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    Agreed. Hundreds of millions of pounds has gone to inappropriate people and contracts due to a lack of due dilligence as a direct result of panic by World governments in this pandemic. But it doesnt mean the virus was 'created' to implement this or, it's part of Bill Gates' masterplan or a 'great reset' that conspiracy theorist constantly shout about but never actually tell you what's being reset and how it's different than before etc. It is a very real disease although personally, I dont live in fear of it. I just despair when I read some stuff about micro chips, controlling drugs or other shit is being injected into people etc.
  2. dockers_strike

    The GF's All Time TV Theme Tune - Group 10

    This was the original Grandstand theme. Grandpa used to have it on when we popped around on Saturdays.
  3. dockers_strike

    LG Oled or Hisense Qled tv?

    Yeah, good advice and been doing that. Got 2 or 3 YTs with 'best settings' so am on the first with a few personal tweaks to see how that looks.
  4. He had a spell at Sunderland when he was younger but couldnt hit a barn door even in the then 2nd Division. Returned to Scotland and rangers.
  5. dockers_strike

    Best goal ever scored at Anfield?

    Yeah, Ive forgotten loads of 'best goal' at Anfield in the fog of time. Before live league games on tv, there wasnt the wall to wall coverage like now and even highlights of midweek European games were rare.
  6. dockers_strike

    Gerald Sinstadt

    Correct, he didnt. As a regular watcher of Granada's Sunday Game, I cant say Sinstadt showed any bias for or against us and apart from the Granada studios being in Manchester, dont get why some people who probably never heard him commentate on our games think he was. Wonder how he got to use his united season ticket when he was commentating on games every Saturday at 3pm?! He was nothing like Tyler.
  7. dockers_strike

    Steven Gerrard - Aston Villa Manager

    Yes. Gary Mac as well.
  8. dockers_strike

    Best goal ever scored at Anfield?

    Best for Liverpool! Best oppo goal, Barthenay's strike was something else. Left Ray with no chance and you dont beat a keeper of his quality from that range unless it's something very special.
  9. dockers_strike

    Steven Gerrard - Aston Villa Manager

    Football fans love to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I remember a celtic fan in our Labour club going on a real, vitriolic rant about the King when he left celtic to come to Liverpool. The bile was incredible and I had to step back to avoid the flying spittle! Looking at some reports, it appears a few rangers fans have similarly turned on Stevie. I can understand the view that maybe he should have stayed to the end of the season but the plain fact is, opportunities in football present themselves at what to some are the wrong time. But elite sport tends to be one of grasp the opportunity while you can because if you dont, it wont be there when you want it to be. I imagine Stevie will be Liverpool manager one day. Whether that's when Jurgen decides to leave or some time later. I'll hold the same trepidation as I did when the King became manager. You dont want to see a legend's reputation trashed because things dont work out. Stevie's move to Villa is a good one for him. He's taken a club that wasnt doing too well and turned them into title winners. Not sure I go with the idea celtic had become bloated on success so he was bound to succeed. If that kind of vacuum existed, other clubs could have stepped into the breech but they didnt, Stevie's team did. Barring a miracle, he's not turning Villa into title winners but there again, you never know. Since their promotion, I get the impression Villa have been dining out on that 7-2 result against us with nothing else to shout about. At least those Villa fans will now have a legitimate reason to celebrate his birthday. They're still a bunch of cunts though and I hope they feel very sheepish about it. All the best Stevie, except when you play us.
  10. dockers_strike

    Gerald Sinstadt

    Seeing as he was born in Folkstone and city were no marks back then, I very much doubt it.
  11. dockers_strike

    Has any one ever...? Tell us about it.

    A drug lord had a new house built for him 'round the corner from ours 2 years ago. Place has already been raided by the bizzies a couple of times.
  12. dockers_strike

    Michael Edwards to step down

    Been here 10 years. Cant begrude the guy if he decides it's time for him to move on. Id rather he left and someone new came in rather than him become stale here and holds us back. If the club has got wind of him wanting to join newcastle, in a way, Im surprised they havent put him of gardening leave until the end of the season. The ship will sail on.
  13. dockers_strike

    Geordie Arabia

    Be interesting to see if any PL clubs sell any players to newcastle in the January window. If reports are to be believed, the 13 smaller PL clubs who 'werent bothered' about the takeover are now they have realised it means there could be one less club in the regular relegation mix if they do buy their way out of trouble.
  14. dockers_strike

    Rangers/Stevie Gerrard 2020/21

    Stevie knows he aint going to turn Villa into title winners. I can imagine the Rangers fans being gutted at the news if he does leave. Think he'll be a massive improvement over Dean Smith myself. Wish him well except when he plays us and hopefully, Villa wont roll over for city, chelsea and united any more.
  15. dockers_strike

    Gerald Sinstadt

    Long time Granada tv football comentator for those young uns out there. Believe he started out commentating for British Forces radio before getting the Granada gig. Will never forget his 'Ooooh what a goal!' for Mc Dermott's goal in the 6-0 win against Spurs. RIP Gerald.
  16. dockers_strike

    LG Oled or Hisense Qled tv?

    Well, my new Samsung QN94A 50" arrived yesterday. Given the old Tosh had a bezzle around the screen getting on for 2" wide, while the Samsung has virtually none, the 50" screen doesnt take up much more space than the old Tosh's 42". Considering the size of the Samsung, it's a bit bizarre it's only connected to its foot stand with four M4 bolts! Still, I dont intend moving it around so it shouldnt go anywhere. The foot stand and back of the tv have a number of grooves that you're supposed to press the cables into as a form of cable management. Utter shit in my opinion and not worth the bother as the cables seemed to pop out of the groves too easily! Set up was easy enough. Connect the Sky box (weird it presented the Sky box options only as Sky Q or SKy SD not, Sky HD+!), Roku and the digital aerial and follow the screen prompts. You get 2 remotes, one a self charging 'smart' remote and another that looks like a bog standard remote with shit loads of buttons. I found a code on Sky to make the Sky HD+ remote switch on / off the tv and adjust the volume so the old girl doesnt get confused, bless her. There's a fucking enormous number of settings for the picture and Im still messing about trying to get something we like. If Im honest, some programmes look a tad 'washed out' even when viewing full square to the tv so, Im hoping it's because I havent found my preferred colour \ contrast \ brightness and other picture setting but am not sure. Skin tones look good in a programme but then someone else in the same proggie looks pale. After spending most of yesterday and today making adjustments I wasnt happy with, I decided to hit the picture reset option. This seems to have made a massive improvement to the picture at least for now. The tv wasnt in Retail mode either. Picture is pin sharp and on a couple of 'Black Friday' adverts on a black background with white text, there's no noticable 'blooming.' Still think the contrast needs tweaking a little but want a day or two's viewing before deciding. Unlike the Tosh, the Samsung has a shiny screen that does reflect light from windows far more than the Tosh every did. I was initially starting to think we'd made a mistake buying the tv due to picture issues but since hitting the reset button, is now more like what I imagined it would be. I dont play video games so have no idea what it's like for gaming and gamers.
  17. dockers_strike

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Mud sticks though. End of the day, virtually every oppo fan of all clubs will just use it to batter the fans and club.
  18. dockers_strike

    Emlyn Hughes RIP

    Loved the Mighty Emlyn. He could run and run all day plus had a fierce shot.
  19. dockers_strike

    Geordie Arabia

    I like Eddie Howe, he's a decent guy who took Bournemouth from League One to the Premier League, keeping them there for a number of years. He's not going to do that if he's absolute crap. People can point to the relegation season but, all, well, nearly all managers eventually see results turn against them leading to the sack. Despite that, I cant wish Eddie well at Newcastle, or anyone at the club for that matter because of the ownership regime.
  20. dockers_strike

    Climate change - how arsed are you?

    Trees are great. But when they die and rot down, they release all the co2 they absorbed in their lifetime. According to the lovely Sabine Hossenfelder and Ive no reason to doubt her.
  21. dockers_strike

    West Ham 3 Liverpool 2 (Nov 7 2021)

    I personally think you'vegone a bit easy on Alli, Dave. Deffo at fault on 2 and 3. First was a fould and should have been ruled out but he was less than convincing on it which is why I think the ref an VAR went with it. To be honest, I dont think Virgil is catching Antonio there and likely told by the medical department to play within himself? Hopefully arsenal are just having a little good run that ends when they play us!
  22. dockers_strike

    West Ham (A) - Sun 7th Nov 2021 (4:30pm)

    It's difficult for keepers when oppos load the box with big gammuts like west ham did to stand in front of them. The keeper shoves them out the way and they fall over, the ref will give a pen. I said it yesterday, schmeichel got absolute protection from refs in that situation. Yes, the game has moved on but you see refs give a foul in that position more often than not.
  23. dockers_strike

    PODCAST: West Ham 3 Liverpool 2 - Match Reaction

    Another good podcast. Hmmm. I didnt think we were in the game for the first 20-25 minutes especially with the disruptions. Think Virgil was ranting at Trent during the game whose positioning during the first half I thought was baffling. Fabinho is good but he's not quick. If an oppo gets past him, he's not catching anyone. Not sure why loads have been on Robbo's case. Over all, I thought Robbo had a good game, Sadio doesnt look for him any more. The defending on all the goals we conceeded was poor. Sadio was unlucky with the volley at the keeper, he didnt have much chance to put it either side of Fabianski. Cant agree with the lads about Alli on the 2nd. Getting that much of a hand to it, he should be able to turn it so, nope, deffo at fault for number 2 and 3 with the first debatable. Once we went 2-1 behind, I didnt think we were scoring again to level the game. Credit to big Div in getting a goal. everton are shit! So very true!
  24. dockers_strike

    Animal cruelty

    In my view, people who are cruel to animals are generally cruel to children and other vulnerable people.
  25. dockers_strike

    West Ham (A) - Sun 7th Nov 2021 (4:30pm)

    Agreed. But there will be a goal scored in the PL when it resumes where the keeper is impeded like Alli was and the ref or VAR will rule it out. Talking of Cresswell's 'tackle' on Hendo. It's amazing the ref took no action on that because when Thiago first played, he was getting yellows for nothing tackles. We've had rough justice off refs for years handing out yellow cards to us while letting the oppos off without a card for similar or worse tackles. Fucking pickford escaping a red card for his assault on Virgil,a classic example.