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  1. 3 minutes ago, moof said:

    Some seriously tiresome shit, init. Ah well, it’s called silly season for a reason, I suppose 

    It really is. Reality doesn’t matter to some people. They just have an axe to grind. It was obvious then, when improvements and finals were twisted into failures, and it’s twice as obvious now that we’ve built an incredible squad that held up big ears. It’s still not good enough. 

  2. 18 minutes ago, viRdjil said:

    He seems like a thoroughly decent fella. I really don’t understand how anyone, given the choice of Corbyn and Hunt or Johnson would pick the latter to lead your country.

    It’s easy to understand when you consider those people don’t have the critical thinking skills to do anything other than parrot the shit their read on Twitter, and have that shit form their opinion of Corbyn as some mentalist, hell bent on destroying the UK because he hates Jews. When you listen to that shit and accept that it is the truth, it’s very easy to say ‘he’s soooo bad, I’d rather have Boris the liar’. 

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  3. On 20/06/2019 at 20:41, moof said:

    I wonder where anybody could get the impression that the 100x billionaire founder of Microsoft and ceo of an “investment conglomerate” would be iffy about paying taxes? In spite of any public statements attesting to his altruistic nature 

    It’s not just public statements though. He might get very well be the biggest philanthropist in the history of the world, to be fair. Same with the other squillionaire who complains at taxes (from the other angle), Warren Buffett. You be got nothing against people creating and earning wealth. It’s up to the government to deal with how they collect and use tax income. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Rico1304 said:

    It’s a fucking stupid question that’s what it is.  


    If if you want to know who I trust more to run the country why not just ask that?  


    I think Boris would be out for Boris and would do his best to maintain status quo.  Corbyn wants to disrupt and could do great damage in 4 years so marginally Boris.  But it’s a shit choice as they are both fucking hopeless. 

    You’ve really got everything twisted. Just like you did when voting Tory and blaming Labour for Brexit. 

  5. 2 hours ago, SasaS said:

    Watching Six Feet Under again, on S2 now,  9/10 (10/10 when it came out)



    Not quite as sharp and clever as I remember it, but still better than 90 percent of stuff around now. Goes straight into the title race in the my-old-favourites-that-aged-best league, with Northern Exposure still the race favourite (current enjoyment weighted against age). Twin Peaks drops to mid-table, Dead Like Me in a hopeless relegation battle, about to sack the show runner.  

    Yeah, it’s a great show. 

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