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  1. Starmer, Davey and Blackford have now been given the opportunity to ridicule and humiliate not only Johnson, but the complicit members of a Tory goverment who have kept the most incompetent and dishonest prime minister in history in power.

    This is not just an open goal, the opposition have gone home, the referee has turned his back and the ball is on the goal line.

    Do not miss this chance.

  2. 59 minutes ago, SilverSong said:

    Well flabber my gast some tory MP victoria atkins just caught on Gmtv telling the truth. Yes the truth.

    She was asked about potential windfall tax on xs profits and stated she was not savvy.

    Although she might have meant privvy.

    Call me cynical but, the windfall tax was always on the agenda for the Tories. The additional VAT revenue from fuel is being hoovered up by them and the excessive profits for the oil companies is being allowed in the knowledge that they will be asked to give some of it back.

    It will the be vomited all over the news and the right wing press will lap it up like the rabid dogs they are. 


    The flag waving, blue passport holding, cerebrally challenged will have their reason to justify the treasonous behavior of their elected government. The carnage left in the wake of the delay will be forgotten.

  3. He will not go until his party decide to revert to type and save their own skin.


    No one at Tory head office wants to inherit the absolute shit show that currently exists. (entirely of Boris and his odious friends making may I add). They will keep him in office until it is absolutely unfathomable (in their minds, not ours) how they can win an election with him in place. 


    The Tories are playing genius level politics at the moment. The mention a few months ago of the letters to the 1922 committee regarding the vote of no confidence, was intended to send the message to the wavering few that it was all in hand. There was no way whatsoever that anyone was going to stick their head above the parapet and take the bullets that are currently aimed at Boris. Sunack tried briefly: that went well!


    The only caveat I would add is the Sue Gray Report. It may well be a leap of faith too far even for a Tory!

  4. He has won 29 major trophies (which is more than the majority of the teams in the whole of the english league) including 2 champions league medals and 11 league winners medals, he is only 30 years old and we have won 100% of the matches in which he has played.

    Suspect fitness or not we are lucky to have him. He is a born winner!

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

    Hahaha I'm fine, I'll be lost in the morning when he isn't here to walk like. 


    He's one of my best mates dogs so I'll see him loads. got him again in June for two weeks. Absolute belter of a dog though. So well behaved, brilliant character. 

    Have you considered dog fostering mate. My wife used to work for wood green (the one on the telly) and we used to do it. We always took the ones that struggled in kennels. It was hard at times letting some of them go, but its usually only for a few weeks and the information you can feed back to the rescue shelter helps them get better homes. I know it's ot for everyone but it is very rewarding.

  6. Not quite today but,  this is a genuine extract.



    1 APRIL 1839


    On Monday evening last two men attempted to force their way into the manse of the Rev. JOHN BRYCE, at Saltcoats, but the Rev. Gentleman, being on the alert, seized a horse pistol, and undauntedly issuing out of doors, attacked the fellows, felled one of them to the ground, and broke the butt-end of it over the arm of the other.

    The robbers, on receiving such an unlooked for reception, beat their retreat, leaving the spirited clergyman in undisputed possession of the field.

    A number of loose and disorderly characters have been observed in the vicinity of Saltcoats of late, and it is to be feared that other outrages may be attempted.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Bjornebye said:

    I like my steak medium rare and don't mind if it's more towards rare but fuck me that's been flashed for 10 seconds either side by the looks of it. I'm surprised it's not eating the lettuce. 


    And how the fuck did you cut that with a regular knife and not a steak knife? 



    I like mine on the rare side as well but a good vet would get that fucker back on its feet.

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  8. He is a Rolls Royce of a player and I would have him in our team whenever available. Is he a relaible as Wjinaldum? No. Is he a better player than Winjaldum? Undoubtedly in my opinion.

    Injury record or not, we are a much better team with him on the pitch and anyone who suggests getting rid of him needs to give their head a wobble.

    Ask yourself this, we are 1-0 down against a team with 30 mins left. We can subsitute Thiago, Milner, Ox , Keita, Jones or dare I say Fabhino. Of those,  who is more likley to find a pass in the final third?

  9. I despise Boris. But not as much as I despise the Conservative party.


    This smacks of a Tory party in self preservation mode. The leaks, the breifings , the sacrificail lamb. This is a premedicated attempt to wash away all of the shit show of the last two and a half years and have a true blue knight in blue passport cloloured armour to ride in and save the country by way of a new leader.


    Or perhaps I am just cynical.

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