Timeanddate. In the early 2000s, the amplitude of the “Chandler Wobble” started to decrease and in 2017-2020 reached a historic minimum just as the length of day began to shorten. Global warming small contributory factor Other factors that can have an impact on the annual variation include snow building up on the mountains in the northern hemisphere in winter and then melting in summer. Global warming is also expected to have an effect by melting ice and snow at higher elevations, causing the Earth to spin faster, but it is considered to be a relatively small contribution. Changes to the length of a standard day were only discovered after highly accurate atomic clocks were developed in the 1960s and compared to fixed stars in the sky. The last leap second was added on New Year’s Eve in 2016, when clocks around the world paused for a second to allow the Earth’s rotation to catch up. Then, BT’s speaking clock added a second’s pause before its third pip while Radio 4 inserted an extra pip to its 1am bulletin. The International Earth Rotation Service, based in Paris, monitors the planet’s rotation and informs countries when leap seconds must be added or taken away six months in advance. However, the leap second could be abolished entirely next year, when the World Radiocommunication Conference will decide whether to rely completely on atomic time. Britain is opposed to the move because it would sever the link with solar time forever. Some experts believe the need for a negative leap second might increase pressure on moving to atomic time. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/07/31/earth-records-shortest-day-ever/
  8. dockers_strike

    PODCAST: Community Shield Match Reaction

    Great podcast again. Have to take issue with Dave over his 'if Alli's in goal, city dont score that.' As an ex cat, that ball is kicked out of Adrian's hands all day long. He doesnt drop that ball for foden to prod across goal, it's clearly kicked out of Adrian's hands. If Alli or Kelleher are playing and it gets kicked out of their hands, it's a 'goal' just the same. It's like the Carroll on Mignolet incident a few years back. The ref says Mig 'dropped' the ball! well yeah, after getting smashed around the head he might of. But it's still a foul. When the keeper has two hands on the ball, or even one on top of it and the striker kicks the ball as we saw last season, it's a foul. Unlike cricket, there isnt the 'is it under control?' test. Neither does the keeper have to have both hands on the ball for 1, 2 or however many seconds. Unless they changed the rules again. That was the rule but as I keep saying, refs make it up as they go along. I look forward to us scoring lots of goals this season when Mo, Bobby, Darwin, Jota and Diaz knock the ball out of the keeper's hands and the goal is given. Oh yeah, there's a pink elephant just flown past my window! In any event, I thought Matip could have reacted quicker to Foden's prod across goal.
  9. united fans used to turn their noses up at the UEFA Cup \ Europa League. After being in the Champions League for years, they saw the UC \ EL as too lowly for them. Now, they're desparate to win it. And the EFL Cup. How times change. We shouldnt forget that.
  10. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Everyone knows the shite should have had a pen against city last season. But if it had been awarded and they'd have scored, the draw would have handed us the title so all shite fans would be moaning about that even more instead. They just cant help themselves, they have to find something about Liverpool to moan about.
  11. So much for 'sporting integrity' their club always blows its trumpet over.
  12. Sorry, what did he do wrong in that game? He was fouled for their goal. He spilled a shot in the last minute. Not like we've seen Alli make mistakes, is it?
  13. Things to take away second half; city fans are plastic mancs. How can you say a keeper doesnt have the ball under control when he has 2 hands on it and its almost immediately kicked out of his hands? A keeper can have one hand on the ball and if it's kicked out of his possession, it's a foul. I didnt think the city player was offside. I didnt think Adrian did anything wrong, he even made Haaland look a tit with that miss at the end. Matip was fucking woeful clearing the ball after it was kicked out of Adrian's hands. We're going to see lots of pens given this season if our pen was anything to go on. Bit surprised Mo took the pen with Milner on the pitch. We dont count this in our list of honours but it's always good to beat city.
  14. Course he fucking did! How's he supposed to control it if it's immediately kicked out of his hands?
  15. That ball is kicked out of Adrian's two hands. Funny a keeper can have one hand on the ball and that's a foul?
  16. Things so far: city fans are plastic mancs. 'You nearly won the league'? Ederson was beaten by Trent's shot whether or not Ake got his head to it. Mo disappeared after about 25 minutes! He looked very sharp in the first 25. Hope he's just taking a breather. Robbo still diving in when a bit of composure wouldnt be amiss. Jurgen doesnt start Darwin. Haaland looks like a carthorse and I hope that hasnt jinxed it.
  17. dockers_strike

    The shitness of modern football

    Dont let the bastard's wear you down, mate.
  18. dockers_strike

    Other Football 22/23

    Newcastle bid £40m for Leicester's Maddison. Newcastle United have made a £40 million bid for James Maddison, the Leicester and England attacking midfielder. Telegraph Sport understands Newcastle tabled the significant offer for Maddison on Friday and it was turned down by Leicester, who are the only remaining Premier League club yet to make a senior signing this summer. Maddison, 25, has been identified as a key target for Eddie Howe ahead of the new season and Newcastle are now weighing up whether to make an improved offer. The £40m offered would have made Maddison Newcastle's joint-record signing alongside Joelinton if it had been successful. Signed for £25m from Norwich City in June 2018, Maddison has proved an excellent recruit and developed his game under the guidance of Brendan Rodgers. Leicester's stance on Maddison is intriguing as they need to sell players to raise funds this summer, due to issues with Financial Fair Play and a top-heavy squad. The decision to reject Newcastle's bid appears to suggest that Leicester consider Maddison as integral to Rodgers' plans for the forthcoming season, despite their obvious need for funds. Newcastle have signed Sven Botman, Matt Targett and Nick Pope this summer and the bid for Maddison is their most ambitious move so far. After the win over Atalanta in a friendly on Friday night, Howe was asked about the prospect of making any attacking signings. He said: “Never say never but as the days tick by it is looking more and more unlikely. “However, the most important thing is that we get the right players, not the speed that we get them in.” Maddison has two years remaining on his contract, after signing an improved deal in August 2020. Leicester could now open talks over another new contract. Last season he provided 18 goals and 12 assists in all competitions, with Rodgers admitting he could do no more to earn an England recall. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2022/07/30/exclusive-newcastle-make-40m-bid-leicester-star-james-maddison/
  19. dockers_strike

    NFC pass season 2022/23

    My NFC pass still isnt showing the first home game but my season ticket account shows first game, Palace on 15 August?
  20. dockers_strike

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Incoming! Liverpool Football Club is being urged by senior politicians to drop Standard Chartered as a front-of-shirt sponsor as the bank faces a backlash for endorsing China’s “brutal human rights abuses” in Hong Kong. In a letter to executives at Anfield, the three vice-chairmen of Parliament’s all-party group for Hong Kong say the club’s continued association with Standard Chartered amounts to a “stain” on its reputation because of the bank's support for a controversial security law. Standard Chartered has been Liverpool’s main sponsor since 2010, with its logo plastered across the shirts of top-flight players such as Jordan Henderson, Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk. The bank agreed earlier this month to extend the deal by another four years to 2027, generating a reported £50m per year for Liverpool - up from a previous figure of £40m. But in their letter, crossbench peer Lord Alton of Liverpool, Tory peer Lord Shinkwin and Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh call for the club to “send a clear message” and cut ties in protest. They accuse Standard Chartered of being “complicit” in Beijing’s ruthless crackdown in Hong Kong, where more than 10,000 citizens have been arrested for participation in pro-democracy demonstrations since the introduction of a new law that effectively outlaws protest. The bank has publicly endorsed the law, claiming that it can “help maintain the long term economic and social stability of Hong Kong”, despite widespread condemnation from the West. In their letter, the APPG vice-chairmen said: “Standard Chartered has made no apparent effort to stand up for human rights and principles of freedom and democracy, from which they benefit as a UK headquartered company. “Even as daily reports of fresh arrests, intimidation and incarceration demonstrate the national security law’s systematic attack on democracy, the bank has continued to expand its operations in Hong Kong and China. “Liverpool Football Club encapsulates some of the very best values of integrity and respect. To receive financial support from a company that profits from human rights abuses is a stain on that exemplary reputation.” Standard Chartered has a front-of-shirt sponsorship deal with Liverpool until 2026-27 Credit: Shaun Brooks The letter called on Liverpool's board to urgently “reconsider this business relationship and look elsewhere for sponsorship”. It said: “We must show Hongkongers that they are not alone, that those who support their oppression will not benefit from doing so, and that Liverpool Football Club supports human rights and freedom.” Standard Chartered declined to comment. The national security law was passed by China's national legislature and imposed in Hong Kong in 2020. It was rushed through following a wave of protests in the former British territory over plans to allow extradition of people in Hong Kong to the mainland, which had been widely seen as an effort by Beijing to silence dissent. The law criminalises separatism, subversion, terrorism, foreign interference and any “acts” which - according to the state - threaten national security. It has been condemned by western diplomats, with the US claiming the change had destroyed the autonomy promised to Hong Kong under the “One Country, Two Systems” that was agreed during the handover of the territory from the UK to China. Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary and Tory leadership contender, has said the Chinese authorities have “stifled opposition, criminalised dissent and driven out anyone who can speak truth to power” in the city since the law was passed. Despite this, some British-based companies with heavy presences in China, including Standard Chartered and HSBC, have controversially backed the laws. Liverpool and John Henry, the club’s billionaire American owner, have also faced controversy before over their links to China. In 2018 the club was hit by protests over its partnership agreement with Tibet Water Resources, which critics said benefitted from “the Chinese government's brutal occupation of Tibet”. Mr Henry, who has an estimated fortune of $3.5bn (£2.9bn), is also the owner of the Boston Red Sox baseball team and the Boston Globe newspaper. His company, Fenway Sports Group, did not respond to a request for comment. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/07/29/liverpool-fc-stained-sponsorship-deal-china-cheerleader-standard/
  21. Give Bobby a new contract!
  22. dockers_strike

    Is it time to start to question what's really happening?

    Dont know where to put this. Little girl aged 9, playing in a street in Boston, Lincolnshire, stabbed to death yesterday. 2 people arrested, not her parents either. Really, WTF is going on?
  23. dockers_strike


    Someone forgot to install the Deflectors! But the damage still wont impact ('scuse the pun!) the quality of the observations.
  24. dockers_strike

    Pre-season 2022

    Pre season is supposed to give you the 'feel good' factor. Or so they say. They are just fitness games in my opinion. It's not a good look to lose to some mongrel minnow side from the arse end of nowhere. Losing to united is never a good thing either so Im just baffled why the club arranged that as the first pre season game. Mind you, looking at our pre season results, Im not sure playing them last would have made much difference to a result. The stick being given to Nunez is an utter joke. That said and as much as I love Jurgen, I find the fact Nunez has played while Mo sits on the bench and vice versa, very strange. It's also majorly disappointing the injuries we have pre season Alli, Kelleher, Jota, Ox all injured. Some the result of ridiculous meaningless internationals. I havent seen the group pundits 'predictions' for the coming season. Maybe they're too embarassed after 20 odd of them predicted we'd finish no better than 3rd last season? But, I see Ben Forster has tipped chelsea to finish 2nd ahead of us this time. Incredible.