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  1. Valid criticisms less than 2 years into the job is just crazy. Well to everyone who doesnt expect Rome to be built in a day.
  2. dockers_strike

    Philippe Coutinho

    Hes gone. Get over it.
  3. There are still some on here just waiting for Klopp to trip up especially as he seems to have faith in players they want moved on. I have lots of faith and hope in Jurgen. He will stand or fall by his methods and results. Football is fickle and not even he can gaurantee trophies. Whatever the outcome the ride is so much more enjoyable now.
  4. dockers_strike

    Divock Origi

    Giroud is a useful addition for Chelsea because Morata could not score in a brothel. He knows he is going to get games there because of this. Pre derby hacking by the blueshite Origi is the standard of quality bench striker we would use as the cover some suggest we need. The problem is players like Origi and even Giroud would not sit on the bench restlessly if they see their opportunities blocked.
  5. dockers_strike

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Beyond belief. Doing a survey of fans to decide whether to stick or twist with the manager. Jesus they will be doing a poll next to pick the team and the manager just coaches them during a game.
  6. dockers_strike

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    In other news, Accrington Stanley won promotion to League One tonight. Well done Stanley.
  7. dockers_strike

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    This season just keeps getting better and better for us, doesnt it.
  8. dockers_strike

    Warrior Kit Deal - Not bullshit

    Anyone who likes the retro shirts take a look at the retro range in the club shop. I have a few of them. Plus with them being thicker material are good when it is a little cooler.
  9. dockers_strike

    Roberto Firmino

    Bobbys fee might well have seemed a gamble back in 2015 but the boy has progressed year on year since Jurgen arrived. It seems a lot of none Liverpool fans do not rate Bobby or at least not yet. Thankfully he never seems to be linked with a move to the usual cohorts and long may that continue.
  10. dockers_strike

    Liverpool 3 Bournemouth 0 (Apr 14 2018)

    I did not so much think Mo was being selfish but that the team were trying to set him up for goals. But it is a minor point. I thought the atmosphere whole game was good.
  11. My thoughts exactly. If I had to choose I would say Stevie as he had more goals inhim than Souey.
  12. dockers_strike

    Warrior Kit Deal - Not bullshit

    Seem to remember the club getting stick for this as it re inforced the Harry Enfield stereotype of scousers.
  13. dockers_strike

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Yes that is a given.
  14. dockers_strike

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Hope the club are working hard to get deals signed up early this summer. It is a short window for English clubs seeing as the nobs decided to bring the first window in with an end a week before the PL season kicks off on 11 August in the same year as a World Cup. Read the other day we play our first pre season game 13 days after the World Cup final. Madness.
  15. dockers_strike

    Warrior Kit Deal - Not bullshit

    Probably some wannabe Ridley Scott type director of photography asked them to look moody to give some atmosphere.
  16. dockers_strike

    Bournemouth(h) PL-Match Thread

    Eddie Howe. The fella has some class I will give him that.
  17. dockers_strike

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    Rome derby ends 0-0. Pretty boring game. Dzeko could have had a hattrick in the 3 minutes of added time. Hit the post had a drive just past the post and keeper saved another with a save for the cameras.
  18. dockers_strike

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    They are essentially second because we were drawing too many early season games. We had a great chance to overtake them in the league but blew it when we lost there and allowed them to escape Anfield with a point.
  19. dockers_strike

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    Watching the Juve v Sampdoria game so just seen the Manchester United result. Someone explain to me how that shower managed to beat us.
  20. dockers_strike

    Warrior Kit Deal - Not bullshit

    Odds on them never wearing it. I would say very remote as it looks more than a mock up. Not keen on the collar though.
  21. dockers_strike

    Bournemouth(h) PL-Match Thread

    That is majorly disappointing to hear and allowing home fans to sit immediately above away fans is a recipe for such actions. The club should either take the first couple of rows out of commission over the away fans or leave the first row empty and place a couple of stewards there to watch the crowd. These tool do not seem to care that they tarnish the club and everyone attached to it and I am getting sick of the bad publicity we seem to be getting.
  22. dockers_strike

    What will be the next revolutionary tactic?

    That Sacchi built his teams on Bob Paisleys model of Liverpool.
  23. dockers_strike

    The 97

    Went to both the semis in 88 and 89. Still cannot believe what I experienced in the ground that day. So long ago yet feels like it was yesterday. Will never forget the sight of that copper running onto the pitch to stop the game. Still brings tears to the eye of this old get. Hopefully we can bring number 6 home for the fans. YNWA wherever you are.
  24. dockers_strike

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Good post although not sure about the manc bit in the last sentence. Some eejit said that about me and I can assure everyone cut me in half and you would see LFC. Anyhoo I agree there is some utter shit spoken about Gerrard. Kenny was always the best Liverpool player in my opinion but I have to say Gerrard just shaves him. It is not Gerrards fault he played in an era when we were not competitive over a league campaign.
  25. dockers_strike

    Roberto Firmino

    Love Bobby. Comes off the field having given his all. Some seem to want him replaced as Liverpools number 9 by a proper striker but I just do not get it.